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Ugh. Sorry about that guys, Points at previous post I was tired.

Basically, I'd like to do an RP about dibbuns being stolen in the night, so a group of heroes, or perhaps a bunch of heroes acting independantly of each other, go out to find them. They track them down to an ancient looking mansion buried in foliage in the deepest, darkest part of Mossflower., From there, stuff starts to get surreal.

Not sure if look of curiosity or revulsion.

This certainly has my attention. I hope to join soon, once I actually make a Redwall character.  😉

Is my post alright, Penblade? This seems to have gone quiet.

I thought your post was great, just the sort I was looking for. I was just hoping more people would join. I think Dusk said he was going to once he finished revamping his main character, but other than that I haven't seen anyone really interested, which makes me sad-face. :[[/size]

I am going to try to join if you don't mind a character that, at least for now, has no profile.  May take me a little to come up with a post to follow the first two though, in awesomeness.    😄

Yus! Welcome aboard Gonff. 😄

And by the way, I plan on add a note or letter, similar to the one in my first post, every time I post. It'll be kinda like finding notes in a video-game quest. They won't make any sense at first, but as the story progresses, they'll make more and more sense. I hope you guys like them; it'll be sort of an experiment.

Well, Raffi can probably do something now. Not posting this second though, it's very late for me. I'll write up something soon!

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