Truslo Mcfinninagen

  • Name: Truslo Mcfinninagen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Species: Hedgehog
    Occupation: Craftsman/Cook/Brewer

    Physical Appearance: Truslo is a bit small in height for one of his species. Though he does have the natural brown fur and quills of a hedgehog. He does not have much muscles showing at all. He wears a simple brown tunic, belted by his cloth belt pouch, and has on a green travelers cloak. Also, he has on his back is his backpack, which has his provisions and gear in it. He always has a kind face, and sincere looking hazel eyes.

    Possessions: For weapons, a sling and a dagger, which he barely knows how to use. The dagger is in a sheath on his cloth belt pouch. In his cloth belt pouch are a few craftsmen tools and medicinal supplies. In his backpack are, a bedroll, provisions, canteen, flint and tinder,and cooking utensils. For clothes, just the clothes hes wearing on right now.

    Personality: Truslo is one of the few beasts who would say he would not hurt a fly. He is a pacifist in all accords, though in self defense, he will fight back. He would rather try to talk his way out of trouble rather the resort to violence. Though sometimes shy around others, he's happy and is loyal to his friends.

    Strengths: He is a very excellent cook and Brewer.
    He is also a good craftsman.
    Has a great sense of whats edible in the wilderness.

    Weaknesses: He is a bad fighter overall.
    If drawn into a fight, he will curl into a ball.
    If all else fails, he will attempt to run away.

    History: Truslo was born into a small family of nomadic hedgehogs. As he was being raised, all Truslo ever knew was to always move, find a good place to stay awhile, and then move on. This was how his family lived for generations, and Truslo was happy to do so. When finally old enough to raise a weapon, he was taught how to defend himself. It did not go as well as his father had hoped. Truslo was a horrible fighter, and could not fight well, even with a dagger as a practice weapon.

    For a couple of months, he was trying to figure out what he could be great at. He finally found out when he was asked to help his grandmother in cooking dinner for everyone. He of course happily obliged to help, and soon after, that day would be the most happiest day of his life. For years after, he learned on how to be a great cook from his mother and grandmother. While also learning how to be a brewer from his grandfather, and taking a few lessons on being a craftsmen from his father. Truely, those years were his golden years of happiness.

    As all happy times must come to a end, so did his happy years. As par tradition with his family, Truslo had reached the age where he had to strike out on his own and raise a family himself. Though he did not like it, his father was adamant about it and said he had to leave. His family helped him pack, and just before he set out, his father gave him a sling and a dagger, to help protect himself on his own. With tearful goodbyes, he left his family and traveled a dusty road by himself.

    Relationships: Father-Alive

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