Order of the Salamander (OOC)

  • Basically, when the last salamander died a few thousand years ago (I envision salamanders being wise, mythical fire beasts, kinda like Chinese dragons) a group of woodlanders got together to defend the world from supernatural forces, a job which the salamanders previously did. The dead rising, vampires, ghosts,trans-dimensional rifts, maybe aliens, that sort of stuff. They called themselves the Order of the Salamander (for obvious reasons) and defended the world for many centuries, but then faded away when the supernatural forces seemed to die down. Skip to the modern day… Zombies have risen in Mossflower wood! Luckily, a group of heroes (us) find a book in the abbey mentioning the Order of the Salamander and where their headquarters was hidden, along with all the weapons they used to defend the populace. I'm hoping we could turn this into a series of supernatural RP's exploring the ancient history of Mossflower. Anybody wanna help me flesh it out?

  • Lol, I've been turned off by Zombies since I Am Legend. 😛

  • Yeah, that movie made me sad, but it was pretty good still. Anything that can evoke an emotion can't be that bad.

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