Survivor: Q&A + Updates

  • This going to be turned into a FAQ as soon as we have enough material. This should help member from other sites understand how it works when they get here.

    If you have questions or suggestions, then ask away.

    Q. Is this a just a bunch of duels tossed together tournament-style?
    No. The Arena itself is the epicenter of oppression in Ridgemark. This is a role-play. The Arena is where perhaps 1/4 or 1/3 of the story will take place. This is a full Role-play that will be condensed into fan-fiction form when it is finished.

    Q. What do I do if I am voted out?
    You will be excluded from future voting and your place as 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc, will be final. If the other writers want you to keep writing with them (there are completely plausable reasons for doing this), then it's totally fine. What you do with your character at this point is up to you, however, and none of the other writers can force you to kill, defame or even keep role-playing that chara if you don't want to.

    Q. I don't have any idea what's going on. Do you have a Prologue, or something?
    A. The Prologue has been posted Here

    Q. Will it involve Redwall Abbey?
    A. No. This will be taking place in a place called Ridgemark. No major landmarks will be borrowed from the Redwall world. An occassional reference to "Mossflower" is fine, however.

    Q. What does the Arena look like?
    A 3D Sketch-up of the Arena is being put together. We may also provide a map of Ridgemark.

    Q. Can I role-play with a wolf/wolverine/exotic creature?
    A. Mainstream species only. If they don't appear in every Redwall book, then it isn't allowed. I know that seems harsh, but it really prevents some awkward posts. With exotic species, there is always a discrepancy between the way RP'er 1 sees the honeybadger/wolf/rattlesnake, and how RP'er 2 sees it.

    Q. Can a play a goodbeast rat/weasel/wolf?
    Vermin and goodbeasts will be a mixed bunch in this role-play and cooperation will be required between their cultures. By the nature of the story, vermin will have some morals, but be laregly evil, and goodbeasts will demonstrate and evil streak.

    Q. Magic allowed?
    A. No. Sorry. No seer capable of anticipating moves, no psychics, no super-beast strength, etc.

    Q. How will RL and RS be working together?
    As of yet, Redwall Survivor Forums is merely advising us on how to operate our contest. Whether we will work together in another other capacity is -as of yet- unlcear.

    Q. What is the format for the application?
    A. Follow this format for your profile: Here

    Q. What is a Mentor?
    A sponsor in the games. They pay for entry into the games, as well as pay for food and quarters near the Arena. One or more of these Mentors will help to train all the fighters from their colony.

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  • @Sethorion:

    I'll post the prologue in the next couple days. I'll send out invites to a bunch of other Redwall sites, as well. The Redwall Survivor Forum wants to work on this with us, as well, as soon as their contest is over.

    In what sense will they be working with you? Does that mean members of that site wish to enter the contest, or does that mean their staff are going to be judging applications or advising on the way in which the contest is run?

  • On the profiles, do you want a profile like all character profiles or do you want a couple of paragraphs on them instead.

  • So, this is like my croquet, only with BadAmos ninja maidens?

    How many rolls of TP are we allowed to bring?

    What does the Arena look like?

    Are there only four fighters?

    Can I be a poltergiest instead of a mentor? I can just be like an anti-Fate character…

    Why do you have so many Kudos?

    Is this like a sand arena, or a grassy arena?

    Is there magic allowed?

    Do we post leading up to the arena, like some hugely huge feast that takes place and we don't actually eat anything because we are fighting?

    I will stop now...  😶

  • @ Gerns - Members from other sites will advise us on how to run the contest, they being more experienced and know what hurdles to expect. I don't think that they intend on (or wish to) judge our applications.
        A proposal is going back and forth between us and RS, but nothing is set in stone: Redwall Survivor does not have a casual role-play system. They are considering sending their members to our site in between contests. During that in-between time, their members can either casually role-play, or they can join our contest (which will usually end just before RS starts their next contest).

    @ Gonff - The profiles/applications should follow this format:
    Fighter/Mentor/Or Other:
    Physical description:

    250-500 words describing a moment in your character's life.

    @CQ - No TP allowed (sorry). I will do a 3D sketch-up of the Arena, so everyone can refer to it. There will be 16 fighters accepted at first, but 12 of these fights will be elimianted via duels. The winner of each duel will be decided by the public until there are only 4 left. So, yes, when the Thread officially starts, there will only be 4 fighters.
        As for your other questions:
        No poltergeists. I earned them. Sandy. No. Fighting and eating at the same time is a bad idea. No feast (sorry).

  • Ok, explain to me how the Mentor thing works? It just seems like a strange character to have for a duel… And only three? Why is that?

    For real though, I am massively confused by the Mentor and other thing... Seems kinda like a red herring. Are they competing for the survivor thing as well?

  • A Mentor is a sponsor/trainer. Usually, a mentor is a merchant who fell on hard times and is looking for some extra cash and special trading privileges. This will be explained more in the Prologue. "Other" simply refers to classes that aren't fighter or mentor; guard, citizen, official, referee, raker, etc.

