OPEN. Orderly Chaos

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    Bic:  A mole stood on a hillock with the fading light of the setting sun illuminating his features. A crested helm shadowed his face and completely hid his eyes. An ebony breastplate protected his stomach and his digging claws were sheathed in iron. The blade tips of a double sided battle axe glinted over his shoulder and a dark cape billowed out behind him. Nearby, several vermin crouched around a small fire trying to cook something to eat. A ferret slowly stood and passed his poker to another then came to stand beside the mole.
        "Chief," he said, every jagged tooth showing as he spoke, "are you going to eat? I roasted a trout just for you."
        "Ah Sawtooth," the mole replied, "Oi kin allays rely on ee. Lets go eat it togeter."
          The two creatures strode confidently toward the camp, Sawtooth slightly behind his chief, and joined the circle of vermin. After they had eaten, each of the other vermin drifted off to sleep but the mole and the ferret stayed wide awake. Then after a good deal of time, Sawtooth spoke.
        "Chief, there are too few of us to do much. If we wanted to attack any place larger than a village of farm mice, we would have no chance."
        "Ay, we have need fer a few more able bodies. Oi know wut ee kin do. Tomorree, take One-eye and Crabbait and see if ee can round up some other stoats an' ferrets. Make 'em swear to ee that they will serve me, Agrev Digger, and follow me then we will meet an' they will all swear to me togeter." Agrev's eyes lit up as he thought of the idea.
        "Ay chief," Sawtooth said, he knew not to cross his chief when his eyes lit with that fire.
        Tehrag stood waist deep in the surf close to the fringe of Mossflower wood. His mind was whirling as he tried to design in his head, a ship. A ship that could be manned by one creature.

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    (Morning after)
    IC- One Eye swiveled and parried the attack with his buckler, shoving the offending blade into a tree trunk. Absentmindedly, he eyed the wedge it left. Powerful beast… The size of that weasel still shocked him. The claim of eating milk-weed every morning along with bitter berries didn't seem like a truthful fit, but the claims still had their intended effect. The vermin was quite intimidating.
      "Next time ya cut in meh' porridge line," A gnarly finger stubbed him dully in the chest "That wood comes out of ya neck!" Cronies around him laughed and grumbled half-heartedly. Their blind faithfulness made One-Eye sick to his stomach. "Next time ya won't be so lucky, ya goon."
      Somebeast with a squeaky voice piped up from the back of the gathered crowd. "I got your eye on ya!" This was met with laughs. Not kind ones. The kind with cruel edgings. Hrothgar pulled his scimitar from the trunk and hefted the dull edge onto his shoulder, almost for show. Fire from his eyes burned holes into One-Eyes skull, but the stout defiantly eye'ed back. The locked duo let the tension simmer for a brief second and One-Eye wisely turned and walked away, still at arms.
      He turned out of sight and gave it a few crow calls before he stripped his buckler off his forearm and threw it to the ground in frustration. His sandaled foot lashed out and kicked it into a tent wall and he pranced about for a moment, letting his anger out. After a few moments, he sad on some logs and just breathed. Letting his emotions wash over. Humiliation engulfed his soul.
        Thoughts wandered and he thought of home. Most vermin didn't take to gardening or homesteads. They grew to maturity amoungst stories of avenging their father's deaths and joining hoards to capture mice and squirrels and all manner of wicked woodlanders that had made their races suffer because of their looks. Not One-Eye. He grew to crow calls and weeding. Those stories or expectations didn't find him until a few seasons ago. But he missed that sunlight in the morning. He missed those summer rains that brought plenty. He missed hearing his mother play a fiddle while his pops brought in the kills or fruits of harvest. He missed hunting and making bows and all the other things that he involved himself with. Before all of this.
      The stern, but attentive voice roused him from his day dream. He shook his head and blinked his unpatched eye to clear his head of mind-mist, then stood and sized the messenger up. The attention to which he stood amused the stout. "Sawtooth wishes to see ya."

  • Tehrag was new to this part of Mossflower.  He knew very few creatures and few creatures knew about him.  He lay on the beach, fur ruffled by a flowing wind, and continued to ponder the problem before him.  He dreamed of finding an island somewhere where he could live in peace from the outside world but he knew of no such island.  Besides he had no ship or crew to get him to such a place.  He needed that ship, the ship of his dreams which could be manned by one creature.  From a pouch on his belt he drew a small wooden ship he had been working on.  Sails of light canvas were spread across from every mast and they billowed in the breeze.  Suddenly, his imagination took control and he saw himself seated at the wheel surrounded by pulleys and levers.  The only part he could not see was how the sails worked.  How would he furl and unfurl the sails from the wheel…


    Sawtooth was growing impatient.  Neither One-eye nor Crabbait had arrived.  The big problem was that he needed them both.  He and One-eye could scare creatures into submission but Crabbait was a born diplomat.  Numbers and diplomatic speeches were needed when trying to recruit creatures to a cause.  He stamped hard then sat down to save his energy for the day ahead.  He would give them a good tongue lashing if they didn't arrive soon.

