Dark Dark-claw

  • Nickname: Dark-claw

    Full Name: Dark Dark-claw

    Species: Evil Otter, but good some of the time

    Eyes: Golden
    Fur: Glows
    Height: 6'6"… Yes, he is one HUGE otter.
    Typical Expressions: Confusion. Or awesomeness. Yeah. That too. Nothing in between.
    Scars: He has one shaped like a dragon he dream about. And woke up and it was there. It's on his forehead, but he noticed it immediately.
      He also has one shaped like an 'S' on his chest, but it's not an 'S'.
    Typical clothing: Battle armor. All the time. Even when he is swimming.

    *A letter from his mother from when she died. It is the only thing he has left of hers. And it is half-burned from a fire. Ferrets took it and were burning it when he found them and killed them and took the letter back.
    *His father's sword. It had a ruby in the handle. And it is unbreakable.
    *Cool hair, also unbreakable.
    *A knapsack with his clan's emblem on it. Last of it's kind. Worth a fortune. But he won't give it up, because it is priceless.
    *A ring

        - Alright with a bow. Still learning. Never misses. No matter how windy it is, whether the target is moving, still, dead, invincible, a badger with the blood-wrath, etc. He can even hit a bulls-eye if the sun is in his eyes.
        - His hair turns yellow when a mouse or squirrel is near.
        - Always knows the right thing to say. Unless he is around a woman.
        - The best at swordplay since toast
        - Finds four-leaf clovers all the time... What's with that?

        - Too righteous.
        - Women. He thinks he such a lady-killer.
        - Gets mad easily
        - Otter Blood-wrath
        - Sometimes he loses stuff.

        - Gruff but nice. Makes people around him feel happy. Cause everyone knows that good friends feed you better than anyone else!
        - Happy-go-lucky
        - Never mean or too harsh.
        - Bi-polar
        - Uncertain
        - Shy
        - Always knows the right thing to do or say
        - Outgoing

    Background- Wait for it...

    Dark took a shot in the Dark. It was a hit. It new it was. A few seconds passed before he heard a squeak of surprise and a thump. Vermin began shouting loudly.
        He unstrapped his burly two-handed broadsword and swung it around for good measure WITH A SINGLE PAW!?!. Two mild swirls were all he needs to severe a branch from its limp and cleanly nicked the heads off a few four-leaf clovers. They smelled pretty. Even in the dark. Flowers were nice to have, too.
        He picked his path out cleanly in the dark. Not once did he step on any branches to give away his position. He knew where he was going. He knew what he was doing. Even though he had never done it before. The knowledge just came to him like divine intervention. Stuff was like that. It just came easy to him. Like seeing in the dark.
        All of a sudden, he leept from a branch and lands right behind the fire pit. Two vermin didn't see him coming. They died. Four more saw him and grew scared because his fur were glowing, but they tried to kill him. They died, two.
        There was more creatures around him that saw this and they became rally scared because he killed those other ferrets and weasels dead, but they thought "There are many of us and few of him. We can win this!" So they Come at him with there swords and bows and dirks and stuff. Yeah.
        All of this sudden, Dark Dark-tooth raised his sword and swished his wonderful hair and hit the ground so hard that all the other beasts fell back and were stunned. But his sword was alright. Because you can't break that sword.
        He looked mighty with his golden eyes and his dragon tattoo on his foreheads and the 'S' symble on his chest that doesn't mean hope. And his hair was glowing, so he wore a pretty awesome expression. And when he did this he went around and killed all the other vermin he looked into the frier and one piece of paper burning so he pulled it out it didn't burn him though because he did it soooo quickly. And his fur is thick. Yeah.
        It was the note him mom had left him before she died. She was important and the ferrets and weasels came and stole that paper and ran away with it before burning his house down. But that didn't stop him. Because THE NAME WAS DARK....

    Nice additions-

    Age: Nobody knows how old he is. Not even him, because nobody has stuck around long enough for him to find out.

    Alignment: I already said he was evil, so yeah!

    Job: Being himself

    Oh, and he owns a ring that makes him super strong.

    1. Yeah
      ::) I couldn't resist.
      Wait for that ONE MEMBER who doesn't get it.

  • And I thought I had a big Otter standing @ 6'1"

    What is this guy? Superman!? Goku?! xD Lovin' the Mary-sue character, Creigon.

    "*Cool hair, also unbreakable."

    I lmfao'd so hard @ this.

  • Well, is 6' figurative or literally speaking? ??? Because if I were to EVER come across a 6 foot otter, I'd be floored.

    Yeah, just wanted to go crazy with the noob-ness.

  • Oh no, figuratively! I use heights to show that my characters are "really tall" or "really short." It's more for me than anyone else, helps me plan out my drawings better and helps me describe a character size better. 🙂

    Yeah I had fun reading it! I think he needs magical powers and he should be able to see the future and past and present. 😛

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