• Every few months or so, one of these threads gets posted, talking about how we need more active members, how we need more members, all that jazz…

    This is a little different.

    It slays me that we have as much activity as we do and yet so little is done. This is not from a lack of effort from the admins. We do our jobs and all the time. This isn't because people aren't on the forum. This ISN'T because new topics that aren't interesting aren't posted. RedPriest just opened one. Reverrak opened one.

    This "Inactivity" is because people get on the forum, they get bored, they don't want to post, they leave...

    There is plenty to do. We have contests. We have threads. We have chatting?! Just a ton. What we don't have? Posting.

    Peeps, I put up a contest and the only person who jumped in and said, "I'm in!" Was a new member. (thanks Gonff. I did appreciate it.) The only reason I am on here right now is because of a personal request from another member who wanted to see this site succeed. I have a fear of posting something and letting it rot in the cyber space on this site. Only about 1-3 topics, if that, actually get any kind of traction. I'm sure it's a similar number with most people on here.

    So, let's hear it? Why aren't we posting when we are on? Why aren't we actually doing anything. It's the same old same old. Why is that? Why do we keep having to have topics like this one right here? If you have an excuse, I actually want to hear it this time...

  • My Posting Situation:


    I entered the walltop race, but nobody responded. I am not keen on entering any others since that one hasn't worked out. I could join another if you like, but I feel like I'm stretching the believability of my character being in Redwall. I mostly play vermin, and Gerns is the most 'good' vermin I have. I don't want to overuse him, though.


    I'm playing a couple of vermin in 'Shadow in Mossflower Woods' with you, so I'm waiting for you as the leader of the gang. I don't intend to follow a strict post order with the woodlander players, since they're separated from us. I'm mostly going to be focusing on the character interactions in the gang. I'm relying on you to move the plot forward, as your character is in charge.

    There has also been some movement to continuing last year's story arc thread. I'm unsure of where this is going, honestly, since Dusk is no longer playing Ulath. Does Dusk wish to continue? I don't want to miss out on a new story arc though, if one is coming.

    New Characters:

    I created a horde leader character which seemed to acceptable to Queen Kiara, but I haven't received any posted feedback or official permission to use that. If the admins do approve of its use, I would be more than happy to raise a little hell in Mossflower with her.  😎

  • I, myself am in quite of a few RP threads. If a thread I am involved with goes dead, it is not because of me (just saying)

    Gerns, At the previous Admin meeting we reviewed your horde leader character and it was accepted, and we added it to the positions page. You are our official horde leader.  🙂

  • Thank you Kiara, I hadn't noticed the positions had been updated. In that case Claudia will be in action soon! 😉

  • For one, I am busy.  I work as a supervisor at UPS (do you like receiving the things that your order on time?), and have a number of other non-recreational tasks and activities that each take up portions of my time.  In a few weeks, I'll be starting my fifth year of full time college and will be devoting much of my time to building up my visual arts portfolio.  I post when I can.  (Which, when I'm in active RPs, is around one or two times a week.)  I love RL, and often log in on my phone just to read old RPs and brainstorm if I have a few extra minutes during the day.  I'm certainly not sitting around on my hands thinking "Hey, I'm bored, I wonder if there is anything interesting to do?"  (-;  I know that at least a few others here are in a similar situation to mine.

    I don't think that Redwall's Legacy is anywhere near going down the drain; it just happens to be generally frequented by people who have full lives.    I speak for myself when I say that I'm not drowning in stress; I'm just going through a major transition stage right now.  I.E, moving from child/teenagerhood into full-adulthood.  I personally have no intention of leaving any time soon.  So don't worry about the site not succeeding; I suspect that it will continue to go through cycles as long as it remains on the web.

    Furthermore, (and I say this only to sate my inner cynic, so please excuse me) nobody is obliged to post here with any sort of regularity.  In my understanding, the rules are set up to encourage activity, but at best all they can currently do is 'encourage' until a member either announces a planned absence or just disappears.    And ahem, I will refrain from smarting off too much here, but "If you have an excuse, I actually want to hear it this time…"??  (!!!)  Good heavens, kindly spare us the schoolroom vernacular.    Excuses nothing; nobody here owes the site any sort of post-quota, even though regular posters are wonderful to see.

    I for one prefer to post at my own pace, and I daresay that by and large I have been a fairly regular poster when I actually happen to be taking part in a thread.  This is a fun place for me to come and relax my brain; there has never been any obligation that I post a certain number of replies a week while I am active.

    With my current schedule, I'm thankful for that.

  • I second Jake's comments regarding "If you have an excuse, I actually want to hear it this time…" line. I would have addressed it earlier, but I wasn't sure if it was just me that found it out of place. Whilst I believe I have a responsibility to do my part to keep a thread going, I think that the comment sets myself and other users up as being troublesome schoolchildren in the headmaster's office, to continue Jake's metaphor. I know the kind of efforts admins go through for an RP forum, I built the settings for and ran one such forum for about six years. Yes it's nice to see more activity, but in the end we come here as a recreation, and that means activity is fluid so long as our time for recreation is limited.