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    Soon, a hobbling, ragged looking fox came into view. His gait was awkward, due to an old, wooden leg he had to use to replace one lost long ago. Crabbait, as he had come to be called, pulled the old, ruined coat he was wearing closer to his body, shuddering at the cold rain. Muttering under his breath, the fox twitched his mangled wreck of a tail, reminiscing about the glory of his younger days as a corsair. Despite being in his middle age, time had not been kind to the vulpine, and Crabbait's broken body was testamount to that. A joint effort of time and cumulative old wounds had all but destroyed his physical health, and there were plenty of times he lost himself in a bottle of grog, if he could find one. Soon, he came up beside Sawtooth, his good paw resting on the hilt of his sabre, which had remained untarnished and to which he was quite envious of. "You called?"

    In a nearby part of the forest, a lone figure made it's way through the trees and shrubs. A long, elegant, rust colored tail with a black tip trailed out from behind the cloak the figure was wearing, and a pair of scimitars were strapped to the beast's sides. The beast was of a small, but ultimately lithe, build, and was revealed to be a young, female ermine. Glittering, fiery eyes gleamed out from underneath the hood, attached to a face that could be described as beautiful as a morning of freshly fallen snow, but just as cold and merciless as a blizzard. Zorsha, as the ermine had come to be known, had spotted a campfire a ways off, and was making her way towards the fire. Perhaps there were some beasts willing to 'share' their food with her. The ermine grinned cruelly at the thought of 'convincing' them to give her food, reaching down to pat the swords at her hips.

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    IC- One-Eye shuffled up the hill to where the Mole-lord stood. It had begun to drizzle, making the rocks and mud hazardous. He picked his way carefully, taking his time. What Sawtooth wanted, he didn't know. But if he was convinced they took his time, he would 'talk' to them. When a mole gets mad at you, it is hard to treat them seriously. Until you look at the razor claws...
        The stout crested the hill and reeled back, visibly. The fox.
        Most vermin refer to wit and cruelty combined as 'being a fox' and the creatures live up to their name... to a point. Crabbait was the extra mile. He was both the creature and the metaphor beyond where either should should normally stop. And One-Eye detested him. The wooden leg. The sneer. The cool talking and the perfect solutions.
        One-Eye made mental note to not make so many enemies… It always comes back to bite.
        He bit his lip, cleared his throat audibly, and stepped towards the duo.


    He lifted the battered tin cup to his lips to drink the hot liquid, but stopped. Was that… movement?
        The cup was set down and the elderly squirrel stood from his rest-perch. He peered around trees as best he could without leaving the shelter of the fire light. But he stood with his back to it, the supplies, and the meal he had prepared.
        There it was again. Just a slight rustle of sticks, then silence. His nerves perturbed him and he called out into the darkness, voice wavering with fear and uncertainty.
        "Is somebeast there?"
        An arrow greeted him. And met him in the chest.
        The squirrel fell back, out of shock, but continued to sink to the ground through loss of energy. Almost like a deflated balloon. Before his vision blacked out, he saw leather boots blackened with soot walk their way towards him and stop a paw length from his snout. But he never saw the face...
        And he died.

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    Bic:  Sawtooth glared at the two creatures standing before him.  "A bit tardy aren't we mates." he snarled, "the messengers returned more than fifteen minutes ago!"  He turned to his chief, the armored mole beside him.  "Shall I explain the mission, chief?" he inquired.  Agrev nodded.  Sawtooth turned back to face the two ragged creatures.  "Lord Agrev requires that we three go forth and bring back creatures to build a greater army.  We are to make them swear to us that they will join our cause and then bring all of them back to swear to our lord together.  Understood?  Now on the double, march!" Sawtooth swaggered off with the two beasts right behind him.
          Agrev watched them go.  That Sawtooth was getting to big for his breetches.  Maybe it was time for a new second in command.  Someone like Crabbait with a good head maybe or perhaps, if they brought back enough creatures, he could have a group of advisors instead of just one.  Yes, he liked that, no more second in command just a small group who would help him with decisions but would have no real power.
          Tehrag came out of his reverie with a start.  He had forgotten all about the shrimp.  He had been sent to the river to fetch shrimp by the family he was staying with.  He raced down the beach and grabbed a net he had left lying there and raced back to the river.  He was so busy trying to collect shrimp that he didn't notice the steely eyes peering out at him from the foliage.

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    Crabbait growled, resisting the urge to skewer the obnoxious ferret with his saber. ~Bloody blowhard…~ As the grizzled vulpine listened to the debriefing, he began thinking of places to go in search of recruits. It wouldn't be difficult to get most of them to join up. Simple words about mounds of precious metal objects and gemstones usually brought them scurrying like cockroaches to a piece of food. For those who weren't as easy to convince, there were more...persuasive methods to use, such as burning their pitiful excuse of a home down. That usually did the trick. Once he and his 'companions' were moving, the fox once again had to resist the urge to skewer Sawtooth, noting his back was quite a juicy target, and that Agrev probably wouldn't take too kindly to him killing a fellow commander for simple dislike. The fox hobbled along, keeping his coat closed to keep out the horrid wind and rain. ~This is going to be a long night...~

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    Zorsha watched as this beast she had stumbled on to dashed off, then came running back with a net. Curiously, the ermine watched him cast the net and go to work with the tool. After a while, she slowly began to creep forward, silent as the wind. The ermine reached down to draw her sword, then stopped. Did she really need to kill him? The answer was no, but she had always been rather...bloodthirsty. She decided to have some fun with him first, and let him do the work of catching shrimps for her to devour. After a while, she cleared her throat and gave a quick shout. "OI!!"

