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  • ooc: For now it is closed, Shadow Flame and me are testing out our characters (Bradley and Tessa/jessie) on how they react to each other before putting them in the main story arch.


    The sky was overcast as a squirrel made its way across the courtyard to the the steps leading up to the walltops. Her fur was usually colored, a bright brown-golden color that looks like fire in the sunlight. A faded white scar cut across her body in a striking contrast to the rest of her fur  covered mostly by her black sleevless tunic, her hair was braided with different trinkets and gleamed and shined when she moved. Of course, they never matched for they were trinkets from her fallen enemies. Two swords were strapped across her back, the weapons of choice.

    Tessa climbed up the stairs easily, her paws barely making any noise on the worn wooden steps. Coming to the top, she halted and looked down at the grounds, near the kitchens she saw her sister Jessie, apparently planning another prank on the kitchen staff. She smiled, that was Jessie for you, maybe later she will join her sister and go prank around Redwall, just like the old days.

    "Captian." a voice said behind her, Tessa turned and faced a tall muscular mouse walking towards her.

  • OOC-  😮 We have a story arc?!

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    OOC-  😮 We have a story arc?!

    Yes I have finished it up….still gotta finish a few details but it is done... 🙂

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    Bradley wandered about after changing out of his heavy armor back into his plaid and red tunic that hugged somewhat tightly to his body. The warrior, average of height and stocky of body, had his sleeves rolled up to his forearms. He noticed the female squirrel from a distance as he walked up the wall top steps. "Captain." The stocky mouse said before putting a friendly smile on his face. He had the giant broad sword of his brother still strapped to his back and had a smaller, compact, and beautiful sword strapped to the belt by his waist. He blew away some of the head-fur that hung by his eyes before addressing his friend any further.

    "Wow, still feels weird calling you that. To think only five and a half years ago when I first made it to the Abbey, you and your sister were pushing me into the pond and commenting on how bad I 'smelled.'" He said with a chuckle.

  • Tessa turned around, laughing, " Isn't it? Captain Tessanilian Streamlily, second in command to Abby Champion and Legendary prankster." she said smiling give a flourished bow.  "And sometimes it still feels like yesterday when me and my sister pushed you in the pond and gave you a hard time, not 5 years."  She looked back at the kitchens, Jessie had disappeared, propberly reaking havoc in the kitchens again. She better bring me a scone! Tessa thought.

    Turning back to Bradley, she gave a mouse a hug and stepped back "Long time no see Bradly..How ya been?" she asked as they made their way along the wall top.

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    He smiled brightly and hugged her back. "I agree, it does feel like yesterday. Time sure do change quickly. We were only teens then, now look at us, all grown up and ready for everything." He said happily. "And please, no formal titles, we know our ranks, thats good enough!" He chuckled.

    "I've been good though, traveling a bit with Oliver, fighting baddies along side him, exploring Mossflower. Just being the same old adventurous mouse I always was. How about you, how has thing been going?"

  • Tessa smiled, "that's good to hear." She said, "life's been good. Been busy the past few years with Jessie." She looked out over Mossflower. "Once we left Redwall, We went back to our hometown, where we were born. I needed to find closure about the past. Bring justice who took everything away from Jessie and me."

    Even tho Tessa was young she never forgot a face, especially the fat rat who killed her father and tried to kill her.

    Her voice hardened, "it took awhile, but we succeeded," her paw fiddled with her hair tokens, all of the trinkets from her fallen enemies she has taken.  She held up a shell, "this one was from the rat who took my fathers life."

    Her mind wandered back to that stormy night.

    _'Rat! Get back here!!' Tessa screeched. Rain pelted her slick fur as she scampered up the muddy slope. Her eyes never leaving her target up ahead. He was he one that killed her father and friends, he had to pay.
    She reached the top and slipped to a halt, look at her enemy she met his graze. That rat was ugly, years on the sea and raiding hasn't been kind to him, his belly sagged over this belt, his clothes where torn and patched. But the look in the eyes, the same one Tessa remembered from a child was the same.

