Making Waves

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    OOC: I recommend skimming or reading through the first thread to get an idea of whats happening. Here.

    CRASH!! The two colossal monstrosities collided into each other, each beast not giving up in their battle to get an edge over the other.


    The claws, the slicing, the tranquilizers. Everything wasn't in favor of the large scaly terror of Mossflower. He was out numbered in this fight. He continued his focus on the one good beast, equal in strength, and in size.

    "E..e.nough.. I will.. Crush.. you all.." The large lizard kept tossing and turning in his sleep.

    "It's over." The giant beast said to him before picking up a large object. They were both bloodied from the battle, but it ended with it not being in the Monitor Lizard's favor. "Be gone!" The equally as large monster said to him before crashing the large object, with full force, onto the Lizards head. "Noooooooo! …..."

    "NOOOOOO!!!" Kino jolted up like lightning while roaring loudly throughout the woods. He placed a claw to his large scarred face, wiping the sweat from his brow. He was panting heavily. He had these reoccurring nightmares from time to time with the final battle of him and that giant wolverine. Only this time, he lost every battle, or at least in his nightmares.

    "Drat.. Thosssse Redwallerss will pay… I swear on me oath... They causssed me them nightmaress." He said to himself, clenching his claws into a large and tight fight before continuing on. "I need t' get me revenge on that Abbey.. Firsst it was that wresssslin' squirrel, warrior moussee, an' that Otter.. Now it'sss that darn Wolverine an' hiss friendss.. If I could tear thossse wallsss down me ssself, I WOULD.." He puffed out a big breath of air as his blood began to boil at the thoughts of his troubles. "I need my only trusssted messsmate, Erglu.. He will know what t' do.."

  • The rays of the rising sun peeked through the branches of the northern reaches of Mossflower Forest and shone on a roughly built hut, heralding the arrival of morning.

    The chattering of the birds roused the big wolverine where he lay, sprawled next to the small hearth inside the aforementioned hut.  Giving a massive yawn, he sat up and stretched groggily.  Rising to his paws, he ducked through the door of the building and headed down a wooded slope towards a river that rushed noisily through the forest.

    As he arrived on the bank, he bent down to check a fish trap that he had placed between two rocks.  Removing two decently sized perch, he inspected the fish and nodded approvingly, before heading back up towards his home.    As he walked, he frowned to himself as he began to recall a dream that he had had the night before.  It was not the first time that he had had this dream, and he growled in anger as he realized that he was having the dream more and more often.  In it, he saw Redwall Abbey, its walls tumbled and its orchards burning, and the mangled bodies of young and old scattered across the abbey grounds and on the path outside its gate.  In the air, the ringing of maddened reptilian laughter.

    He had only been at the abbey a short while, before he had chosen to embark on the path of friarhood.  However, the few memories he had of the place were pleasant, and while at one point in his life he may have not been bothered by images in his dreams, they haunted him now.

    "…That lizard..."

    He had not seen the monitor since his climactic battle with the huge beast, and he did not know what had become of him.  However, he had a feeling that he was very much alive.  Arriving back at his hut, he went inside, kindled a small fire on the hearth, and began to clean the fish he had caught.  All the while, his jaw was set as he tried to rid his mind of the disturbing images that came to him only in his sleep.

    OOC:  I'll reintroduce Erglu in my next post.  You planning on having Kino find him, or should they randomly meet up, or...?  Or perhaps we should have it so that Erglu and his gang have been traveling around with Kino for the past few months or years or whatever.

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    The large mass of a creature stood up and stretched, cracking the bones on his large frame. He knew he couldn't sleep anymore, so he set out to look for his trusted and only friend. He wanted answers and details about the abbey and it's inhabitants, he needed to know as much as possible, and possibly where that Wolverine was.

    He found some berries to munch on while snatching a fish from the river that he ate raw, bones and all. His appetite needed to be supressed to keep a clear thinking mind. Kino drank heartily from the cold flowing rivers before setting off away from the path of Redwall. He knew he had to journey a bit in order to find that band of vermin led by Erglu.

  • Erglu Erdu and his band had been awake for awhile by the time Kino set out in search of them.    The ferret and his companions were roasting a few woodfowl on a small bed of coals; murmuring amongst themselves and preparing their gear for the day while the birds cooked.