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    IC- They kept walking towards the sounds of a waterfall. A quick splash in the river would do this lot good. Thank the spirits he didn't have to work with that fox. T'would be pure torture. He had a group of about a score of vermin. All in lesser ranks than him. None that had witnessed his humiliation the previous evening. He had paw-picked each one. Charismatic, some sliver of a heart beating inside, not to grubby looking. An impressive lot that would provide an attractive outlook on joining a vermin camp. All you needed was the brains, courage and a sword. If they were lucky, they would find vermin with a sword.
      Each about their meager leather armor girded about their shoulders and waist. Simple. Elegant. Effective.
      He was a leader of simplicity. Paws-off, let them go about doing what they wished. Only give an order when you need to. Perhaps that's what made him so effective. Others called him weak for not flexing his Rank. Well, if he was weak, why was he called on by that Mole-lord to recruit? Weak didn't gain respect. Only the strong did. But not through bullying. Through teaching and enforcing.
        They passed through a small meadow and One-Eye's heart sank. This looked just like his meadow. The one he grown up in. Many a times he had danced around under the stars in that peaceful grass. Many times he had laid back and let it engulf him, sending him to places he could only imagine back then. Places he had long forgotten or chosen to banish. However sweet those memories were, they were doubly painful.
        The stout grimaced and reminded himself this was not the same field. There was no way for it to be. That field had burned. Like most of his dibbun-hood, he wanted those memories to burn too. Burn them and forget.
        They marched through. Without a backward glance. One-Eye flicked a tad bit of moisture from his eye and fought on.
        "Sir!" The second-in-command earned the his attention and the ferret pointed. Were those tents?
        One-eye smiled.

  • Sawtooth grimaced remembering the mocking laughter that had rained down on him when he tripped while collecting a crew.  Crabbait had seen the whole thing.  Sawtooth was becoming very wary of that fox.  He was too smart.
        He had decided to send One-eye off with his own group and then he and Crabbait had collected a small group of about ten creatures to go on the expedition and had left the other ten to guard the chief.  Now, as he strode along following Crabbait, he wished he had sent Crabbait away and taken One-eye with him.  Oh, he had played it up that he was the leader, but nobody really believed him.  They all knew that away from Agrev's side he was a nobody.  That was why he had to take one of the two with him wasn't it?  Oh well, he would make the best of it and show them who was the leader.
        Tehrag whirled to faces the newcomer.  A cat! He must keep all his wits about him. "Hullo!" he called as he deftly slipped a throwing knife into his paw, "What's a cat like you doing in these parts?"

  • Crabbait continued to stride forward, making surpsing headway despite his wooden leg. Surprisingly enough, the fox had been one of the few, if not the only one, who hadn't found much, if any, humor in Sawtooth's earlier mishap. He'd alway been a dour one, not so much as even smirking the entire time he'd been here. The fox lead their little band forwards, saying little. The former corsair motioned for one of his lessers to come forward, a young rat by the name of Snipworm. "Follow along the borderline of the trees, and keep a look out for any wisps of smoke. Now, get going!" He made a kick at the rat with his false limb, causing the unfortunate Snipworm to yelp. Crabbait watched the rat scurry away as fast as his legs could carry him, clutching his bottom like he'd sat on a hot iron. The ragged fox scowled, continuing on his way. He motioned for a couple more of the beasts to come forward, a pair of weasels named Gouger and Rit. "Gouger, follow Snipworm and make sure that blathering idiot doesn't get himself killed. Rit, follow along on the other side and scout out the area."

    OOC: One minor correction. Zorsha is an ermine. n.n;

    The ermine raised her paws up in mock surrender, taking a step back. "Hey, now. Zere's no need for zat. See , I am unarmed." The ermine tossed her scimitars to the side after unbuckling the belt holding them to her hip. "I'm a zimple traveller, und I saw your fire in the distance. I was hoping zat you would be kind enough to feed an unfortunate lady like myzelf. I haven't eaten in dayz." Zorsha feigned innocence, keeping up a friendly demeaner, although she couldn't quite get rid of the rabid gleam in her eyes. Were it not for that, she could have probably passed off as harmless, or at least non-threatening.

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    bic:  Tehrag still didn't release his concealed knife.  Something about this creature was not to be trusted.  He put on a winning smile though and motioned with his other paw, "Well in that case, please make yourself at home."
          Sawtooth hated being at the rear of his command.  He hated seeing Crabbait leading instead of him, but most of all, he hated Crabbait for ordering the other beasts around.  Slowly he moved his way through the ranks to approach Crabbait's side, "What is your plan?" he asked.

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