    He charged at her, and Tessa drew out her blades, blocking his strokes, muscles burning, Tessa struggled to disarm him, but the mud and the rain was making it hard, and She slipped! Tessa fell down with a squelch, looking up in time, she rolled away, but felt his rapid cut down her side. She whimpered slightly as she drew up. A sharp kick sent her sprawling in the mud, "well, on my beard, lil squirrelly fight me." A deep laughter came out of his twisted mouth, Tessa crawled backwards away from his advances, searching for her sword. "Now why would squirrelly fight, Tukard t' mighty?" Tessa closed her eyes and then opened them, " you don't remember?" She hissed, and stared him in the eyes, tukards eyes narrowed, "you, now Tukard remembers he stroke his beard, "That look, the exact look ya father gave before I took his life." He bent down and put his sword to her neck," Tessa whimpered and looked away, "you were dat squirrelly babe that escaped."

    He hauled her up and put his face next to hers, "You know how ya dad begged for his life? Please, please don't. Spare me." He said grinning, "he didnt do a good job. now beg squirrelly!" He hissed. Tessa closed her eyes, then opened them, "the only creature that will beg tonight is you!" She said, all the rage and pain she felt, she opened her eyes and her left paw came up, and in it her sword.

    . Tukard screamed in pain has her sword sliced threw his hand, Tessa fell back down to ground, "Tukard kill you!!" He screamed, looking at his hand, Tessa stood up and put her sword to his throat, "don't think so." She snarled. Tukard eyes went big, "please, squirrelly, no harm Tukard, he only wanted fun."

    Tessa narrowed her eyes, "Beg, beg like my father did." Tukards eyes went wide, "please? Please squirrelly."
    "To bad Tukard." She said, "you didn't give my father a chance."
    Tukard slumped forward, dead. Tears glistened in Tessa's eyes as she bet down and yanked off a shell, before walking back down to jessie_

    "I found out a lot about myself those years, so did Jessie. We had answers an they got answered." She looked at Bradley and smiled, "Jess and me got a ton of info about Mossflower and surrounding areas which I think would be very helpful in working on Redwalls defense. You should take a look at them. Btw where did Oliver go to? Jessie said she had a surprise for him.."

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    Brad had a frown as he listened to Tessa's story about her travels. He knew how she felt, losing someone so close, losing a family member because of the evil rampant in the country. "I'm glad you were able to get closure, it sounds like such a sad thing to happen, but sometimes it does happen. I know exactly how you feel. I lived with the similar pain you lived with. I had my closure before I came to the Abbey. Fighting along side my older brother only to watch him get tortured and die in the same battle, then to watch Oliver, mine, and Dallas' best friend die the same battle as well. It hurts, but time does heal all wounds. We all defeated the fox that took our families lives." He unsheathed the large broadsword strapped to his back and showed it to his second in command. "This was my brothers sword. It's so large, I use it mostly as a defense weapon. As beautiful as it is, it just doesn't compare to Martin's sword. If anything were to happen to me, I want you to have both these swords!" He said with a smile.

    His ears perked up at Tessa's next statement, he loved finding out new things about Mossflower. "Of course! We should get to looking at those right away! As for that overgrown squirrel friend of mine, he's laying out in the orchard below." Bradley said before pointing at the muscular squirrel who was basking in the sun with a big smile. "She'll have no problems finding him. I gotta tell you though, he saved my butt more than once on our adventure we had. One of the best boxer, wrestling combo fighters I had the pleasure of traveling with. He's a valuable asset to Redwall and if we ever need fighting advice, he's the one we should talk to.

  • Tessa's eyes widened, "It does hurt, but yes..I agree, in time all wounds heal." she ran her paw over the big broad sword, "It would be an honor to take both swords when the time comes." she said, "But i would really have to build up some muscle to carry both swords." tessa said laughing.

    Tessa poked her head over the rail and looked down, and true to Brad's words, Oliver was stretched down under the tree. She looked around, thinking, looking back down she tapped her paws absentmindedly on the rail, "Yes he should be part of looking over the maps, he could be a big asset to the defense."