    His short sword balanced across his knees, Erglu glanced around at what remained of his small band.  They had been somewhat successfully preying on travelers since the unsuccessful seige at Redwall some seasons ago, but a run-in with an ottercrew a few weeks back had cost him the lives of three of his six lackeys.  Additionally, his left arm hung useless in a sling, having been shattered by a slingstone during the same skirmish.

    Shaking his head, he spat into the smoldering fire, narrowly missing one of the roasting birds.  "Aye lads, I reckon it's time to recruit us some new fighters."

    He stood up and paced around the fire, threading his way through the three vermin.  "We're all hearty fighters, and if we grew our band we could be pillaging settlements, instead of robbing travelers.  A'ter we eat, we break camp and head north and west towards the coast."

    He grinned, displaying a jagged set of teeth.  "That's wild country.  We'll find plenty of scroungers and killers up there, mates…"

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    Kino kept on his long march, covering his face with a claw from the hot and bright sun. He Had his giant ugly blade drawn, making sure to keep up his guard, lest he find himself fighting against other vermin or goodbeasts.

    He knew he was entering snake country, where the very few wild Adders left that lived in Mossflower roamed. "Maybe Adder would make fer a good meal?" He thought to himself, swinging his blade side to side, "swish, swish," carefree. The large hulking monitor lizard could feel that he was getting close to his friend's presence. He found some day old footpaw tracks and smiled wickedly. "Excccellent."

    Kino kept marching onwards, swinging his blade downwards on a thick piece of log, splitting the thing in half. He ripped it from the earth while he continued to walk on. He never felt such peace in his life, it made him happy for once. Something that rarely occurred. He knew it would be a good day, he would find his messmate and finish the job that they started.

  • Erglu and his crew had long since broken camp and headed north when the ferret began to notice the wavering tracks that crossed bare patches of ground and indicated the presence of serpents.

    "We be enterin' dangerous territory, boyos….  Best watch ourselves lest we be endin' up as snake suppers!"  The ferret laughed; he had always been one that relished danger.

    He froze as a distant splintering "thunk" echoed through the thinning forest. It sounded like a giant axe striking timber.  He knew that whatever had made the noise was not an adder; they rarely made a sound.  The silent killers were certainly the last creatures that would consider announcing their presence to otherbeasts.

    The ferret motioned for his mates to pause.  If he could have guessed, he would have said that whoever had made the sound was a very large creature indeed.

    "Blades out, fellows...  Methinks we may be having company."

    He motioned for the vermin to spread out into the brush on either side of the rough path and to continue heading north from there.

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    Kino stopped for a second, an instinct of a presence in a close distance from his location. He smiled wickedly and trudged onwards slowly. "Looksss like theresss dinner t' be 'ad, I love live creaturesss. They tasste th' besst." Being the big ruthless beast that he was, he took no time in sneaking about. He ran ahead at full speed with that evil smirk on his face.

    All he could think was where his prey might be, he hadn't heard anything, but his instincts told him something was there. He was only a short distance from wherever the creature or creatures may be.

    What popped out at him wasn't any ordinary creature, it was a large Adder. He whipped out the giant holed up sword he carried and held it against his upper back. "Well, well, look what we 'ave 'ere. A big sssnake. Yore in fer a big ssurprisse if ya think you can eat me." The badger sized lizard pointed his blade to the Adder who was ready to strike. "You besst sstay sstill or I'ma gut yore insssidess real fasst." He eventually grasped on to the blade with both of his claws, circling around the Adder for his own attack.

  • As Erglu and his crew moved towards the sound they had heard, they began to hear somebeast speaking.  The words were muffled at first, but as they moved closer to their target the tone of voice became more distinct.  A deep reptilian voice, one that the ferret knew well.

    The mustelid spoke in an undertone to the weasel that was with him, and motioned to the two other vermin partially concealed on the other side of the path to halt for a moment.  "…I'd know that voice anywhere, cully...  'Tis  my mate Kino, I'd wager my tail on it."

    He grinned.  "Methinks it sounds like he's about to give some lucky beast a whomping....  Let's take a look."

