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  • Jessie snorted while munching on the scones, "Tish..they will be gone before she realizes it, no way she can blame it on me, besides, you're the one that has crumbs on you." she said, smiling to herself. "and if she did blame it on me, I can just tell her I have no idea what she is talking about cuz I'm out here goofing off with you guys. So ha!" Jessie was in a good mood.

    Tessa struggled and then Oliver put her down, she swayed a bit, "I think I did get crushed." she said, her flamed colored fur was all ruffled up and Tessa did her best trying to smooth it down to an acceptable look. Ajusting her swords and straps she hopefully looked presentable, as a captian should be. "Stronger every week." she said drawing herself up, "no doubt to that, tho I think I can beat you with speed an agility. " she winked cheerfully at Oliver.

    "Right boys, down to bussinus, we need to look over battle plans for defense positions in Redwall, I have the maps from Jessie of surrounding Mossflower and Redwall, gotta get to work to protect Redwall." Tessa said. Jessie got up, "Yes, but can I finish my scones first?" she asked her voice dropping to a voice of saddness, which of course was fake, Tessa went over and snached some scones away from Jessie and tossed them to Oliver and Bradley, "Lets get going, we can eat them on the way." she looked around, "Before the friar comes along." She headed over the that gate house, still freating over on how she looked, stupid fur wouldn't go down..still looked like a fluff ball.

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    "Hehehe! Yore a little riot Jessie, enjoy th' scones!" He said with a smile. Oliver looked over to Tessa and chuckled. "Yes you definitely 'ave th' speed and agility advantage, I'm too big of a squirrel to move around as fast I used to, but you 'ave to remember, I am a boxer an' wrassler still. My reflexes an' athleticism are some of my strongest points. All that bobbin' an' weavin' an' dodgin' trainin' I do at my little trainin' area definitely 'elps me with keeping acrobatic and 'ighly reflexive. I suggest every beast that fights to come to my trainin' area, so they stay in tip top fighting shape!" He smiled back to Tessa. "I believe in reactionary extreme close combat, I base all my trainin' on reaction and timing. The quicker yore reaction to somethin' for a counter attack, th' better!"

    Brad nodded at what Tessa said about the battle plans. He and Oliver caught the snack and munched happily as they followed the Captain to the Gate House. Bradley walked next to her while Oliver kept Jessie company behind the other two. "Don't worry about how you look, you look fine. I'm the champion and look at me, I'm not the cleanest right now. Freshen up later, we have some work to do." Brad said kindly to her with a carefree smile.

  • Tessa rolled her eyes, "Of course. Just don't go crying off when I beat you." she said smiling, then turning around and walked next to Bradley to the gatehouse. Tessa looked at Bradley and cocked her head, "Why thank you, not everytime someone tells me I look ok after being smooshed like a sandwhich."  grinning.

    Jessie nodded, "Course I love scones, how do you think I live everyday? Crazy boys." she muttered, protecting the rest of the scones as she fell into place with Oliver, Jessie was injoying herself, it was a good day by far.

    Tessa opened the door to the gatehouse and guestured all of them in. Heading over to a shelf, she pulled down a few oil-skinned bags and brought them over to the table, "Right, so these are the maps that we have gathered over the years," she slid one out and spread it out of the table, "Ah ha! I grabbed the right one. TaDA!" In front of them was a large map. It its one thing Jessie did well was detail to maps, and the map infront was detailed to the extreme. All the years exploring, Tessa and Jessie had found many places and sections that most creatures wouldn't of found or even know about. If this map falls into the wrong hands, it could spell trouble.

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    Oliver laughed and nodded. "Fine, fine." He said happily amongst his friends. Oliver looked back over to Jessie smiling. "Ha! I guess yore right on that one. Eat til yore 'earts content, Jessie." He said in a jokingly, but friendly tone. Oliver enjoyed the company of the other squirrels. He never had a chance to bond with other squirrels, besides his parents, throughout his life. This was a different change of pace for him.

    Bradly chuckled at Tessa's comment and smiled. "Not a problem, Captain. Just being the gentlebeast everyone sees me as. Nothing better than being a good influence on others, I always say."

    They followed her into the gatehouse with Brad standing next to Tessa when she set everything on the table. Oliver was behind him, but with him being a good head and a half taller than the others, he had no problems seeing from his position. "Interesting.. Me and Ollie been to a few of these places drawn out before."

  • ooc: I say we can tie this in to the main story arch? What ya think?

    Jessie frowned at the map, "Why on earth did I color that blue? should be green." she muttered to herself. Tessa elbowed Jessie hard in the ribs, "zip it, it looks wonderful." she said to her sister.

    Tessa walked around to the other side of the three, placing her hand on the table and looked at them, "Right guys, I do have a sense that trouble will be coming on the horizon soon, it has been quite for to long." she said looking at three of them in turn. "I'm sure you guys all will agree with me. So I believe we have to upramp defenses incase a attack happens."

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    OOC: Yeah I think we're good to go from this point on! Is there a thread yet for the main story line?

    Brad nodded in agreement at her statement. "It is true, Martin spoke of it in my dreams a little while ago. It was through riddle, but I solved it as Oliver and I were traveling with Jared."

    Oliver looked up with a more serious expression and mood to him. He nodded with approval at Bradley's words before scanning the map with his own eyes. "Hmm.. We must prepare, I do agree, Captain. Come with some of th' troops to my trainin' grounds later, I know Bradley will want to come a long too."

    He continued his statement. "Leave th' wall with upped defenses with wall guards, but I think we 'ave a bit of time before anythin' serious 'appens. We must train outselves fore th' real threat a'ead. We also need to come in contact with our Otter friend, Dallas. 'Is woodwork and crafting skills will be needed, plus he's a large, an' fearless warrior."

  • ooc: I don't think so…lets wait a bit and I can talk to seth about it..but I think soon our characters will be in the main story arch.

  • ooc: So if you have been reading up in "Shadow in Mossflower wood" abby is under attack as the last post…I guess our could of started looking at the plans around the evening, called it quits then maybe early morning doing rounds on the walltops and then end up tying in to the SIMW...

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    alright, that sounds good to me. I have no problems with that if SiMW is apart of the main story we have. That wouldn't bother me at all. Should we fill Seth in on the whole idea?

  • Ill message him.

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