  • I don't post that much because i'm not sure if "open" extends to me (A new member who would be kicked off if not that half of the active RPers weren't my family.) Also I made a thread,(that is almost dead.)

  • I'm in the same boat as Jake, and I do almost the same exact thing he does (while on the site) Looking at old posts and brainstorming on my free time.

    I'm only about a year older than him, so we are in a similar stage of life. I work during the day, then exercise after, and when I get home I have to get ready and drive off to practice to coach summer track until 8:30-9pm. Also I have my username set to auto login through my browser, so my name is almost always on even though I'm not home.

    It's not really that stressful, the things I do, but it's very rewarding and fun for me. It's very time consuming though and when I get home at night, I like to just read a few posts to keep my mind fresh then I go to bed.

    But like today I have a bit of free time, and I'm gonna make a few posts in the threads I'm active in. I get to use the computer at work sometimes, so I come here to kill a half an hour.

    I will never leave this place, I joined a few months after it first was created, and I will continue to be here until the day it can't be hosted anymore. This place will be apart of me for life.

    I mean I've been here since I was in 10th grade. Now I'm almost 23 years old! xD

  • I'm in with Armoz and I don't have much time but I try to post when I can.  I still have a hard time jumping in on any thread because I usually figure there is a story line someone is trying to make and I am continually afraid I will mess something up.  If someone can convince me not to be afraid of jumping in I will try to do more.

  • Armoz and Gonff, as long as a rp thread is an open topic, by all means you can jump in.

    Though if you are still unsure, all you have to do is PM whoever started the thread explaining to them you`re interested in joining it with whatever character.
    You could even ask if there was a specific direction they wanted to take, if you wanted to be well informed.

    I promise we dont bite. Least some of us, and if we do, its not hard. 😛

  • Disclaimer: I'm not saying that people can or cannot be active. I'm not trying to offend anyone. I am with Gern and Shadow and such. (I do enjoy getting my UPS on time, thank you.) I work full time and a half right now and have little of offer the site. But I still care. If you are over extended, don't worry about what I said. That wasn't for you. I'm talking about when I look at the Users online and see people just sitting there. They get on to see what is going on. They putter around for a few minutes. They leave.

    This site is growing smaller and smaller. We aren't getting new members. We are getting less active. So what do we do? Recruiting isn't an option. We can only take the ones that come through the door. And that door is closing. Let's face it! Redwall was for the 90's generation. Everyone on here (With the exception of Armoz) was born in that time. No new books are coming out, we are a dying breed.

    Shadow, Gern, Jake, you all said you liked to brainstorm. Brain storm on this.
    What do we need to do differently?

  • Thanks Kiara!

    Now Creigon.  Why are you getting so down?  I know I haven't been here long but to me there seems to be quite a bit of activity.  You say there are no new members, but look at me.  The whole "recent" bar is full of things that were posted either today or yesterday.  I don't see why it is a problem for people to be talking and having fun and posting when they have decided what they want to do.  I think we have a good base of people who are going to stay here for a long time and be active.  Also, it is summer and so many people are on vacation somewhere or working hard and don't really have much time to post.

    I know you are upset that not many people joined your game, I wish more would join too, but maybe not many people know how to play croquet!  Maybe they couldn't figure out how to use one of their characters in a game like that.  I don't know, but these are just a few things I was thinking about.

  • Gonff, that's not at all why I put this up.

    If people here concur that there is no problem, that everything is good and activity is as it should be, I will clam up. I have said my bit, made my point, and was just looking for answers and suggestions. But it doesn't seem to be well received.

    Again, I meant no offence to people or their schedules. I don't know all the facts. I never will. But for a good many, they spend a great deal of time on here just surfing. THAT was my point.

  • Ok.  I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.  I just thought I would put out an idea.  I have noticed the amount of activity far outnumbers the amount of posts but I wasn't thinking that was a problem.  It would be nicer to have more people in different rps.  I would like to be in one that actually went somewhere.  😕

    Do you see many people on that do not post even if they are needed in an rp?

  • Creigon, inspiring activity on a forum has been a nut I've tried to crack for years. I used to admin on a forum which went through (in my opinion) its heyday, and eventually reached a decline. I also mentioned in the Vulpine Imperium thread that I thought it was stagnant, so I've seen a few forums in various states of disrepair.

    I think the best thing a forum can have is active, motivated admins. When we had a team of 4 staff members, we had ideas bouncing around and we could update and maintain the site with new and improved content. By the time the staff had dwindled down to one, the older members didn't want to RP with anyone else, so they left, and there were no active moderators anymore. I think the fact we have a very active and involved staff here is already fantastic and gives off a good impression to prospective members.

    As for Redwall fans dwindling, it's hard for me to judge that. I've seen Secret of NIMH RPers still going at it on MUCK clients, and that's based on a 1982 movie of a 1971 book! Pretty good book too, from what I remember. I'm not sure how the Redwall community will look in the future, but so long as some kids read the books and enjoy them, I don't think it will die off for some time.

  • Gonff, Yes. I do see them. Even when they are needed in a thread.

    Heck, I am guilty of the same problem!

