• Moolight streamed through the tall stainglass windows of the large Redwall library. It was erie and strange being in the library after dark. As one passed between the isles it was as if the books jumped out at them with the hidden words between thier pages, wanting to be read. Thousands of books lined the shelves with collected knoledge from far back in time to the present and prophesies of the future.
        Furlo loved the feeling that a library night gave him and he would frequently read during the reign of the moon in the darkened skies. His love for books was widely recognized and he had eventualy become librarian through the seasons of begging the Elders to be with his cherished friends.
        The old mouse was stolling through the dark isles one night, thinking about each book as he passed it. He had read a lot of them and even most of them, but he also knew that no beast could read all of them in one lifetime and so did not attck himself too strongly to the idea, knowing that he would disappoint himself if he did. His dusty paws brushed the spines of his favorite books lovingly. He couldn't bear to see even one destoyed, as attached to them as he was.
        Suddenly a loud crash brought him to harsh reality. With a jolt of surprise he leapt behind a table. No further noise insued. The old librarian calmed slowly, wondering what had happened. He began to breath more normaly and poked his head out from behind the desk. Fragments of glass littered the floor and bits of wiry metal frame lay twisted and bent.
        Furlo stiffened sharply. Someone had broken one of the the tall stained windows that faced over the Abbey lawns.
        "Hello? Is anyone there?" There was no response and so with a bit of frustration he bent down and began picking up the pieces of window.
        Muttering under his breath the old animal began to pick up bitsand place the on the table, then he would bend down to clean up some more. He had been telling the dibbun to stop throwing rocks at the windows, but they never listened. He started to think to himself, wondering how to hanlde it when he found out what beast had done it. He wondered, also, how he would discover which dibbun it was, not being able to imagine an older, more mature beast smashing the window.
        Then something moved behind him.
        Furlo stood up. "Hello?" He called again. "Is anyone there? Come out this instant." He thought at first that it was just a babe hiding from him. He looked around, waiting for some clue as to what could have done it.
        But the thing behind him was gone.
        Suspition creeping into his mind, the ancient librarian  bent down agian to pick up more of the mess caused by the breaking of the great window.
        Then something moved behind him again.
        A cold metal cased paw closed over his mouth and snout, gently closing off his source of oxygen. Furlo felt fear take over and he panicked, tring to imagaine what might have grabbed him. The old one stugged for a minute or two trying to wrestle away from his attacker, but eventually the strength of his enemy prevailed and Furlo fainted from the lack of air.
        The attacker gently laid him down in the broken widowsill, careful not to injure the beast. Furlo, now unconsious, felt air rush back into his oxogen deprived lungs and his breathing went on normaly. The librarian lived on, unharmed by the intruder to his palace of books.

    Hisk left the mousequietly padded to a corner and sat in hiding, waiting for a signal from Rolvog.

    After he had been knocked from the battelments he reached out, grabbed the frame on the top of the widow, and kicked inward. The window had shattered with little effort on his part and he creapt into the abbey, leaving the fight to continue above him. He knew that they weren't getting Trok that night.
        But at least he was in the Abbey.

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    -bic- Hisk spent the next day in the library, working on something. He had to keep the old hedgehog in the corner drugged so that he wouldn't wake up, but Hisk didn't want to kill him so he was forced to use the drug for a long as it took to complete his mission and get out. He kept working with the materials he had, bending the wire from the window edges and cutting the ropes from the tapestries on the walls.
        He knew that whoever was going to come inside when they found out where he was, they would obviously be armed and numerous. He had to make sure that he had all the advantages he could possibly arrange before that time arrived.

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    Hisk turned around as the sounds of running beasts reached his ears. In that moment, all of his memories of past years filled his mind and he remembered all that this operation represented to him. He had waited for this time forever, and yet he dreaded the thought of what needed to be done.
        The rat drew his claymore, watching as the dim light glinted off the razor-sharp blade. It was a tool of war, made for killing. It was made to kill any beast, good or evil, for purposes both right and wrong without the conscious abilitly to control what it did. A sword is borne by it's master and does as it's master commands. The master of the blade is responsible for all that tranpires while he is in possecion of his weapon.
        Hisk knew this and remebered the things he had done with the sword. He was responsible for many deaths. He wondered why he was so willing to so many innocent beasts just for vengance.
        He sighed, feeling that perhaps he had been wrong, but it didn't matter anymore. Hisk was about to reap the rewards for his service the Valmorg, the son of the family of Ruel.

  • Ensis advanced but stopped.  He had no idea where he was going.  He stepped to the side and motioned the Trok. "Go ahead.  I have no idea where to go.  I'll be right behind you."  He wispered.

