• Golden eagle



    Squall doesn't know where he was born because he was bereft of his family at a young age and kidnapped by a group of vermin toying with him for sport. Palsat later found him and raised him until he was older. Being mostly mute, the bird learned to comuicate with Palsat through a sieries of odd noises that no one else figured out how to interprate properly. Squall grew up with a certain affection for Palsat and vise-versa. They stayed together for much of their lives until The rebellion at Castle Marl. During the rebellion Trok left and Squall got separated from his friends during the fight. Palsat was sent to the mines and Squall lived in the woods where he would be safe.
        Squall is very large and Palsat, being lean and lightwieght, was able to ride him for short distances. This became very useful for getting places quickly. Squall is very large and extremely strong, but he can't carry anyone for very long unless it's an infant, in which case he wouldn't dare flying with one on his back. The leader of the rebellion, Merandar, had a thin suit of armor made for Squall to prevent arrows from being fatal and such. Squall rarely used it because it made it impossible to fly properly with it on.

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