    Here's my take on it… Tell me if you disagree.

    You see a new post and so you go in and take a look. You click on the post and several things can happen.

    1. Post is really long and you don't feel like reading it right now
    2. Post is too long and you feel like you have to post something long...
    3. Writing is too complex and you don't feel like you can compete
    4. Writing isn't that good and you don't feel like RPing with a new member
    5. Several people have already jumped in and you can't see an opening
    6. You are already in too many RP's
    7. You feel like you have to create another character profile
    8. It's already a couple pages in, so you don't want to go through and read every post
      Yes, I did intentionally leave off "You don't feel like posting"...
      I skipped 8 because it makes 😎

    (If you can add the numbers of what you are dealing with, please do. It would help me to get a better idea and maybe we can address some of the issues.)

    I suffer from 1, 3, 4, 5, 9...

    Gerns, 😕 Maybe I am just crying wolf right now. But the way I see it, if we can do something to fix ONE of the issues that people are having, it is progress. And I don't think anyone can argue with progress.

    (TJ will remember this) About three years ago, this site was just about dead. I had a LOT more time back then, so when I posted something, I would just sit around and wait. But nobody would respond. You would see MAYBE two other members pop in a day.

    This went on for about two months, until I saw TJ get on for a smig. I was so excited, so I PMed her (making my excitement known) and said that we should start an RP. Kiara jumped back in for a bit as well. This is where the thread "Escape" came from. Before Jared Sandeye  😉 Came on this site, it was the longest posted thread to date with about 250 posts. It was a huge turn around! We need something kinda like that. Shadow in Mossflower is close, but it just does seem to be dying out a little bit. We need another "Escape".

    So, what thinkest thou?

  • I suffer from 5, 6, and 7…

    I would agree that the site could be seeing better thread activity.  However comma, I'm quite amazed at how active it is this summer.  Last year, the year before that, and the year before that saw it pretty much completely dead during summer months.  I remember how I was doing my technical training for the air force in 2011 and would get on the site after work hoping that something would happen, because I had basically nothing at all to do on the base where I was stationed...  I think that Penblade had maybe one thread going, and I barely ever saw anybody get on save for myself and one or two others.  I was bummed as heck haha.  However, once I was back home and school had started again, our activity swung right back up to a good level.  (From what I've seen, our best activity and posting generally comes during school time.)  So yeah, long story short, we seem to be doing pretty well this year.

    I'd say stick with what you're doing.  Try and foster activity and participation, but don't be crushed if members don't respond as eagerly as you'd like.

  • Now, I think a little bit of arguing its healthy in this discussion. It is an important discussion, and we are here to express our feelings on the thread's subject. As long as there aren't personal insults, if someone sounds frustrated, just hear them out! We don't want hurt feelings, but I feel that if someone's expressing themselves and venting a bit in this thread, we shouldn't take anything they say personal. (going back to a few posts up) Gonff, I thought what you said was good, it didn't sound insulting at all, and Creigon, the things you are saying are good as well. They are concerns that should be addressed, I'm glad you brought this thread to everyone's attention.

    As for the numbers thing, I personally suffer from 2,5,6. I'm not a kid anymore and it's a bit harder for me to plan out my next posts in my head with imagination like I used to. I still do it and the pictures I paint in my mind are pretty vivid. It's just getting the inspiration for something to pop up in my mind makes the whole thing harder for me. This in turn makes long posts harder to keep up with. I try to post long and it ends up somewhat short. I used to be able to come up with paragraphs of material when I needed to. Now that option is much harder for me. Most likely from not putting myself into my characters shoes like before.

    If you need help with getting more activity, the free time I use on this site, I will post in non-RP threads and participate more in contests and things. I liked the idea of drawing contests, they never really went far, but I think it would be fun. I like the idea of Walltop races too.

    Creigon, I was reading some posts from 2007, and that really helped me realize what this thread was all about. Heck, I looked in some threads I posted in, and I was in 4 different threads with you in a 3-4 month span. 3 of those threads went over 3 pages and topped out at 6 pages. If we could get threads to go at least 3+ pages, things would be turning around.

    1. You don't to join a thread that is going well for fear you might cause someone else to experience numbers 1-9.

    [Raises claw]

  • Hey everyone. It's me again. Not sure who all remembers me but about a year ago roughly I used to get on here fairly frequent, and after getting up off my duff, I decided to start coming around again. My main reason for not posting was often I'd get caught up in life, and eventually it got to the point where, in all honesty, I forgot. sticks his head in the sand Anyhow, I'm going to be coming back on because in all honesty I miss being here. Wasn't sure where to put this, so this seemed like the best place. Everything is a little different from what I remember.

    As for posting and stuff in general, I've been to numerous rp forums for things I like, mostly Redwall or Star Fox, and it mostly seems to wax and wane over time. Sometimes a point will come where there will be a metric ton of people posting, and other times so few will post it will feel like you're in the middle of a desert. Personally, from all the different 'things that could happen', I don't really suffer from any one of those in particular, but at the same time depending on my mood it could be any of them.

  • Yay! Darius! Welcome back!!  hugz

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