Tenner Barkfur

  • Nickname: Tener

    Full Name: Tenner Barkfur

    Species: Red Squirrel

    Age: 21

    Alignment: Good

    Occupation: Wanderer, Ranger

    Description: Tenner is about average height for his species, but boasts a lean and fit body honed by constant travel. His fur is red colored and reddish brown tail. His eyes are a striking blue, which some of the maidens in his village call the most handsome part about him.

    He typically wears a green tunic lined with red, and over it is his green cloak. On his back is his quiver of arrows, always ready to draw, while he shoulders his long bow. Wearing around his waist is his pouch belt, filled with a few, simple necessities for those in his line of work. In special sheathes on his belt is his twin dirks, ready to be either used, or thrown when necessary.

    Possessions:  -Long bow
                          -Twin dirks
                          -Quiver of arrows
                          -Pouch belt has rations, tinder, medicinal herbs, and other small things stored in it.

        - Skilled in using his Long bow.
        - Good climber (obviously)
        - Good with his twin dirks.
        - Works great with his friends Muter and Vergo.

        - Often brash in his decision making.
        - Even though he and Vergo are friends, they argue with each other almost every time.
        - He always prefers going off by himself, even though he works better with his friends.
        - He'll flirt with other maidens, especially if their squirrels.

    Personality: Tenner is brash and loyal to a fault, and is quick tempered, even though he won't admit hes like Vergo somewhat. Hes also a natural flirt, and is strangely charismatic with maidens. He is extremely loyal to his friends, even Vergo, though he won't admit it. Whenever Vergo is around, he and Vergo always get into a argument over something, no matter how small. Heck, they argue just to argue at all!

    Background: Born in the northwest in a small nomadic village of Squirrels, Mice, Moles, and Hedgehogs, he was the oldest of his two siblings. He was right off the bat a charmer with many maidens…and getting in trouble with many disgruntled boyfriends. A few years later, his father decided to teach his son the ways of the bow to get him to stop flirting as much.....but it backfired instead. He turned out to be a natural archer-beast, which lead to him having a bigger ego then before. His father gave up in defeat and thought there was no way he could change his attitude.

    A couple of years later.......that changed. During a practice session, Tenner noticed a mole and mouse around his age watching him practice. Naturally, he asked if they were fans of his skills and....."No.", the mouse said flatly. This took him by surprise and confused by the answer the mouse gave to him so flatly. He then asked what they were doing then, "Seeing flaws in your stance." The answer given instantly angered Tenner greatly and demanded on how his stance was flawed. The mouse just replied, "You lack conviction, and don't take it seriously. If you were in a real fight, you would've lost in the first few seconds most likely." This statement infuriated Tenner beyond belief and stormed off without a word to cool off. Without knowing it though, his training had caught the attention of a young otter around his age and saw the outburst with a smile.

    Around the same time later, he met Vergo some days later practicing a bow of his own. The squirrel could tell he had practiced for some time, but due to his own boastful nature, decided to show up this otter wannabe archer. This soon lead to the fated bulls-eye challenge, which forced Muter, who just happened to walk by at the moment, to pick a winner. He declared it was a tie, even though to this day Tenner still believed he won it and not Vergo.

    This soon developing friendship was put to the test when both the Otter Holt, and Squirrel camp were attacked by raiders. Tenner had been near his home when the first fire arrows struck, he of course was taken by surprise and took cover nearby. He could hear the sound of battle occur all around him, and for once.....the boastful squirrel remained silent. Time seemed to slow down as the situation dawned on him....he wasn't ready for real battle, the mouse had been right. He felt his paws shaking from fear, and from the screams around him and vermin raiders laughing. He wanted it to be over, and.....stop, just stop, stop the screaming, the laughing....he couldn't take it. He finally snapped from the pressure and, came out from his hiding place with a arrow strung in his bow, and letting it fly at the nearest raider killing the vermin instantly between the eyes. He kept going, and going, and going, never relenting in his onslaught of arrows at any vermin raider coming within his sights.

    Soon afterwards......the battle finally ended, but with many causalities on both sides, mostly the raiders. Tenner had remained standing, and bloodied within a circle of corpses covered in arrows. He had finally gotten his wish for the battle to be over, but not in the way he expected it to be. When the survivors regrouped and left to find a safer place to care for the wounded, he searched for the three he considered his friends, Muter, and Vergo. He found Muter first, but he could tell the mole was in a sorry state, and scarred in a few places on his body. What troubled him more was the shy mole never spoke at all from that dayforth, even after when Vergo came half-stumbling into the their camp wounded, carrying a bloodied sword. He still remembers that day 7 years ago, that bloody day of autumn, where many had lost their lives. He had matured those 7 years, but he still had that boastful streak, and charming tongue of his. The rivalry between him and Vergo still burns strong, which Muter believes, even though he is now mute, will never truly fade away.

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