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    The Gears of Chaos

    The Prologue has been posted Here, so you can familiarize yourself with the premise. Once you basically understand the world, the instructions below will make a great deal more sense.

    I will be posting notices on other sites so we can share in the fun and unite the ROC at the same time.

        - Starts October 6th
        - Lasts 12 weeks
        - No Swearing
        - Keep it PG

    Our ten contestants will loosely plan a story segment together and then role-play it privately. The method for this role-play will be more cooperative than your typical RP. More or less, writers will post a proposal for what could happen during the next few posts, and then "auto-play" other characters in minor ways as they get permission to do so from their respective creators.
        The posts will be re-organized by the writers and cosmetically edited by a Moderator, and then posted publicly so the audience can follow.
        The edited weekly entry will be posted as a poll. The readers will vote for whom they wish to see continue in the story, and post feedback to help the writers. Whomever receives the fewest votes will be will be at the mercy of the writers, who will decide what must be done with the character. The writer may continue to RP if the other contestants wish it, but he/she will no longer be competing.
        At the end of 7 weeks, we will be down to 3 final writers. These three writers will (by themselves) plan a finale and role-play it for us over the course of the last three weeks. At this point, all other writers will be removed and the remaining characters will be role-played with the final three contestants.
        After the completion of the story, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be decided by the readers.

    If you wish to join, you must send me an application. Guidelines are Here.

    Your application (if it is accepted) will be posted to the public. The public will choose who the final contestants are going to be.
        We will accept:
            - ~8 applications for Mentors (voted down to 3)
            - ~8 applications for Others -officials/guards/rakers (voted down to 3)
            - 16 applications for Fighters (Arena will narrow the fighters down to 4)

    We will begin posting accepted applications on October 6th.
        2-week preliminary role-play and voting for the final character-count (and Reaping to determine fighters) starts on October 13th.
        10-week Role-play starts on the October 27th.

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