Survivor: Application Rules

  • Quick Notes:
            - We are now accepting applications. We will post them Aug 25th
            - You may submit up to 3 unique characters/applications.
            - Do not use a character you've role-played before.

    Include this information in your application, otherwise it will not be accepted:

    Fighter? Mentor? Or Other?
    Age:  (Fighters < 21 years)
    Physical description:

    250-500 words describing a moment in your character's life.**

    Otherwise your application will not be accepted.
        If your punctuation/spelling is lousy, your application won't be accepted. It your writing is poor, you won't be accepted. If you swear, you will not be accepted. If you use a wolf, or write a "Nice Guy" vermin, or have silver fur, or have purple eyes, or you have three arms, etc… you will seriously harm your odds of being accepted. I suggest you keep to what is natural and average in the Redwall world. "Different" is not impressive. Good writing and motivated characters are impressive.
        In short, try to avoid cliches. Try to be original, but reasonable.

    Send the application to me. If you are accepted, I will post the profile here on the 18th of August. If you ask about your profile before then, I will not reply.

    If your application is accepted, then you will be placed at the scrutiny of the public. 32 accepted applications will turn into 10 contestants. Then the story begins.

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