Ruby Snowcrow

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    Nickname: Ruby-eyes, Snow, Snowfeather, Snowflake

    Full Name: Ruby Snowcrow

    Species: American Crow (Albino)

    Because Ruby is an albino crow, he has ruby-red eyes, pink legs and feet, and white plumage. He is often wearing a small green messenger bag to keep the few items he has. He is the average height for crows, and is always frowning. Bandages completely cover his left leg as Ruby's leg cannot properly function without some pressure on it such as the bandages. It was broken and healed improperly in the past. Ruby rarely wears clothes, and if he does, it is often a cape, usually a blue or black color. One of his possessions, a gold pendant necklace, is the a keepsake from a good friend of Ruby's, and he is always wearing it. The pendant also opens up similar to a locket, although inside it is empty, showing that Ruby does not want to put any memories inside it. The pendant is circular with a bird's footprint imprinted in the middle. small gems border the pendant. Ruby also wears a silver anklet on his right ankle that he had found on his way to Redwall. It's a rather plain anklet.

    Possessions: Pendant necklace, map of Mossflower, anklet, a notebook filled with complex drawings, and medicinal herbs.


    • Very quick and fast
    • Excellent tracking skills
    • Very intelligent


    • Extremely weak (Strength-wise)
    • Not very good at fighting
    • Not very flexible (Can?t make friends well)
    • Easily ?loses it? when things don?t go his way

        Ruby is very cold and seems to show no emotion except anger and suffering. He does not trust others very easily and is merciless with his ?scoldings? and insults, no matter who he is speaking to. Whether it be a young one or an adult, Ruby will yell at them if they do something he does not like. Ruby is also a perfectionist, and absolutely HATES it when things are not orderly and balanced. Aside from all this, Ruby likes to draw out inventions and what-not.

        Ruby was born in a rather large family. He was the only albino and his many brothers and sisters would always call him out for it. Even his parents called him ?imperfect? since he was so different from the others. While the others had black feathers, he had white. These traits were what caused other birds to continuously insult him and bully him. Ruby had always been a weak and defenseless as a baby crow, and even as a fledgeling he was not very strong. Ruby could not compete with his brothers in wrestling or any other games that required strength. That was not his forte. His forte was in complex thinking, analyzing situations, and well, planning. It was this skill that kept him alive. Since Ruby was different and unwanted, his parents tricked him by ?accidentally? pushing him out of their nest while he was in his fledgeling stage. It was this incident that broke his leg and because Ruby had no experience in medicines at the time, he had no idea how to properly let it heal. His parents and family all thought that he had died from the fall, but during his freefall, Ruby analyzed the situation and used complex thinking to plan out a way to fall without dying. He had grabbed a thin branch from the tree his nest was in at the last moment, somewhat breaking the fall. The impact was much lesser than it would have been had he not grabbed the branch, so he was grateful for his gift at planning for once. Afterwards, he wandered the forest for a few days before coming across a structure with red walls. He had found Redwall!

    Age: 19

    Alignment: Neutral

    Job: Inventor

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