Card the Adventurous

  • Nickname: Card the Adventurous, Card (Both are used)
    Full Name: Card Soarcat
    Species: Golden Mouse
        Card usually wears a smirk and mischievous expression, as if she is about to pull a prank. Her eyes and fur are both golden in color, although her underfur is white and her paws are orange-brown. She wears a blue and red checkered scarf with ends that resemble bird's wings. Pinned to the scarf is a pin resembling a cat head with wings. It is Card's familial symbol. She also has a tuft of hair on her forehead and the rest in a ponytail.
        Card also wears a tan bag around her waist that contains her two iron daggers and a green notebook, as well as a gold, plain tail ring. Her left ear is pierced with one gold earring. Card is a bit shorter than most mice. She typically wears a red-orange tunic with cream-colored sleeves. When Card is performing as a magician, she wears a yellow cape with a cat and bird pattern. She typically doesn't wear any other clothes with the cape, as the cape is long enough to act as clothing.

        Scarf, tail ring, familial pin, earring, daggers, 'notebook' (a bunch of paper tied together), and bag. (All described above.)

        - Anger usually makes her strength twice as strong
        - Dual-Blade wielder
        - She's smart, so she can think of ways to overpower her enemy
        - Card is very creative, and she tends to draw or write stories in her free time

        - Can't swim
        - Although she is stronger when angered, she tends to not think when angry
        - Afraid of being left alone in an empty room/building in the dark
        - Dislikes loud children and therefore a terrible babysitter
        - Card is very impatient and charges forward recklessly in battle

        Card is actually very sly and mischievous. She likes to play pranks on everybeast she meets. All of her pranks are complex, but harmless and it is usually very difficult to escape one. Card tends to space out as she thinks of pranks to pull or things to draw, or even ideas for stories. This usually occurs in the worst of times, such as during battle or during a journey. When she spaces out, she also speaks to herself, and will sometimes shout out very loud. she always does know when she has made a mistake, however, and will apologize for it.
        Card dislikes doing any work, so being a magician is perfect for her. She doesn't think of her performances as work at all, and therefore gives it her all. She also HATES it when she sees innocent creatures get hurt or suffer, and will do whatever she can to help them. Her strong sense of justice is connected to her impatience, however, as she tends to recklessly charge forward to help anybeast she can.

        Card was born on a sunny day, and her parents thought of this as a good sign. To them, it meant that Card would be the mouse who could bring anybeast's spirit back up! As a young mouse, Card was always very energetic and happy-go-lucky. She was also the troublemaker of her family, and tended to get her family in trouble almost everyday. Despite this, she always made her family laugh and they wouldn't punish her too severely. When her younger brother was born, Card took charge to make it her job to keep the little mouse happy and filled with joy. However, this job would prove to be crucial, as one fateful day, some rats and weasels known as the Black Fang Bandits raided Card's home while she and her younger brother were left alone in the night. Her parents had gone out to get some food as the pantry was beginning to look a bit empty.
        Card managed to hide herself and her younger brother, Matthews, under the bed of her parents' room. Matthews was beginning to get scared by this, and started to cry and whimper. Card tried to get him to be quiet, as the bandits had heard him and were trying to find the source. Matthews would not stop, and so Card had to use her special talent for making others smile. She made many funny faces, and it in turn caused Matthews to stop crying and even caused him to smile.
        As a result, the bandits were not able to find them, and left the house. Of course, to ensure that nobeast found out that the house was raided, the bandits lit it on fire. Card smelled the smoke, and hurried to get herself and her brother out of the flaming house. Once they were out of the house, it collapsed and the duo was safe, albeit a bit singed. Upon running to the village nearby, they learned that their parents were killed by the bandits as well from a dying villager that was fatally injured by one of the bandits. It was this event that caused Card to take it upon herself to help anybeast she can. Afterwards, Card and Matthews decided to travel to the legendary Redwall Abbey as they had heard that anybeast was welcome there. In order to support themselves, Card became a magician (she had taken some lessons as a young mouse so she knows a few tricks) and it managed to rake in enough money for food at least everyday. After a few months, the duo managed to reach the abbey and asked to enter. They had finally made their destination!

    Age: About 15 years of age.

    Alignment: Goodbeast

    Job: Card is a magician.

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