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  • So… Random thing.

    I have long wondered what people on here are all about. What they do, what they enjoy, what their goals or dreams are out there for them. Are they nerd, geek, cool, spontaneous? (Ok, forget that one) Everyone on here appreciates Redwall (or at least did, somewhere in the past), but what else do you appreciate?

    This is also your chance to throw around some philosophical discussion.

    (Confession) I am throwing this up so peoples actually have something to post on. Instead of the site appearing dead all the time... with 5 People on at once. 😛

    My favorite Icecream is from a place called Bruster's... It's name is Purple Dinosaur. And is pretty much amazing. I am a slacker and have yet to go to college because other things in life seemed to be more important, but it is on the slate. I currently sell Furniture and Flooring and do quite decently at it, but must say I love the people there most of all because there are so many of them. You know that feeling of knowing someone for a split second of their life and then they are gone forever and you think, "Huh, I wonder what will happen to them"? Yeah, that is my life. I also pen music on the side...

  • I'm in media, most recently in classic music radio. Outside of that I enjoy learning about history, and writing of course. My areas of interest are anywhere from ancient history right up to very modern. I do enjoy speculative or alternate history ideas, and worldbuilding for fantasy or science-fiction settings. I do enjoy a lot of different music, from mediaeval and Baroque all the way up to Pink Floyd, for example. I do enjoy various computer games, such as Amnesia by myself (in the dark for best effect!), or playing with other people in Minecraft.

    I think that's a decent enough summary for me!

  • Well first off, I am a collage student. I have already earned my Bachelor of Arts degree and am currently working on an Early Childhood Education diploma.
    Since the beginning of the summer I have been working in the toddler (1.5-3 years) group at a day care, and plan on staying there part-time while in school (which is starting next week).
    I will also be starting my spark unit (5-6 year-old age group for Girl Guides/Scouts) sometime in late Sept (we had the summer off), which I have been doing since I was 19…almost 5 years ago. I am also Deputy Commissioner for my district.

    So, school, work, sparks, and admin of a great redwall forum...busy busy....but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world.  🙂

  • Oh boy, where do I begin?

    I'm a junior at the university, working in getting my bachelor of science in Geophysics. My ultimate goal in life is hoping to land a job with Exxon Mobile. 🙂

    Currently I ride for a event trainer and ride 6 horses. As government status I am unemployed, but the job at the barn gives me some income. Sadly I don't make enough to live on my own so I still live with my parents, free rent anyone? Hopefully aiming to Move out the next few years.

    Sometimes I wish my life was different then what I have now, my current lifestyle is hard for me to handle, don't get me wrong, I love my job, but my social life has taken a downward spiral and sometimes I wish that ppl would start caring for me, instead of me caring for them all the time and getting nothing back.

    I am a certified EMT and volunteer at concerts and sport events.
    Yeah.. Lil about me.

  • Where should I start? Probably with school. I'm a junior in high school, planning on going into accounting. I've completed both the schools regular and college level accounting classes and am going into world economics and personal financing this year. I enjoy reading a huge amount, particularly fantasy books, and I also enjoy fantasy movies. I like writing, I don't consider myself too good at it, but I still like writing. I play a lot of video and PC games, I don't really care what kind of game it is, so long as the gameplay is fun and the story is good. I enjoy villainy a fair amount too, often times while reading I will imagine myself as a new villain in the story, biding my time and then, once the original antagonist is defeated, I swoop in and destroy the victorious protagonist, often times betraying his trust and friendship. And that's a bit about me. I also like explaining things and answering questions.

  • Here it goes!

    I'm an ex-athlete of over 6 years in wrestling and track now turning track coach. I'm in school and am working towards getting my strength and conditioning and personal training certificates. I'm certified AED/CPR/First Aid and have a USATF Track volunteer cert, have to take tests to get my level 1 cert. I also have a cert for reporting child abuse as well which allows me to work with children if thats where I need to start my coaching/training journey. By the time I have all the certs I need, I'll have a good 6 or more certifications. xD

    I am currently bettering my own athletic abilities through powerlifting. (Yes I lift heavy things up and put them right back down. Hehe.) And also by doing sprint and explosive work at the track.
    I do post videos of my lifting progress on my youtube channel for other like minded people to critique and help me out, and to just show that I'm doing well with myself. If anybody wants to check it out, just let me know.

    I guess you could say I'm a bit of a jock, but in a good way! I don't pick on anyone or anything like that, I like all types of people!
    If you were to guess on how I look, you can say a bit between my characters Oliver and Dallas. My physical goal is to look similar to my Otter, Dallas.

    I do base my characters strengths and weaknesses off my own, and I base a lot of different things from myself to my characters. Except the Lizard, Kino. He's way too mean and he's not what I am about.

    What else…

    I love drawing and rekindled my passion for it again..

