Gonff Quickshadow

  • Nickname: Gonff

    Full Name: Gonff Quickshadow

    Species: field mouse

    Age: 20

    Alignment: goodbeast

    Job: thief

    Description:  Gonff has dark, mischievous eyes, which twinkle with a light that somewhat shows his cheerful nature. His fur is brown with a subtle red hint.  He wears a forest green jerkin and cap which help him to avoid being seen.

    Possessions: He has a slim, short dagger which he wears at his waist on a canvas belt.  This dagger works well for picking locks and cutting bonds.  He also has a canvas bag, a sling, and various odds and ends he has picked up or stolen on his journeys.

        - Swift and silent when he chooses to be
        - Keen eyesight
        - Can pick most locks in less than five minutes

        - Not much of a fighter
        - Has a crippled left forepaw
        - Can't swim well
        - Often gets too greedy and tries to take more than he can carry

    Personality: He is almost always cheerful and good tempered although he becomes easily angered when faced by any vermin.  He is extremely mischievous.

        Gonff grew up in a tribe of Gonfelins in Mossflower wood.  Unlike most Gonfelins, he does not use a sandbag as a weapon and speaks more like a normal mouse.  During his early years, he learned to steal without getting caught and to use his legs when he did.  During this time he learned to pick locks and became a master at it.
        He also trained himself to mimic other creatures' speech and be able to confuse them by this means. Sometimes he would sneak out to vermin camps and cause fights to break out by using this ability.  Once when he did this, a big rat caught him and twisted his paw breaking it to the point that it could not be correctly healed.  This caused him to have trouble swimming and so he tries his best to stay away from water.
        For the most part, Gonff is a solitary creature.  During his youth, Gonff often hid himself from his younger siblings and wrote songs and poetry. He hid because when he would sing or recite around his family, his siblings made fun of him and told him he had a horrible voice and had no understanding of how a song or poem should be made.
        After leaving home at age 17, Gonff found an old hollow tree which was still standing and, using boards for support and insulation, made a home there.  He spends his days singing and thieving and his nights sleeping.

  • I take it that this is a decendant of Gonff, friend of Martin and not the original correct? There is a taboo against using characters from the books. Just so you know.

  • Quite correct!

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