    The ferret and his henchbeasts could move quietly and knew how to stay concealed, and after a short time they were watching the huge lizard and a dangerous looking adder circle each other aggressively.

    Nudging his companion, he gestured towards the two combatants. "Reckon I'll help him make a quick kill."

    Holding his blade at the ready, he jumped up, taking care to make a good deal of noise so as to distract the snake from the monitor lizard.

    "Oi serpent, look behind ya!"

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    Kino grinned widely at what happened next.

    He watched the large snake turn its head. Kino licked his dry lips with his snakelike slitted tongue and charged immediately. The giant lizard was large mass of death with his oncoming attack. He lifted his blade high above his head before crashing it down on the unsuspecting Adder.


    The blade sliced through the big Adders head, cleanly slicing it off. It hit the ground with a loud thud, causing it to shake slightly from the weight while kicking up a small cloud of dust. "Dinnersss on me boyss." Kino said with a cheeky grin. He strapped his blade to his back and walked to the group. "Ahoy matey, glad t' sssee you 'round 'ere. Me ol' messmate, it's been months."

  • Erglu watched as the huge lizard slew the adder.  The big beast never failed to impress him.  He's the sort of beast this band needs…

    The ferret grinned widely and stepped towards Kino, even as the body of the serpent was still lashing in its death throes.  He held his right paw up in greeting.  Glancing quickly over his shoulder, he nodded for his lackeys to join him.

    "Me good mate Kino…!  Killin' n' pillagin' haven't been the same without ye.  What brings yew to these parts?"

    Though it was much later in the day, Jake hadn't been able to shake the feeling that had come over him earlier that morning; namely that something terrible was about to happen to the goodbeasts of Mossflower.  He had decided that it would be good for him to venture into the forest so that he could attempt to discern just what mischief was afoot in Mossflower.

    Having locked away the few parchments and personal items that he owned, he tossed some dried fish, a flint and tinder, and an mug carved from the bole of an ash tree into an old knapsack and strapped it to his shoulders.  Donning a grey cloak, he wrapped a massive paw around a hefty walking stick and stepped outside, closing the door of his cabin behind him.

    The big wolverine reckoned that he'd head towards Redwall.  If his intuition was correct, the danger (possibly in the form of his one-time foe Kino) would be blazing a path of terror towards the Abbey.

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    Kino leaned back against a nearby tree and let out a big puff of air. He used a good deal of strength slicing through that thick neck of the Adder.

    He gave a deep chuckle with a wicked grin following it "Mate. Yore th' only beasst I can count on 'round 'ere. I 'ad a feelin' I'd find you after I've been 'avin' thesse weird dreams 'bout that overgrown wolverine. I wasss thinkin', we could be takin' thosse beasstss who drove us away from Redwall prissoner, an' asss alwayss you can 'ave all th' loot an' booty yore cold 'eart dessiress. I think I would like to be apart of yore band asss a permanent member too. Whaddya ssay?" He said, sticking a claw out to give a deal breaking shake.

    Kino felt that his adversary was on the move once more. Something told him that the Wolverine was planning something, but he didn't know what. It made him a bit nervous, but he tried to hide his concerns. The giant Monitor Lizard knew that if someone could kill him quickly, it was that big beast.

  • (OOC: Late afternoon, end of summer)

    Taking his helmet off while he rested against a sturdy log, the armoured half-rat gazed at the fire he had created. Placing the helmet to his side, he took a swig of fresh water from his canteen and gave a small cough.

    This half-rat was named Jygg Longblade, and he had just finished setting up camp for the day. After a solid half hour of effort, he had managed to get a fire going with the last of the good tinder, and clear a manageable campsite for him and his brother, Pike Driftwood.

    Prodding the fire with a long stick he had found in the undergrowth, he gave a content sigh and began talking to himself quietly.

    "Aye, 'twas a good idea to leave the north, that's a sure bet… much nicer and more beautiful down 'ere, anyways." Tossing the stick in the fire, he picked a piece of debris from his large fangs. "Wonder where Pike buggered off to? Bah, 'e's prolly found sommat to eat." As he finished that sentence, his stomach grumbled loudly in protest. "Been a while since I 'ad any bird... maybe he got lucky and found a drop-dead'un."

