Jellal Uorios

  • [blockquote]Name: Jellal Uorios
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Species: Rat
    Occupation: Thief/Scavenger

    Physical Appearance: Jellal is a slightly smaller then average young rat, with a lithe body. His fur is gray with a bluish tint, green eye color, and a average length tail. For clothes, he wears a brown long sleeve shirt with a hood, a pouch belt, and finger-less gloves. On his back always is his sturdy backpack, on his belt his dagger, and on his forehead his goggles.

    Possessions: Backpack, in backpack; bedroll, flint and tinder, rope, two canteens. Pouch belt, assortment of tools for a thief in pouch belt.  For clothes, all that he is wearing now, and his goggles. Always on hand ready to play is his Orcarina.

    Personality: Jellal is a thie-treasure hunter at heart, and won't hesitate to steal. This tends to get him into trouble quite often, so hes a bit solitary. If one were to describe him, he would be mostly a coward then a fighter, and one would think to take advantage of him. He feels a bit more comfortable around other rats, though not as much. When others see his scavenging side, they would most likely avoid him with disgust, expect other vermin. He has a tendency to loot dead bodies for anything valuable, though he has managed to suppress it enough so he knows when it would be of use at any given time. Though, he has a great fear of drowning due to him being caught in a flood once.

    Strengths: Great at sneaking and hiding.
    Great eyesight and great climber.
    Excellent thief and good at lock picking.

    Weaknesses: Not really great of a fighter.
    Cowardly at heart as well.
    Has a great fear of large bodies of water.

    History: Jellal was born a orphan to a unknown mother, who he never got to meet due to being cared for by a foster father, was left to fend for himself for a few years. After being somewhat cared for by a couple of different foster parents, he finally met one he could almost consider his real father, Garrus Uorios. Though Garrus himself was not much of a father figure, he found his own way of raising Jellal. His way was teaching him how to be a thief, just like him. What he didn't know about his foster father at first was that he was a master thief and a leader of a Guild of Thieves. He didn't Jellal who he really was at first, but after sometime, he finally trusted him enough to tell him. Jellal was surprised at first, then got over it and actually asked him to teach him how to be a thief. It was Garrus's turn to be surprised at his request, he reluctantly agreed. The next few years were his best ones, till the flood came. Jellal was in the forest when it happened, all he heard was what sounded like rumbling, then a big wave of water from the nearby river crashed through, and Jellal got caught in it. He struggled madly trying to get to the surface, but the rushing water was proving too much. He was about to black out until a strong paw grabbed him and pulled him up to the surface. Garrus had saved him from drowning. Jellal, for the first time in his life, he fully cried. Garrus comforted him as best as he could. After some years later, Garrus gave him his ocarina, which his own father gave to him before. This had helped Jellal forget that terrible day of almost drowning in the flood. Finally when he came of age, he became a member of the Thieves Guild that Garrus lead. Shortly afterwards, he was told he had to make a name for himself first before he could start taking jobs for the guild. He packed his bag for the journey, then Garrus came in to give him a final farewell. Jellal didn't like goodbyes and cried of course, but Garrus told him to be strong and always be happy. Jellal, after getting ready, got onto a trading vessel that was in the port and was thinking of what new places he would see, and maybe what would be worth taking. The prospects look good, though he knew that to be a great thief, is to never get caught.

    Relationships: Garrus Oorios, Foster father

    Other: Born on a small island that has a small settlement with a harbor. A member of a guild.

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