    She smiled and looked at Brad, a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Lets wake him up shall we?" she said and without second though she jumped over the railing and onto the orchard tree below, silently she climbed down, halting for a bit, she looked to the kitchens, and saw Jessie coming out carrying a bag of scones, she gave a soft bird call.

    Jessie looked up at the sound, and found her sister in the tree, she waved and held up the bag of scones. She cocked her head at Tessa's actions and then looked on the ground and saw Oliver napping, realization dawned on her, scampering over. Climbing up the closest tree she jumped from tree to tree until she came to Tessa, "Hey sis." she whispered, "Whats the plan…" her dark fur contrasted against her sisters fire colored fur as they collaborated on what to do.

    Tessa nodded and then landed quietly on the ground, Jessie threw down the scones to her and Tessa caught it. Silently she pulled out a few scones and crumbled them on the napping squirrel, placing the bag of scones next to his arm and with some effort put that hand over the bag. Jessie in the meantime had dissapeared but soon returned with a robe and apron. Dawing on the clothes, she giggled silently at Tessa. Tessa retreated quickly back up the tree, and nodded.

    Jessie cleared her throat, and adopted the shrill high tone of the head cook, "AH! THAT'D WHERE ME SCONES WHEN TO! YOU FAT NAPPER!"

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    "I think you'd do just fine with these!" He said with a laughter of his own. He was confused at first then realized what she was doing when she said to "Wake him up." Bradley shook his head with a smile before looking over the side and watching the joke unfold. "These two are something else, I swear." The warrior mouse though to himself.

    Brad kept watching, impressed that their pranking skills looked to have improved even further, compared to when they were young teens. He never would have thought it was possible for them to get better at something they were already the best at.

    The big squirrel smiled and mumbled quietly to himself as the whole action was going underway. He was sleeping so peacefully with the sun keeping his dark brown fur warm. The summer time warmth made it so he previously changed into his summer tunic with the ripped sleeves. From his claws to forearms, there was a tight bandaged wrapping, and from his upper biceps to his full shoulders, the same wrappings were applied. He still had his footpaws wrapped up to his shins with that same style of bandage. Only thing unbandaged was the bicep and tricep part of his arm.

    Oliver's nose twitched as some of the crumbs fell onto his body and face, before he knew it, his dark green eyes shot open in horror. He sat up quickly, like lightning, before yelling out to the shrill tone of voice. "Ahhhh!!! I wasn't nappin', 'onest! I was just restin' my eyes, I didn't steal anythin', I swear! Please don't give me more kitchen duties for this!!! …Wait..."

  • Tessa and Jessie both agreed that over the years of travels, the have perfected the act of stealth, making pranks twice as good as before, no problem saying tht they couldn't have a bit of fun.

    Jessie was on the ground laughing, "hahaha ya face." She gasped out, "priceless! I wasn't nappin' no more kitchen duties!" She imitated before collapsing into laughter again.

    Tessa almost fell out of the tree, she too was laughing so hard. Managing to pull herslef together she jumped down on the ground behind Oliver, "that's where my scones went you theif." She said picking up the bag, and giving Oliver a light smack on the head, "caught napping and stuffing his face with scones." She gave a cheery wink and grinned.

    Jessie meanwhile was still trying to contain her laughter, "ah I'm done.." She gasped then looked at Oliver and burst into laughter. "Nope. Hahaha give me a mo-moment."

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    Oliver's cheeks flushed before standing up, watching as he became a laughing spectacle for the two. He grinned and walked over to them. "Gotcha!" Oliver snagged one, then grabbed the other, putting them into headlocks with each of his arms. "You two jokesters are always up t' no good! Heeheehee. You're not th' only ones who improved at somethin'." He said with a soft chuckle. He squeezed a little, to give some pressure, but nothing crazy to prevent causing harm.

    "Geronimo!" Brad slid down one of the vines on the wall and leaped off onto Oliver, knocking the larger squirrel warrior over, and landing on all three in one big dog pile. "Don't ever leave your back turned, friends. An Abbey champion can be a sneaky playful one too, you know!" He said laughing as if he were a dibbun all over again. Brad hadn't been able to have this much fun in a long time, it felt good for him to give in to the joy.