    I love computers. I build, breakdown, clean, and work on computers A LOT. I'm learning a bit about networking, but I'm mostly hardware savvy when it comes to PC's. I'll end up changing to a comp science degree sometime in the future. I do PC game a lot, and I am a big nerd when it comes to things computer and gaming related. 😛

    I am just a regular guy who loves to draw, lift weights, eat healthy, go out on weekends, etc. I am pretty personable and love to talk to people if they are up for a conversation.

  • Global Moderator

    I have had conflicting interests throughout my life, (I've been an attempted author and artist, but none of those worked out and I had little to no talent/skill), but primarily I found my core calling in late 2012: Music and Composition. I am a budding Classical Music composer, influenced by the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn, Chopin, etc. So far, things are going pretty well!

    I am also a budding Mathematician, and I have been studying complex algorithms, formulas, and ideas from the Knapsack Problem and the Mobius Function, to Dijkstra and Viterbi. I plan to tackle the P vs. NP Problem during my time off. Why would someone like me, so ordinary and innocent, try to work on something so advanced? To be honest, I really don't know myself.

    As I am still in high school (I will be graduating in late May 2014), I am not exactly sure what I want to do afterwards. If I do choose to go to college, I plan to Major in Music, and minor in either Mathematics or Psychology. I am still undecided, but I will keep you guys posted on what I decide.

    What else? I have a very wild imagination, and my character and personality is exactly like that of my main chara, Jared Sandeye. No difference between us, except that he can climb trees and I can't. 🙂

    Uuuh….....I think that's everything. If I missed anything, let me know ASAP! 🙂

  • Everybody else is doing this, so I will too.  ahaha

    I'm a fifth-year college student and occasional cynic, working at a graphic design degree with a minor track in medieval history.  I love drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as digital and film photography.  My favorite type of art is anthropomorphic, but that's what I'm worst at, unfortunately.  I'm self-teaching myself that skill, hopefully I'll keep improving.  I like tattoos, and currently have six, two big and four little, working on getting some more here soon.  I'd like to get an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop some day.  Right now I'm working as an evening supervisor at UPS, it kind of sucks but I like the people that I work with for the most part.  lol

    I love action sports; I longboard, ski, snowboard, and I'd like to start base jumping some day.  I love the absolute wilderness, and adventure hiking and camping is legit good fun.  My sister has got me into herbology and wildcrafting.  I also enjoy offroading, and am currently working on building a 2004 Nissan Xterra into a rock crawling monster on solid axles, coilovers, and 37" tires.

    I love meeting new people and seeing new places; I'd like to travel all over the world if I ever get the money!  I like to talk to people, and have been learning to be non-confrontational to as great an extent as possible.  I still have occasional sardonic outbursts though.  (;

    Oh yes, and I love Redwall, and enjoy a bit of roleplaying here and there.  (-:

  • … O_o Wow... Details.

  • You asked for it, CQ  😛 haha

  • Gerns!!! Another worldbuilding geek! I knew there was something familiar about the mechanical theory in your method of writing. I'm guessing you are familiar with Brandon Sanderson? If not, then you are missing out on the best books EVER.

    Good luck with P vs. NP, Jared ;). I only have a passing familiarity with it, but I know that it's supposed to be impossible. Prove the world wrong, alright?

    I'll keep mine brief. I'm a writer. I've written a few novels, but haven't published any just yet. I'm a salesman for Cutco (as of today). I learned HTML/css is five days. I spent 100 hrs in a single week, just learning Photoshop and reconciling it with other image manipulation software.
        I have a lot of other talents/hobbies/guilty pleasures, but I think that will suffice. 🙂

  • Welp… I suppose I'll do this as well. ^ ^

    I'm actually a high school student. I'm a sophomore, and I suppose I'm just your average teenager. I love to write stories or draw animals but in a rather 'anime' like fashion. I also love to watch anime and read manga, but I also read normal books and prefer fantasy to sci-fi genres. My favorite movies are: The Cat Returns and Rise of the Guardians, my favorite anime of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (my second is D. Gray-Man).  I also enjoy to listen to jpop, classical, rock, metal, dubstep (I love my wubs XD), techno, and anime songs, but I must say that I hate country. (No offense to anyone who likes the genre.) Some of my favorite songs are from anime, such as Again by YUI, Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch, and Tsunaida Te by Lil'B. I'm currently unsure of what career I wish to pursue, but I'm thinking of being a police officer, detective or an author. All of these jobs are pretty interesting to me.

  • Sadly I'm not familiar with him, authors from the United States can be a little obscure here if they're not super famous. His thoughts on magic systems are quite interesting though. Perhaps I'll investigate his work.  😉

  • did someone say Brandon Sanderson? I LOVE BRANDON SANDERSON!!! His books are brilliance incarnate! I loved "Stormlight Archives: Way of Kings", I can't wait for "Words of Radiance" to come out. The Mistborn series was wonderful, I'm completely obsessed with  Allomancy and Mistings and Steel Inquisitors. Rashek is my total favorite Antagonist.

