Discussion: Shadow in Mossflower Woods.

  • K guys…I'm running into a HUGE problem right now with "SIMW" and I'm not mad or anything about it..BUT, when you hop in, your Character needs to start out with a purpose. Right now have 8 members invovled in the RPG with Characters and I am going to split it up into groups.

    Group 1: Vermin Clan- CQ, Gerns, RedPreist

    Group 2: Lone figures near/in church: RedPreist, darius

    Group 3: Main group: T.J, Kiara, Seth, Card

    Group 4: Sorta not involved yet: Rev,

    This RPG is the start of the story arc of Redwall, and in order for the story arc to continue Group 3 has to get to Redwall Abby Pronto! if we are all held up at the Church then the RPG will die and I'm not gonna be a very happy person per say.

    Coming to that...characters..guys I know this is an awesome plot going on and what not, but to many characters and I have no idea how to involve everyone...


    Fabiana has a stone of power, she is persued by vermin, Ends up taking Saula prisoner and to take her to Redwall Abby in hopes to find out how to destory the stone. On the way there, they meet KayLee and she was also on her way to Redwall, meanwhile a storm hits and during that the vermin catch up to Fabianas small group, so they bolt with Saula leading the way and end up in St. ninians where they meet Card, also taking shelter from the storm. During this time, the vermin are held up becasue a tree has fallen on half of them and that another clan has caught up and now fighting going on..this is a distance away from St. Ninians, not right next to it. After intros, settled down to chat and we have a character that is up in the rafters (Sylvakryst) and one on the side of the wall(seer) . With Seer wanting the stone Fabiana has around her neck and Sylvakryst just hiding away…

    The reason Group 3 rain into shelter in the Church was becasue of the storm and that they needed to get away from the vermin chasing Fabiana and wanted rest, but due to people hiding in the church unknown to Group 3, group 3 can't get any rest and once the storm stops, then group 3 is on there way. Well that is how I wanted it to go..BUT…we have Group 2...RP and Darius who characters are just watching from the sidelines...Gotta ask you guys, what are your characters intending to do? Ambush or watch or what? just curious becasue I'm trying to figure out how to evolve everyone but my character is not super human and I donn't want her to be like that...

    RP and Darius: Could you guys tell me what your character has in store?

    Card: Your character...she is on her way to Redwall...why? does she know about the stone or is she just passing through?

    CQ, Gerns, RP aka vermin..great job guys! So just be like that what you are doing. You will become more evolved once Saula escapes Redwall and unites the clans to attack Redwall. So keep it on low down for time being. 🙂

    Seth and me have been talking about the plot and here is what he said and I agree...

    Basically, one of the Juska warlords had the stone in his possession and was using it to cause the smartest vermin to act without question and his weakest vermin to act without fear. Ultimate, unquestioning loyalty. The problem was that it wasn't the warlord that they were following. It was the stone.    Saula was a strange creature. Saula was very, very good at hiding and sneaking, largely because he'd been bullied so much. The idea is that the warlord used him over and over again as a thief/spy/assassin. Saula wasn't smart or brave or strong, but the stone never let him forget instructions. He was flawless so long as the warlord was detailed in his instructions.    Eventually, Saula become addicted to the Stone, his master. Over time, after many uses, the line between the soul of the rat and the power of the stone become blurred.    What happened is this: Fabiana stole the Fated Stone. Saula completes one of his tasks and reports back to his master, but when he discovers that his master does not have the Stone, Sauls panics. He needed instructions. He needed the stone to give them to him. Saula, angry and desperate, kills his chieften.    Saula then sets out to tracks down Fabiana and the stone. He knows that she will kill him if she knows who he is or what he wants. He also doesn't want to reach Redwall, because he is convinced that he will never get the stone.    I'm not quite sure what the plan was for CQ's group of vermin. I think the plan was originally that they were a splinter of the Juska clan (which is now splitting up because they have no leader). Not sure, though.    What we intend:    The all make it to Redwall asap (largely so that we can move on with the story) and Saula is given a room. Saula is fed and clothed and taught to be a proper Redwaller. His intelligence grows quickly (the stone doesn't allow him to forget instructions) and he begins to learn at a very rapid pace.    In a well-designed attempt to steal the stone, he makes a mistake. He flees Redwall without the Fated Stone.    He begins to amass an army using the vermin outside Redwall, be builds weapons and war machines, then lays siege to the Abbey. One of the walls collapses and Vermin invade, and all Redwallers flee into the ruins of Kotir that part of Redwall. (read Mossflower).