  • "Hey!" Jessie sqeaked as she felt herself going into a headlock, Tessa unsuccessfully tried to escape and found herself in a headlock also. Tessa excahled, "Dang, forgot you are strong then before." she said. She tried to wiggle out but found she couldn't anymore! Jessie was still laughing as she said, "Of course, or life would be super boring without us, and someone needs to keep ya on your toes."

    "GEONIMO!" Tessa heard Brad cry as She, Oliver and Jessie were knocked over, she had a split second looking up before she found herself squished on the ground.  Tessa shook her head, "I should've of known that, " in reply to Brad's statement. This was just like old days, carefree and happy with no responsibilities. Four old friends having a good old time under the sun. Tessa forgot how good it was to just relax and have a good time, now she realized how much she had missed it the past few years. She smiled and closed her eyes, committing it to memory. "Squished.." she said, "Squirrel Sand-which.." she said opening her eyes, as she struggled to get out, "Tessa getting squished."

    That was it for Jessie, she fell into a fit of giggling again, "Squirrel Sand-which. hehehe thats awesome." Jessie herself was having a grand old time also, she was usually more laid back then her sister and more playful. It took her awhile to get serious and when she was, she didn't take it seriously most times. Jessie managed to squirm/roll out of the pile, she was hungry! Looking around, she found the scones, picking up the bag she looked inside and took out a half crushed scone and munched on it. "All mine!" she cried.

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    "Thats right I'm th' big squirrel 'round 'ere! Got you two good.. AH!" Oliver laughed as he felt himself plop on top of the two squirrels and being squished by his smaller mouse friend.

    "Alright fat bottom, you win this time!" He said to Bradley as he exploded upwards, letting the mouse warrior roll backwards and getting off of Tessa before he crushed her with his bulky muscle. He noticed Jessie roll away beforehand, getting to the scones for food. "Yea? You better enjoy those scones, th' Friar wont be too 'appy 'bout it!" He said while lifting Tessa off of the ground.

    "Oliver you're getting too big for your own good, squirrels aren't supposed to look like Otters you know. You'll crush our Captain if you go falling on her like that!" He said playfully, knowing that it was his fault in the first place for causing the pileup. Oliver put her down gently and looked to Bradley. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! I train 'ard every mornin', what can I say. Can't 'elp that my body grows stronger week after week!"

  • Jessie snorted while munching on the scones, "Tish..they will be gone before she realizes it, no way she can blame it on me, besides, you're the one that has crumbs on you." she said, smiling to herself. "and if she did blame it on me, I can just tell her I have no idea what she is talking about cuz I'm out here goofing off with you guys. So ha!" Jessie was in a good mood.

    Tessa struggled and then Oliver put her down, she swayed a bit, "I think I did get crushed." she said, her flamed colored fur was all ruffled up and Tessa did her best trying to smooth it down to an acceptable look. Ajusting her swords and straps she hopefully looked presentable, as a captian should be. "Stronger every week." she said drawing herself up, "no doubt to that, tho I think I can beat you with speed an agility. " she winked cheerfully at Oliver.

    "Right boys, down to bussinus, we need to look over battle plans for defense positions in Redwall, I have the maps from Jessie of surrounding Mossflower and Redwall, gotta get to work to protect Redwall." Tessa said. Jessie got up, "Yes, but can I finish my scones first?" she asked her voice dropping to a voice of saddness, which of course was fake, Tessa went over and snached some scones away from Jessie and tossed them to Oliver and Bradley, "Lets get going, we can eat them on the way." she looked around, "Before the friar comes along." She headed over the that gate house, still freating over on how she looked, stupid fur wouldn't go down..still looked like a fluff ball.

