A Fateful Encounter (Queen Kiara and Card Soarcat, ask to join)

  • Padded paws walked silently along the soft ground of the Mossflower Forest. A cat about the size of a full-grown male badger was walking through the dense forest. Its eyes in slits as it moved through the undergrowth. It appeared to be mumbling to itself, and had a female voice.
    "I will never trust anybeast again. Those ruffian RATS! Taking away my home and my friends… No beast can hurt me again if I don't have friends, right?"
    Immediately at this revelation, the cat stopped talking to herself, and instead looked forward with a new look in her eyes. It was a look of pain. As if she was remembering some dark memory; a memory long forgotten... Or long restrained. Shaking her head to rid it of the memory, the cat realized her legs were shuddering, and instantly willed them to stop. She was stronger than this. That was just a memory; it couldn't hurt her.

  • Kiara had set up a picnic for herself. It was quite nice out and pretty quiet, for Mossflower. She had decided to reward herself after cleaning up her small home. Some relaxation in the woods is just what she needed, along with some goodies to munch on as she enjoyed the fresh air.

    Leaning on a tree trunk, relaxing on her blanket. She opened her eyes, hearing a female voice nearby. Though she could not hear want was said, she assumed there would be a least two beasts for the voice to be talking.
    "Hello out there!" She called in the direction of the voice. The mouse-maid couldn't really see very far, the foliage was nice, thick, and green.

  • The cat jolted at the sudden shout, but quickly recovered and looked in the direction that the voice came from. Upon looking there, using her acute sight and smell, the cat could see as well as smell a she-mouse standing a few tail-lengths away from her very location. Deciding that the mouse did not smell like an enemy, the cat showed herself and gave a wave.
    "Um, hi! My name is Kariyah Silentpaw, and I was just walking through the forest in search of a home."

  • "Ahh, well no place like Mossfower if you can stand the occasional hooligan stomping around. I, myself made the move to Mossfower a while ago." Kiara answered the cat as Kariyah came into view.
    The mouse-maid tilted her head, "I made myself a picnic, you can join me if you wish. Then maybe later I can show you around some. Show you some good homes around here." She said looking up at the cat from her seated spot against the tree.

  • "Thank you, I'd like that very much."
    Kariyah bowed, and padded over to sit down by Kiara.
    Kariyah, what are you doing? She could be an enemy!
    A voice in Kariyah's mind seemed to be speaking to her, but she ignored it. If Kiara really were an enemy, Kariyah would have been attacked by now.
    "So, what's your name? And how is it, here in Mossflower? I've heard from many squirrels that it's a very a nice place."
    She tried some small-talk, as back at home Kariyah usually started conversations. Everybeast would jump at the chance to speak with her. It was actually quite exhilarating.

  • "My name is Kiara. It's nice to meet you." She answered with a smile as Kariyah came closer to the picnic to have a seat. Kiara then nodded. "Yes, Mossflower is a very nice place to visit or live. Though there are times when it can get a little hectic if some-beast decides they're invincible and want's to take over the abbey. When are they ever going to learn?" She finished with a small laugh.
    "I brought more than enough food. Help yourself and dig in." The mouse-maid said with a friendly smile as she picked up a piece of fruit herself and began to eat it. "So where are you coming from?" She asked with a tilted head, taking another bite.

  • Kariyah took an apple and began to munch on it before replying,
    "Oh, I'm just from an old town that's a bit far away… It's close to Noonvale, if you've heard of it."
    She took some more bites out of the apple and tried to look friendly and happy, but the question really stirred up some unpleasant memories. She could almost smell the burning buildings of her home town back then.
    She shuddered, but it didn't show much since there was a breeze blowing Kariyah's fur, causing it to ruffle.

  • Kiara nodded at Kariyah. "I've heard of Noonvale. Seems like a nice little place." She said watching the cat for a moment. "So I take it you are just getting here. How do you like Mossflower so far?" She asked, digging into her basket to pick out some berries and began to pop them into her mouth, offering a handful to the cat.

    Kariyah seemed friendly enough. She was conversing well enough with her and she didn't seem to be a hostile or angry beast. Which was good, the last thing needed in Mossflower was another beast with a high ego that think they can do anything and everything.

  • Kariyah took the berries with a murmur of 'Thank you.' before pausing to think of a response to Kiara's question.
    "Well, Mossflower seems a lot less noisy than where I come from."
    Suddenly, she whipped her head towards Kiara with fear hinting her voice and hidden in her eyes.
    "Wildfires don't start often here, right?"

    It was as if Kariyah was a pyrophobic, one completely afraid of fire. She twisted her head here and there as if expecting to see smoke billowing or the fiery warm colors of an actual fire before settling a bit closer to Kiara. She slowly munched on the berries offered to her by Kiara, but kept her eyes looking around.

  • Kiara smiled as Kariyah took the berries then popped a few more into her own mouth. "It really is a lot less noisy compared to some other places." She replied after eating the barriers she had.
    The mouse-maid tilted her head a little at the question. "Not that I know of, no. There hasn't been any fires besides small camp fires." She answered, watching Kariyah look around as if expecting to see signs of a fire. It was clear that she was uncomfortable around fire for some reason. "You don't need to worry about fires around here." She smiled, leaning back against the tree. 'Least I hope not.' she thought to herself before shaking it from her mind.

  • Kariyah looked relieved to hear that no wildfires started here, and let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. Taking in a deep breath, she exhaled, then began to calm herself down. Kariyah managed to finish eating her berries and reached for some more fruit. Eating always seemed to calm Kariyah down. It was as if the food acted as a stimulant to stimulate her brain to calm down and relax the tense nerves and muscles.

  • Kiara smiled to see Kariyah physically calm down. She must really be afraid of fire, though Kiara said nothing. "I like to get out every now and then to relax. Though it's quite peaceful here, with an odd exception here and there, things do happen unexpectedly." She said as she gave a relaxing sigh as the two sat and ate.

  • As Warteye marched his small band through the thick forest, he heard two beasts talking. He stopped. His right paw quietly asked him "why'd we stop?"
    The fox drew his sword as if that answered everything.
    The rest of the six vermin did the same.
    Now Tornface, Warteyes right paw, (a fox.)
    had learned not to ask to many questions even though Warteye was well manered. Well compared to most of the leaders Tornface had put up with. (well minus one who had been particularly mean.)

    Warteye ordered them to light their torches and charge on his mark.

    As they charged through the thick forest, they ended at only two good beasts.
    Stunned their beloved leader did nothing but stare.

  • Upon hearing the group's arrival, Kariyah jumped to her feet. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at each of them. They all appeared to be armed with swords and daggers. (I'm just guessing here XD)
    She seemed as though she was about to fight, when she noticed the blazing torches the band held. Terrified by the sight, Kariyah began to back away slowly, not wanting to have to face the fiery 'lamps'.

  • "Who are you? We mean no harm." Kiara said to the group, glancing over at the terrified Kariyah. Just when she was starting to get Kariyah calm and collected about Mossflower, this group shows up.
    Kiara took an easy step toward the group, almost placing herself between Kariyah and the group. "What do you want. We have nothing of value here. We are merely here for a snack, and you're a little too late to get some food. It's just about all gone now." She calmly said to them. She acted like she wasn't frightened, but the truth is that she was. Normally it would only be one or two that would cause some mischief, and normally either once someone stood up to them or if it wasn't worth it, they would scurry off. However, this particular group was larger than that, even though it was still a small band. She and Kariyah were easily out-numbered and that was a little more than a bit un-nerving.

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