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    Pan gripped his dagger a bit tighter as they continued to move. It occurred to the mouse that if they were going to be in a fight, it would be best if he could move around a bit more freely. Dropping his pack to the floor with a quiet thump, and feeling rather exposed, he set it against a wall before placing both paws on the hilt of his blade. A quick hop-step brought him back to his spot behind Ensis.

  • Kiara smiled as she watched Pan drop his pack on the floor in the hall way as she kept behind everyone, watching their backs. She doubted that there would be a surprise attack from behind them but one got in…another could get in...or they came in together and just split up. Better safe than sorry.

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    -bic- Trok nodded and stepped forwar to tek the lead. He moved quietly down the hall to the library door and motioned for the rest of them to follow. Taking hold of his sword, Trok got ready to fight Hisk if needed, but hoped that this conflict could be handled without bloodshed.
        Rosen, Jake and Quarrel were all a little nervous as well. Quarrel rubbed his paws together anxiously and Rosen put her arm around his shoulers to help him stay calm.
        Jake moved ahead to Trok and help a hurried conversation with him.

  • Ensis was nervouse.  The group was too crunched up  he moved up to Trok.

    "I think we should spread out a bit mate."  He wispered as he pointed over his shoulder to the tight nit group.

  • Hearing what Ensis had said to Trok, Kiara responded with an idea. "Maybe some go in to confront whoever it is that is in there, some will stay out here in-case they get by the ones that go in, and some outside under the broken window in-case he makes makes a retreat through the way he came.

  • Trok nodded. "Good idea. Rosen, Jake, I want you two to go outside and stand under the window with a set of bow and arrows each. I'll go in with anyone esle who's willing."
        Quarel stepped forward. "I'll go with you."
        Jake put an arm around his shoulders. "You're a brave lad, but Trok needs someone a little more experienced. You come outside with Rose and me."

  • Ensis and Oregano stepped forward.  "We will come with you."  Ensis said straitening a bit. "It would be a great dishonor to my queen if her representative did not hold his own."

    There was grunt from Oregano.  "Lived here a long time, eaten' a lot of it's fine food.  Time I repaid them."  He said with a smirk.  Altior made as if to step forward but Oregano held up his hand. "Hold hard mate, you've got a different job to do.  Hold the door in case the beast in there gets past the rest of us."

    Altior made as if to speak but bit his tongue and stepped back into his place.

  • Jessie step forward, her black ears twitching nervously, hoping she doesn't make a fool of herself  " Can I point out one thing,  if we continue talking we will be here all day and get nothing done and that Hisk thing will of taken over the Abby and we will be eaten. So can we get moving somehow? " She looked around, hoping to get some support from the others. Her heart gave a leap as Skipper stepped forward  and spoke, "I volunteer to go in with you all. It would be an honor and I would like not to miss the action!" he rubbed his hands together and stood a little straighter. "And I stand firm on it, I wish to see Redwall rid of this beast called Hisk."

    Tessa looked at Jake,  Quarel, and Rose, "Can I come with you? I'm a good fighter when it comes with staffs." She undid her bow and it was now a staff with a retractable blade at the end, looking around she proclaimed. "And if he retreats threw the window arrows won't stop him, but I can because I can climb these walls."

  • Kiara nodded. "I'll stay behind and watch the door with Altior in-case something happens. I can have your backs and Altior can still watch the door."

  • Pan listened to the flurry of conversation as the group decided who was going where. "I think I'd better guard the door as well," the mouse stated. "I daresay I'd probably only be a liability in there, and with you lot going outside, it seems we might be a little understaffed right here."

  • Ensis looked through the doorway, causiously.  "I think we should get moving,"  He started out, "I'd take point but I've never been in your abbey before let alone your library.  Who's up to the task."  He asked looking around, his eyes resting on Trok.

  • Skipper raised his hand and again said, "I will come with you in side I am sure we can find a good plan of attack in the library."
    Skipper finished his statement and scratch at his healing wounds, then stopped as he remember Kiara's warning. Rose stepped next to her brother. "If he is going in I'm going with him." She slapped him on purpose on one of his wounds. Skipper grimiest in pain but remained silent.
    Jessie stood next to Jake, Rosen, and Quarrel and asked, " Are you all ready? I want to get this started." Along with this she remember Tessa, usually they would do this stuff together and but she was not here. How they will have a contest of who could defete the most vermin, or fight each other untill one wins over the other. Jessie gave a sigh of sadness and straitened up. 'Oh well.' she thought, 'this would be for Tessa'

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