Kariyah Silentpaw

  • Name: Kariyah Silentpaw

    Aliases: Phantom Cat, Cheshire Cat, Kari, Kariyah

    Species: Wildcat

    Kariyah has tan-brown fur that fades to a creamy color around her belly fur, as well as her tail. The tip of her tail is a pale orange color, as are the tabby markings all over her body. She wears a green bandana around her tail and a red vest. A belt is around her waist and it holds a sword that, when shown in moonlight, seems to have magic words appear upon its blade. (Night Phantom) Kariyah's eyes are dark and appear to be hardened by past horrors. They are a hazel color, and rarely look happy.

    Kariyah's only possessions are her sword, bandana, belt, and clothes.

        - Kariyah is a bit stronger than the average female cat.
        - She is always on guard.
        - Kariyah can be extremely silent, thus making sneak attacks easy for her.
        - Kariyah is a strong speaker.

        - Kariyah is slow in battle.
        - She does not make friends easily (too cold to others).
        - She lashes out at others when suddenly asked about her past.
        - Kariyah is claustrophobic.

        Kariyah is cold and rarely shows any emotion other than anger. She is always silent and when she does speak, its rarely just for the sake of talking. Kariyah is often alone, giving her the 'lone wolf', er… 'Lone cat' personality. She doesn't like to be around other creatures, as large crowds make her nervous (Claustrophobia). Kariyah also never trusts any beast, unless she knows them for at least a month. Any less, and her trust is near 0.

        Kariyah was one of the many popular cats in the town she lived in. Everybeast enjoyed her company and often asked her to stay at their homes for dinner or to have fun with their family. She enjoyed this, as she loved everybeast at her town. This all changed when some vermin literally crashed a celebration at the town. The time for celebrating and being merry quickly changed to a time for horror and sorrow. The vermin killed nearly all of the townsfolk, and Kariyah was captured as a slave. She worked as a slave for 5 years, until she was fed up with the way she was treated, and called together a meeting of the slaves. Kariyah, using her speaking skills, managed to convince all of the slaves to work with her for freedom. They gathered weapons in secrecy and revolted against their rulers. While they were free, some slaves had been killed in the confusion. Kariyah had them buried and honored them as heroes, as if it weren't for these brave 'knights', no slave would be free.

    Age: 16

    Alignment: Goodbeast

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