    What you read is the start of the story arc!!! Yay! I know its fabulous and what not..and I'm excited!


    I WANT TO GET MOVING ON THIS RPG..I'm really close to just skipping to the part where the storm has ended and Group 3 leaves the church but I need to know about Group 2 characters before hand so I can attempt to add you guys in. (If I can't add you guys in, is it cool if you can come in later in the story arch?) And refer to above questions to specific players, I need to know also... post here or message me.

    I don't want ot  sound rude or anything, but when posting, your character NEEDS to have a puropse in the plot someway or somehow or right away invovled, or if not you might have to wait til later in the arc to join if wanted...

    SO yeah...any problems? Questions? Concerns?

    TJ is having a massive headach right now..she will add things later.

  • Sounds good to me, I'm happy to post whenever I'm needed. I only had the ideas for Racket, Worm and Cissa when the vermin gang needed new characters, so they can have a scene whenever the plot requires. I might possibly create more vermin characters depending on what we need, since I expect a few, or even most of my guys to die. 😉

  • Since I had no idea that things had gotten that complicated, I might as well just jump out of this one, to save the RP from crashing haha XD. I'm already involved in two others at the same time; and, I only posted because someone suggested a "distraction". How about, we cut my section about Crow being in the RP period, plus Cissa and Worm's kidnapping, and just stick with the clan fight, that way you still have a distraction, but not another storyline to get confused on?

    Thanks for letting me join, though!

  • RedPriest: we will keep you post on and just work with it. And you are very much welcome, hope to see you in the future posting?

  • Seems I've missed a lot in my time away. xD My intentions for Reverrek are, as they were in the original SIMW, to have him eventually join up with Group 3. At this point, probably by having him meet up with them either at the church or at Redwall. Don't think I'll have Abe get too involved in things beyond helping out around the abbey.

  • I think that we should hold off introducing more characters until Group 3 makes it to the Abbey. We need to move on to the next part of the story asap.

  • Quite confused now for this thread, now someone else has joined completely unexpectedly. Can I start posting again?

  • I was actually planning something akin to what Reverrek was, myself, and having Sylva run into group 3 in the middle of getting out of the the church and ultimately tagging along, if that is alright. n.n;

  • Yeah, I just need to know if Red is actually coming back or not. If not, we have to sort this all out before we continue… Or take some serious writer's liberties. 😛

    I'd rather not have posts deleted because that is just moving backward and I liked the way we had it.

    PLEASE COME BACK Redpriest!!!

  • I don't want to be excluded from the fun though. The thread is really the only active thing I'm in right now, and being out of it for about 17 days is not good, that's over half a month. This thing was steaming ahead for me, now I'm dead in the water waiting. I would like to start posting again, if that's alright, and disregard Red's kidnapping. Just have my characters waking up after the storm's blown over.

  • You won't be excluded from the thread, Gerns. Your characters are still important and still have dilemmas to resolve that will later impact the beasts inside Redwall. Especially if they are caught by the Juska.
        Each RP'er who has joined offers a specific opportunity for the story. Many of you have introduced your characters, but don't have to follow the main group immediately. Sylva's appearance can be foreshadowing that he will be of great importance soon. Red's Juska clans present conflict that affects Group 3 and Gerns/CQ's vermin group.

    Now I'm about the get nerdy. Look away if you're sensitive to too much information.