  • But how on earth are they supposed to win? Or are they just bystanders?

  • They are bystanders. Most of the story will take place outside the Arena. Think "Warrior Heir."

  • Smh, you need to outline that. Because I am sure that most of these members are seeing through rose-colored glasses about being victor in a tournament style competition. It's a tad bit unclear.

  • It says you'll have the applications posted up by August 25th, but when is the deadline for turning them in? Or are you going to read through and judge them all on the same day? If that's the case, that's impressive! 🙂

    EDIT: Also, it says we can submit up to three applications, but can you submit say, two Fighters and one Other, or three Mentors, or etc.?

  • Just a few questions, here.

    How will the weekly writing pan out exactly? In other survivor contests everybody has their own posts from their character's point of view, but it seems like this will be just one big collaborative post. Is this just going to be one long post with a third-person omnipotent narrator who's not attached to any character in specific? In that case, how will we single out who's doing the worst that week/who deserves to die if we don't know exactly who wrote what?

    In regards to the post about rules for fighting in the arena, is the story meant to be based entirely on arena fights, or is that just for the secondary voting round for fighters? What is the overarching story, or will the writers be allowed to make it up when the cast is chosen?

    When it says that the other writers get to decide the fate of the one who dies, that does include the one who died, right? Otherwise that's kind of harsh!

  • Ooh, ooh, another question. How strict are you going to be with the word limit? I mean, are you going to reject an app if it goes over by like, 25-30 words? Because some word counters differ on what they consider to be "words."

  • … I didn't see anything about word count. Personally, I think a lengthy post is quite nice...

    When is this beginning again?
    I will sit this one out to see how 'tis done...

  • Name:
    Fighter? Mentor? Or Other?
    Physical description:

    250-500 words describing a moment in your character's life.

    Some contest admins are stricter about word limits than others, so I just wanted to make sure it's okay to go over by a shade. 500 words can be tricky sometimes.

  • I think you're ok there, Opal. Seth doesn't strike me as THAT strict. 😛
    As long as you get as close to 500 as possible.

  • Opal: If it's 525-535 words words, I'll still take it. 😉 (Shhhhhh…. Don't tell anyone I told you so)

    Loffrey: Throughout the entire week, the writers will plan a basic outline for the first scenes and bounce basic expectations off each other (I want my character to do this, or be shunned, or my character plans to do such-and-such). The role-players will then write together during the course of one week in a private role-play (Only they will be able to see what's being written).
        They are expected to finish by Friday or Saturday (Saturday at the latest). During Saturday and Sunday, they will sew on the posts together and remove meaningless material. It will be up to each writer to provide input to make certain their characters/foreshadowing/emotion/etc will be presented in a way that does not misrepresent their character.
        Most of the text will remain intact. Each character's dialogue, his thoughts and the descriptions of what is seen through his/her eyes specifically will be same (though typos will be repaired). The writing tied to each individual character should be fairly evident.
        However, the contest isn't entirely about how good your writing is. In most Survivor contests, the best writer isn't the one who wins. The most intriguing character wins.

    Only a portion of the story will happen within the Arena. I expect the writers will probably base the story around overthrowing the government or escaping the Games. There are many possibilities, however, and it is really up to the writers.

    When someone is voted out, I don't mean to say that they the other writers will chose the fate of the characters. Rather, they will either decide to continue with or without that writer (either way, he will be out of the final running, but the other writers may have really like his scene-construction skills, or his projection of the outline). What happens to the character, specifically, is entirely up to the writer he/she was born to.

  • Hmmm…

    I don't mean to sound rude, but won't that be disjointed then? If the narrative skips from one character's POV to the next without any obvious breaks it might be confusing... and that's going to be a really really long post, too. That's another reason why previous contests have separate posts for each character. It's separates the week into clean chapters - it's easier to read chunks of posts than just one huge thing. Plus, that means every character has their own time to shine and doesn't have to feel compromised in order to fit in everybody.

    Again, not meaning to sound rude! I think it's super cool that this contest is trying to do something different. It's just that sometimes old things that work... just work. You know? (I probably could have said that better.. If it ain't broke don't fix it? Yeah, let's go with that.)

  • Loffrey does have a point. Survivor posts tend to be anywhere from 1000-7000+ words these days. Stacking ten or more of those together into one thread is going to be a challenge. Especially for any slow readers in the house, who may miss out on the voting period because they're struggling to get through the 10,000+ word entry in time.

    And that's true, sometimes the "best" writer doesn't win. But the top three is generally made up of strong and capable writers with good characters. I do prefer to know who is writing what. Maybe consider at least marking each section with an author?

  • Ditto. The less Mod-Intervention, the better. That way, everything moves smoothly even if someone takes a break.

    Let's stick with the traditional style for the first one… And tweak accordingly if it is necessary.

    But peeps, do understand. What works for one site may not work for another. I know you are more familiar with the entire "Survivor" thing than we are, but some of what happens is still just growing pains and we will find our groove. .. Or the groove will find you...

    Beware of the groove!

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