Vergo Acciulo Galewind

  • Nickname: Verg/Gale

    Full Name: Vergo Acciulo Galewind

    Species: Sea Otter

    Age: 21

    Alignment: Good

    Occupation: Wanderer, Ranger

    Description: Vergo is about average height for otters, slightly less though, lean and strong as well. His fur is dark brown with lighter brown fur stretching down from his muzzle to his to his belly. On his left eye is a old scar caused by a vermin's blade a few seasons back in a life or death situation. Its a bit visible to other beasts if they looked more closely at it. He usually wears a long, hooded, dark green cloak to protect himself from the elements and help blend in if necessary. Under his cloak he wears black padded leather armor, which under that is a blue tunic and a pouch belt which he stows some of his necessities. He wears matching colored pants to go with his tunic as well, including his paws are always hand-wrapped, and his feet as well. Attached to the side of his belt is his short sword, which has served him well when he first started travelling. On his back is a crossbow, handmade by his mole friend and companion Muter. Attached to his hip is a small quiver of bolts for his crossbow as well.

    Possessions:  -Crossbow made by his friend Muter.
                          -Short sword
                          -Quiver of bolts
                          -Pouch belt has rations, tinder, medicinal herbs, and other small things stored in it.

        - Skilled in using his crossbow and great shot.
        - Good swimmer (Obvious)
        - Good with his sword.
        - Works great with his friends Muter and Tenner.

        - Often brash in his decision making.
        - Even though he and Tenner are friends, they argue with each other almost every time.
        - His technique with his crossbow makes him take time aiming his shots, since reloading is not easy.
        - Even though the crossbow is quite strong, it makes a lot of noise when firing and reloading.

    Personality: Vergo is brash and loyal to a fault, and is quick tempered. This tends to get him in trouble quite a lot with other beasts. Though he is extremely loyal to his friends and would protect them with his life, especially Muter. His temperament usually shows when he starts arguing with Tenner, which happens every time they talk to each other. He'll also always lend a ear to anybeast, or a joke, just like a typical otter.

    Background: Born in the northwest to Holt Galewind, he was the third oldest of his brothers and sisters. He always enjoyed having mock battles with his siblings and relished the excitement it gave him. His head was always filled with tales of heroic journeys and epic battles led by a heroic beasts of legend.  This led him to train with his father and become a warrior. But his skills with a sword were on par at best, so his father decided to introduce Vergo to the bow. He instantly fell in love with it. Every day he practiced, getting stronger and more accurate everyday. Then, when he got slightly older, he met his future friends and companions Muter and Tenner.

    He had been practicing his archery when Tenner came with Muter in tow. Right off the bat Vergo felt a small flame flicker when he looked eye to eye with the boastful squirrel. Tenner was a aspiring archer just like vergo as well, and both became rivals at that fateful day. Though from how he remembers that day, when they both got a bullseye, he still thinks he won, even though Tenner says he had won as well. This led to Muter being forced to say who won. The quiet and shy did not like this attention and said it was a tie.

    After some years later, Vergo, Tenner, and Muter became the best of friends. This friendship was put to the test when the Holt was attacked by a group of raiding corsairs. Tenner of course got his bow and sword, ready to fight for his Holt, but fate had other plans. As he came out to assist his father and the other warriors, he was jumped by a corsair with a scimitar. The surprise attack caused him to lose his sword and quiver. He was forced into fighting with his bow and he clearly had not trained enough to be able to fight with his bow as a staff. After blow, after blow the corsair swung his blade, tiring out Vergo, and finally seized his chance when he slipped. The corsair struck down with his sword, vergo tried to block it with his bow to no avail. The scimitar cleaved through the bow and slashed his left eye as Vergo went down. The corsair cried in triumph, but then Vergo picked up two fallen arrows and stabbed the corsair in the chest and throat. The vermin fell back with a gurgle as Vergo got up slowly and picked up his sword that he dropped from when the vermin surprised him. He was filled with rage as he looked around at the devastation around him. Vergo left the burning Holt with tears streaming down his face.

    Sometime later, he stumbled on through the forest, with his sword still clutched in his paw. His body tired from all the running and he could not tell where he was. He tripped over a tree root and blacked out from exhaustion. He soon awoke in a small tent and was confused, then he saw a smug looking squirrel popped his head in. He instantly recognized it was Tenner and his friend soon told him what happened. Vergo was in a camp made by the survivors of his Holt and Tenners tribe. They managed to turn back the raiders, but at a heavy cost. Sometime later, Vergo recuperated enough to be able to stand and walk. He was walking around the camp when Muter came up to him, carrying a item wrapped in cloth. Before he could say anything to Muter, he handed him the clothed item and left. When he unwrapped it, it was a crossbow with a small note.

    That was 7 years ago, from the coming of age ceremony to leaving with his two companions after, and the years of training and travelling together, he was happy again. Though, he still doesn't understand why Muter is mute, not even Tenner knows either.

    OOC: pic of crossbow (
    pic of armor ( just the armor.

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