Tehrag Silverbrook

  • The rat trudged down a road in the far north of Mossflower. The rat was searching for a legendary silver feathered bird.
        Tehrag ran through the woods. He hated running but he knew it was supposed to be good for him. As he darted between the trees, he noticed a rat on the path. He stopped and stood as still as possible. The rat had seen him. Tehrag decided the best move would be to continue running. He was tired but he was fit and he figured he would be able to outrun the pudgy rat.

    The rat charged after the fleeing streak of silver. Although the streak did not seem to be part of a bird, his slow mind thought it might still be valuable. When the sun peeked through the leaves for a moment he caught a glimpse of the creature. An otter! He had chased all this way to find an otter with a streak of silver down its back. His anger caused him to put on a burst of speed and he began to gain on Tehrag. Tehrag knew the rat was gaining and he knew he had little strength left. He turned suddenly and sent one of his throwing knives straight at the rat's chest. The rat stumbled and fell at Tehrag's feet. Tehrag hated to kill but in this case he knew it was kill or be killed. He drew the knife from the rat's chest and wiped it in the dirt before returning it to his belt. He laid the rat in a shallow grave and returned to his home, sad for the loss of a life yet happy that he had escaped with his own.

    Nickname: Tehrag, Trag
    Name: Tehrag Silverbrook
    Species: Otter
    Age: 18
    Alignment: goodbeast
    Job: Mechanic, wanderer, and warrior

    Description: When not running or working hard, Tehrag wears a vest of snake skin with the scales on the outside as protection. He obtained this vest when he found an adder which had died of old age. He took the skin and polished it and then made a vest from it. This vest gives him protection as well as fairly good camouflage. He also wears a belt strapped across from his shoulder to his waist. In it, he carries most of his weapons. A few throwing knives, a short dagger with a rounded pommel and curved blade, a sling and small pouch of stones, and a quiver of arrows are securely fastened in place along the length of it. He also carries a longbow (which he uses to shoot the arrows).  😛
        Tehrag is constantly creating things. He mostly creates small models of mechanical inventions he wants to someday create. He always carries small cogs, gears, and other odds and ends with him. He is very friendly and he loves small creatures. Sometimes he creates small toys for young beasts and carries them around with him to give away.

    Possessions: Described above.

    • snake skin vest
    • sling and stones
    • bow and arrows
    • three small throwing knives
    • dagger
    • various mechanical parts


    • Good with bow and throwing knives
    • friendly
    • Agile and quick witted
    • Able to fix almost anything that has moving parts
    • Fantastic swimmer
    • Knows a good deal about Mossflower wood and its streams


    • He has trouble with many weapons especially swords and spears.
    • Although he carries a sling, if he tries to use it, he often gets it tangled around his paw.
    • Sometimes is so friendly he cannot tell whether someone is a friend or an enemy

    Personality: As said before, Tehrag is a pleasant, friendly creature. He loves a good joke even when he is the cause of it and always tries to be kind and gentle to all. The only other thing is that he doesn't like big crowds of creatures he doesn't know.
    Background: Tehrag's early years were filled with a busy life at Holt Silverbrook, but when he was 15 years of age, Tehrag set off on his own. The holt was filled to overflowing and he wanted his own space again. Tehrag had a hard time leaving home but his desire to have personal space again urged him to a life of traveling.
        Tehrag's traveling days led him over much of Mossflower wood but he decided to settle in an out of the way northern corner. There he lived for about a year but a band of vermin invaded the area and didn't seem to want to leave so he vamoosed from the area. He then moved down stream a ways to get closer to the sea. The story above came right before this move. Tehrag spent a month or two at this new campsite and then moved on with a group of Guisom shrews and learned a little bit of swordplay while he helped threm to create small devices to help them.
        This trip ended in a trip to Redwall where Tehrag decided to stay, at least for a time. He liked the ability to move away from the bustle of life but also be around other creatures.

    Ooc: Here will Tehrag stay for a time until I change the profile. Please tell me what ya'll think about him. I spent a bit of time on him so I would like to see what everyone thinks.

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