Oreinis Whitethroat

  • This is a probably-still-under-construction character profile.

    Nickname: Rei/Neis/Oreinis
    Full Name: Oreinis Whitethroat
    Epithets: Traveler, Wanderer, Hunter of Tales
    Species: Squirrel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Alignment: Neutral
    Occupation: Wanderer and sometime Storyteller and Craftsbeast

    Physical Appearance:  Oreinis is of middling height, but boasts a lean, fit body honed by constant travel. That body is puckered by a multitude of old, mostly minor scars gathered from encounters and accidents over the years. His fur is a dark, brindled gray offset by the splash of pure white on his throat and upper chest, and pale mottling on his limbs. Oreinis' eyes are black, except for a single, small sliver of green in the left iris.

    He always wears a simple, mud-colored tunic, which may be accompanied by a dark blue cloak depending on need or the season.

    Personality: A loner by nature, Rei is nevertheless willing to allow others to join him on various stretches of his journeying so long as they pull their own weight (though he will not approach individuals on his own, rather relying on others to invite him to their hearths or fires). Otherwise, there is very little patience for those who brag but do not deliver. Blunt and straightforward, Rei is a bit lacking in tact. Still, he is a good-natured individual on the whole and mostly never means to offend.

    Possessions: Oreinis is never without his carved, oaken staff, an all-purpose utility, and a sling. Otherwise, his pack generally contains a whittling knife, flints, lightweight rope, and a neatly folded oilskin cloak, though other miscellany might join them whenever he decides they are needed. Also in his pack are various carvings of beings met or landmarks seen, to be shared (and a story told along with the sharing) during his time with other folk.

    Skilled in woodcraft
    An eidetic memory
    Proficiency with the staff and sling

    Does not really understand social niceties. It is difficult for him to comprehend the subtleties of various social interactions, and to respond to them.
    His specialization in the staff as weapon of choice also means that whenever he tries to use other weapons, he uses them in the manner that he would use his staff or sling, which is not how those other weapons would be or are supposed to be used. (Oreinis simply doesn't get enough exposure to other types of weapons to be able to learn them, nor does he really have the patience to take the time to do so, since he already has weapons that work fine.)
    Never really got over his mentor's death and suffers from irregular periods of a sort of separation psychosis in times of extreme stress (this is mostly mediated by time away from other beings, in the comfort of solitude). His mentor had previously acted as a  buffer between him and outside pressures.

    Background: In his youth, Oreinis loved to listen to the itinerant storyteller who would pass by the settlement. He dreamed of adventure and of seeing the world and gathering his own stories. When he came of age, Oreinis apprenticed himself to the storyteller, traveling with her as she taught him her trade, becoming greatly attached to that individual. At her unfortunate death during a raid of one of the villages she had been visiting, Oreinis mourned her for a very long time, taking her staff and scattering her ashes in all the places she had tread. He vowed to travel even further than she had, to gather more stories, and to never set down roots.

  • Nicely done! I like how the profile is simple, and yet compelling. The character is driven, and yet realistic and understandable.
        I look forward to roleplaying with you!

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