    Stringing his crossbow idly, he loaded it and kept a careful watch to the sky. Perhaps a stray robin or magpie would fly by and provide some much needed vittles for the mercenary. In any case, Jygg kept a careful eye (and ear) for any movement in the treeline or ground.

    If a woodlander came, mayhaps they could point the rats in the direction of Redwall, and maybe give some company for a while. It'd been a while since Jygg had told any stories or jokes his brother didn't already know.

  • Pike crept near silently across the leaf litter that covered the floor of the forest, the hem of his cloak dragging against the few errant twigs upon the ground. He held his bow low, with an arrow notched and ready.

    He had left his brother on the road an hour or so ago to hunt, and had been sneaking around the forest since then.

    He heard a noise in the treetops, a robin alighting upon a branch and hopping towards its nest. With a dark grin, Pike drew back his bow and fired. The bird gave a small squeak as the arrow struck it in the breast, pinning it to a branch behind the bird.

    Pike swore and sighed as he slung his bow over his shoulder. He walked over to the tree and scrambled up to the branch with the pinned robin. As he sidled across it towards his prize, he noticed eggs in the nest. Four of them.

    "Jackpot" he hissed, grinning widely as he retrieved his kill.

    He dropped down onto the nest branch, retrieving the eggs and carefully placing them in his satchel before dropping to the ground. The rat set off towards the road again, heading for the small cloud of smoke rising from the trees.

  • Jygg's ear flicked as he heard the sound of footpaws on undergrowth. Somebeast was a'coming, that he was certain of. Resting a paw on his crossbow's trigger, he turned in the direction the noise was coming from.

    "Oi, who's muckin' about out there, izzat you, Pike?" Jygg said loudly. Giving a snort, he put the crossbow in a ready position. "Say who you are, whoever you are."

  • "Its me ya daft bugger!" Pike shouted, moving into the clearing in which Jygg had set up camp.

    He moved over to the fireside and dropped the robin unceremoniously upon the ground, then produced the eggs from his pack.

    "Found a nest, we eat well tonight!"

  • Jygg gave a guffaw and dropped his crossbow to his side. "Pike, you marv'lous bastard, we eat well 'cos of yer woodsbeastship. Want me to keep watch, or do ye want? Yer choice."

    Smiling, Jygg's armour gave a clink as he stood up to kneel by his brother. "I'll even lend ye a paw fer th' cleanin', if'n that's what ye be wantin'."

  • Pike chuckled.

    "You always make a bloody mess, I'll do it this time" he said as he began to pluck the robin.

    "Give us somethin' to cook the eggs in or on, and a stick for the birdie"

  • Jygg laughed sheepishly and stood up again. "Well, I'll get to 'er then- hold up, something ain't right."

    His ears flicking, Jygg stood up on his footpaws and gave the air a sniff. Baring his fangs, the half-rat quickly scampered to where his helmet and weapons were located by the log. "I smell adder blood. Somebeast strong enough t' kill a slither-worm be nearby…" Placing his helmet on his head, he sheathed his claymore on his back and reloaded his crossbow.

    "And I smell fellow vermin."

  • Pike swore colourfully and dropped the robin, drawing his bow and notching an arrow.  He slipped silently into the treeline again and scrambled up to a low branch. If his half-brother could smell the beastfolk, they must be close. Pike could barely smell anything other than the blood on his clothes. He made a mental note to clean that after what would hopefully not be a fight.

    He scanned the forest around him, listening intently for the sound of paws on the leaf litter .

  • Jygg tapped a finger on the stock of his crossbow nervously, then straightened up as he got an idea. Chuckling, he removed his armour and helm. After several moments of fiddling, he had set up a fake "Jygg" reclining behind the log. Anyone approaching from the direction of the adder's blood would see what appeared to be an armoured beast sleeping.

    Really it was just sturdy sticks holding his armour in position.

    Scampering to a nearby tree on the opposite side of the clearing, Jygg hoisted himself up the trunk (albeit less gracefully than his brother) and positioned himself in a hidden branch. Aiming his crossbow in the direction of the smelled vermin, he exhaled softly and steeled himself.

    "Mebbe they're jus' passin' through…"

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