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    "Hehehe! Yore a little riot Jessie, enjoy th' scones!" He said with a smile. Oliver looked over to Tessa and chuckled. "Yes you definitely 'ave th' speed and agility advantage, I'm too big of a squirrel to move around as fast I used to, but you 'ave to remember, I am a boxer an' wrassler still. My reflexes an' athleticism are some of my strongest points. All that bobbin' an' weavin' an' dodgin' trainin' I do at my little trainin' area definitely 'elps me with keeping acrobatic and 'ighly reflexive. I suggest every beast that fights to come to my trainin' area, so they stay in tip top fighting shape!" He smiled back to Tessa. "I believe in reactionary extreme close combat, I base all my trainin' on reaction and timing. The quicker yore reaction to somethin' for a counter attack, th' better!"

    Brad nodded at what Tessa said about the battle plans. He and Oliver caught the snack and munched happily as they followed the Captain to the Gate House. Bradley walked next to her while Oliver kept Jessie company behind the other two. "Don't worry about how you look, you look fine. I'm the champion and look at me, I'm not the cleanest right now. Freshen up later, we have some work to do." Brad said kindly to her with a carefree smile.

  • Tessa rolled her eyes, "Of course. Just don't go crying off when I beat you." she said smiling, then turning around and walked next to Bradley to the gatehouse. Tessa looked at Bradley and cocked her head, "Why thank you, not everytime someone tells me I look ok after being smooshed like a sandwhich."  grinning.

    Jessie nodded, "Course I love scones, how do you think I live everyday? Crazy boys." she muttered, protecting the rest of the scones as she fell into place with Oliver, Jessie was injoying herself, it was a good day by far.

    Tessa opened the door to the gatehouse and guestured all of them in. Heading over to a shelf, she pulled down a few oil-skinned bags and brought them over to the table, "Right, so these are the maps that we have gathered over the years," she slid one out and spread it out of the table, "Ah ha! I grabbed the right one. TaDA!" In front of them was a large map. It its one thing Jessie did well was detail to maps, and the map infront was detailed to the extreme. All the years exploring, Tessa and Jessie had found many places and sections that most creatures wouldn't of found or even know about. If this map falls into the wrong hands, it could spell trouble.

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    Oliver laughed and nodded. "Fine, fine." He said happily amongst his friends. Oliver looked back over to Jessie smiling. "Ha! I guess yore right on that one. Eat til yore 'earts content, Jessie." He said in a jokingly, but friendly tone. Oliver enjoyed the company of the other squirrels. He never had a chance to bond with other squirrels, besides his parents, throughout his life. This was a different change of pace for him.

    Bradly chuckled at Tessa's comment and smiled. "Not a problem, Captain. Just being the gentlebeast everyone sees me as. Nothing better than being a good influence on others, I always say."

    They followed her into the gatehouse with Brad standing next to Tessa when she set everything on the table. Oliver was behind him, but with him being a good head and a half taller than the others, he had no problems seeing from his position. "Interesting.. Me and Ollie been to a few of these places drawn out before."

  • ooc: I say we can tie this in to the main story arch? What ya think?

    Jessie frowned at the map, "Why on earth did I color that blue? should be green." she muttered to herself. Tessa elbowed Jessie hard in the ribs, "zip it, it looks wonderful." she said to her sister.

    Tessa walked around to the other side of the three, placing her hand on the table and looked at them, "Right guys, I do have a sense that trouble will be coming on the horizon soon, it has been quite for to long." she said looking at three of them in turn. "I'm sure you guys all will agree with me. So I believe we have to upramp defenses incase a attack happens."

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    OOC: Yeah I think we're good to go from this point on! Is there a thread yet for the main story line?

    Brad nodded in agreement at her statement. "It is true, Martin spoke of it in my dreams a little while ago. It was through riddle, but I solved it as Oliver and I were traveling with Jared."

    Oliver looked up with a more serious expression and mood to him. He nodded with approval at Bradley's words before scanning the map with his own eyes. "Hmm.. We must prepare, I do agree, Captain. Come with some of th' troops to my trainin' grounds later, I know Bradley will want to come a long too."

    He continued his statement. "Leave th' wall with upped defenses with wall guards, but I think we 'ave a bit of time before anythin' serious 'appens. We must train outselves fore th' real threat a'ead. We also need to come in contact with our Otter friend, Dallas. 'Is woodwork and crafting skills will be needed, plus he's a large, an' fearless warrior."

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