    I could keep going but I think I should probably stop before I start foaming at the mouth or something. Just wanted to let you guys know, Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author.

  • I have only ever read way of kings… v-v Glances at signature Fantastic book though. I am eagerly awaiting Stormlight 2 because that cliff hanger was crazy. 😮

    Honestly, I am slightly surprised how popular he is on here. Great author. Sadly, I do not have enough time of late to actually read.

  • Hey, I was just wondering, if you were to go to sleep, then wake up as your favorite character that you've made for Redwall in the middle of Mossflower, how would you react and what would you go and do first? (also which of your characters would you choose to be, derp  😛 )

  • @Dusk:

    Hey, I was just wondering, if you were to go to sleep, then wake up as your favorite character that you've made for Redwall in the middle of Mossflower, how would you react and what would you go and do first? (also which of your characters would you choose to be, derp  😛 )

    As much as I'd like to be my character Dallas, not just because of his size and strength, but because of his experiences. I'd most likely be like Oliver since he is a lot more similar to myself. He wrestles, I wrestle, he strength trains, I strength train, etc. If I woke up as Oliver, I'd first wonder why my hands (paws) were all wrapped up with bandages, then I'd see the dark brown fur and be like "Oh shi-"

    I'm not gonna lie, I would run around freaking out at first. xD

  • Indeed. I'd probably be Dusk, cause he's a lot of what I'd like to be. I'd probably also freak out at first, wondering why I had paws, and why I seemed harrier then I normally am. But, once I notice the fact that i have a tail, I'd probably still be confused as all heck, but I'd be placated by the fact that i have a tail (I've always wanted a tail).

  • I would sip on some Butterbeer and ponder what I ate that was bad.

  • @Dusk:

    Hey, I was just wondering, if you were to go to sleep, then wake up as your favorite character that you've made for Redwall in the middle of Mossflower, how would you react and what would you go and do first? (also which of your characters would you choose to be, derp  😛 )

    My favourite and second favourite characters I've made for Redwall are already dead in their own canon stories. My third and fourth favourites exist in a kind of alternate Redwall universe, so I'm not sure they should count, and anyway, they're likely to die as well. So favourites just from this site would mainly be Worm, Racket and Raffi Fernleaf. Worm and Racket were only around for one thread though, and I've only made one post with Raffi.

    I guess if we go by the logic of waking up as the character I would most likely end up as, it'd be Worm. I wouldn't suddenly know how to forage or fish or hunt birds just waking up in the forest as a weasel. My survival strategy would be finding someone more experienced to tag along with as soon as possible, which is exactly what Worm did.

    It also would not be practical to go to Redwall and ask/beg to be let in. For one, if I woke up in the middle of Mossflower, I would have no idea where Redwall is. I'm not a tree-climber and neither is Worm, so I couldn't scout for it. The only landmark that might be helpful is Salamandastron, and as a weasel, I doubt I'd be let in there.

    Another problem is that it would be difficult to explain to any potential friends or allies who I was or where I came from. I couldn't mention being from Earth or being human. And people would be very distrustful if I could not explain even a little bit what my backstory is. So I'd have to make up a backstory and stick to it consistently to not be caught out as a liar. This would be very difficult if a situation came up where I had to read or write something. Obviously I can read, write and do mathematics, but Worm should not be able to. I would have to either pretend to be illiterate, or make up a backstory that includes education that only Redwall or Salamandastron could provide. This would make things exceptionally difficult if I or any of my new friends in Mossflower found there was no record or memory of me at Redwall. I would also have to avoid ever showing any knowledge the sciences. If somebeast casually asked what I thought the stars were, I couldn't launch into an explanation of the workings of the universe, unless I wanted to get myself into a lot of trouble, one way or another.

    Furthermore, it would be obvious from my ineptitude at surviving in the wild that I did not grow up as a typical Mossflower weasel might. There would be so many ways to slip up. Just saying 'please' or 'thank you' even once would be suspicious to any vermin if I was associating with them. It is also something of an art to lie convincingly, and I'd have to lie about where I came from to anybeast that asked.

    To avoid these complications, it might be practical to be as solitary as possible and deliberately be obfuscating or mysterious. If I woke up as Racket, for instance, he is already mysterious about his past and doesn't talk about his backstory. So whilst ending up like Worm would probably be more realistic, I'd prefer to wake up as Racket. Sure I might be an oversized fox with no hygeine, but at least I'd be strong enough to fend for myself, and I would not need to make too many friends that would ask awkward questions. Plus, if I was unlucky enough to be enslaved by a warlord, they would not kill me outright, because I would be a useful soldier, and I wouldn't challenge the warlord's authority and get decapitated for my trouble.

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