    In every good story, there are a few key points:

    Inciting Incident:    (Group 3 is forced toward Redwall. Stone is in Redwall. Point of no return)
        ACT 1:                    (The heroes work up a plan, but it fails. Bad choices. Redwall falls, Saula is now an enemy)
        ACT 2:                    (The heroes work up a new plan, but it fails. Scenarios gets worse.)
            Mid-Point Climax  (Situation is so bad that it seems impossible to fix. Heavy foreshadowing for final climax. Character flaws made obvious. Things need to be learned if they are to find happily ever after)
        ACT 3:                    (The heroes work up a new plan but it fails again. When it does, there are heavy losses, but the climax is set up and there is a new course of action to be taken, at great sacrifice)
        Climax                    (The truths about the characters, the final discovery, problem is solved)
        Resolution              (The world will never be the same. Happy ending, but not for everyone. Not everyone can win. Even for the good guys, there are mutually-exclusive needs and some of them are not met. There are permanent consequences. Leave a complex finish, almost like your're are implying the story isn't over. Some journeys aren't complete)

  • Sorry about the double-post. Just a quick thought:

    I know a lot of the plans for Saula already, but I'm not clear on everyone else.
        What could happen is that we announce the intentions for our characters and add them to the outline I just posted. That way, everyone knows when things are going down and how to compliment them with the acts/choices of other characters.

  • I don't really have a plan for KayLee. I join through the invite of T.J, to join Fab and Saula on their journey to Redwall.

    She's a traveling performer, so I imagine once at Redwall, she would stay a bit, doing some shows/acts for the redwallers and nearby woodlanders, then probably move on after a while.

    I would gather that a fair amount of time would go by from the time she leaves to the time Saula gathers an army and begins his assaults on Redwall. She could return by then, and try to help the Redwallers/Woodlanders?
    I'm pretty much open to any suggestions…

  • Wow, I seriously need to get on more. XD I completely missed this discussion. As for your question, TJ… Card does know that there is something interesting in Fabiana's possession, and therefore wants to find out what it is. Of course, she also doesn't want to steal it, but rather take in information and determine whether Fabiana is truly an ally or an enemy. She also wants to be a 'warrior' at Redwall.

  • Hmm…Giving a bit of thought into it, I'm interested in the idea of Sylva joining up with Redwall and leading the defense of the place, or possibly being one of the main generals, whenever the abbey comes under attack. That, or going with a party to do some sort of quest, should something like that happen.

  • When do other people join this thread?

  • sorry guys, life has been being mean to me lately.

    Um discussion, wonderful I have a little knowing what everyones intention is.

    Seth: Great on breaking down the story plot line. Fantastic

    card: sounds awesome. Its up to you to decied if Fabiana is good or bad in your eyes, and if she is good and wants to become a warrior she can talk to Abby Champion and Captian of the Guards.

  • So here's my thoughts… We end the thread.

    Plain and simple.

    That way, we can actually connect all our other thread together. It allows more people to join comfortably. That way, peeps get involved, they post, they have fun.

    And this goes on for about two months.

    And then we just bring all our stuff back together. Someone summurizes what is going on, we have one EPIC thread, and we end.

    Ta-da! Our first successful story arc. Plain and simple.

    Much like a book series, where long timers are on the up and up and throw around little nuances that only them will get while the add-alongs still get to participate.

    Thoughts? Questions? Just an idea ya'll.  ::)

  • If it's more practical to move the story into two threads, I do not mind, especially if it means more people can participate. I am very pleased with my involvement in this story, it's certainly becoming one of my favourites. So long as I can keep posting with a fairly loose order, I think I'll be happy.

  • Splitting the thread seems like it could be a good idea, but at the same time, I don't think I've ever seen the threads fit back together later on. Even on occassions where they might tie back in, there's a tendency for one thread to move faster than the other (i.e. three days have passed for the vermin, three days have passed for group three)

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