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  • Tessalina Streamlily
    Full name of Character:  Tessalina Streamlily
    Nickname: Tessa
    Race: American Red Squirrel
    Occupation/class: Abby Champion

    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 28
    Eye Color: Hazel eyes with flex of gold
    Hair color length and style: Starts out as brown-reddish, then fades to a golden-red color with white tips. She has braids in her hair with colored feathers.
    height:  Average
    Type of body (build): Toned
    Skin tone and type: Tessa has reddish-brownish fur mostly. Her underbelly is white that runs up her neck and around her nose is a golden-red color. Her tail stars out brownish-reddish like her fur that fades to the golden-red color and then a white tip. (Think fire/Phoenix). Her paw tips are white that fade into a golden-red color that blends into her brownish-reddish fur, her ears a black tipped. Has a white ragged streak from an scar on the left side of her body that runs from her neck down to the base of her tail.
    Clothes: When in the abbey she wears grey cotton spun dress with a rope belt.
    Out on adventure she wears brown leather boots that go past her knees. She wears  a black sleeveless tunic with a hood in the back, it is gold trimmed. On her arms she wears brown elbow length gloves that don't go over her finger tips with her armor on top.

    Tessa carries Martins sword on her back (right now it above Martin the Warrior's tapestry.) Before wielding the sword of martin, she carried to curved blades on her back.

    Tessa is Abby Champion, she is very clever and quick-witted, with her logic and independence she has an air of confidence around her that makes people feel secure and knows what she is doing. Tessa is very reliable and trustworthy, and your secret will always be safe with her. She stands up for what she believes in and stands up for allies. Tessa is protective over her younger sister, if you step out of line then you deal with Tessa and usually, she will win, Tessa views herself a Jessies protector and will defend her sister til her last breath, for she knows her sister isn't a fighter.
    When she is focused on a task, she sorta forgets things around her and becomes snappy and irritated, but she doesn't realize it. When she is not focused or working she has a very fun attitude and will join her sister in pranking others. She and her sister were well known trouble makers as dubbins. Getting inspiration from Sarobando and Bragoon.

    Greatest Strength: Double blade fighter, can fight with her left and right hand and fight with two swords at a time, close combat fighter.
    Greatest Weakness: Ranged weapons and water (she can't swim)
    Soft spot: Her sister, that is also her weakness
    Biggest Vulnerability: Jessie, she cant stand seeing her sister be hurt or down, will do anything for her younger sister. (Is the only family she has left).

    Tessa grew up on the coast with her father and mother. With her fathers help, Tessa started practicing sword fighting, after breaking her right fighting arm, she practiced with her left arm sword fighting. This is how she learned to fight with both hands growing up. When Tessa turned 19, she was with her father getting ready for the day when sea rats raided and attacked her village. Tessa and her father fled with her adopted sister Jessie, and Jessie lead them to a tide cave where Tessa lost her father. Tessa soon set out with Jessie into Mossflower woods, the two became a perfect team. With Tessa as the fighting section and Jessie with her knowledge of the woods and herbs they survived.  Eventually, they found themselves at Redwall Abby and started a new life there. Tessa and Jessie were known to prank other good beasts and have fun. With this they made a ton of friends for a lifetime. Soon after Tessa helped defend Redwall from an attack and her close friend Bradley became Abby Champion, but Tessa was plagued all her life and soon she set out to hunt down and kill the sea rats that destroyed her life and family. She had her chance and the final battle took place on a stormy cliff where she defeated the sea rats with her skilled planning, but not coming away unharmed. She sea rats sword cut her left side open and it was due to Jessie and her knowledge that Tessas life was saved, in time, fur grew back over the scar, but it was white and ragged. At the age of 22 she returned to Redwall Abby where she became second in command to the Abby Champion and appointed Captain of the Guards, eventually becoming Abbey Champion!


    Jasmine Streamlily
    Full name of Character: Jasmine Streamlily
    Nickname: Jessie
    Race: Leucistic American Red Squirrel

    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 26
    Eye Color: grey with blue flecks
    Hair color length and style: Dark gray that fades to white at the tips, slightly curly.
    height:  slightly smaller than average
    Type of body (build): Slim
    Skin tone and type: Her fur is a dark gray overall, she has a lot of similarities like Tessa. But her underbelly is white, which runs up to her neck and around her nose. and it blends in with her dark gray fur. Her tail is dark grey that fades to light gray and fades to a white tip. her feet and paws are the same way, the paws are white that fade into dark gray to match her fur. She has white tipped ears, overall a very glossy look.
    Clothes:  Wears a dark blue cotton dress that is fitted. Out on adventures she has her dark green habit over her clothes.

    Re curve bow 60#, exceptionally good long range shooter. Keeps the quiver on her hip. Has a poison that comes from Amodous the snake when Jessie went to explore the quarry after hearing tales.

    Has a fun-loving shy personality. When you first meet her she is really shy and doesn't talk much, but once she gets to know people and she knows you then she opens up and is a very fun loving squirrel. She always wants to have a good time and make people happy. If others are sad, she is sad, if they are happy she is excited. Sweet, soft-spoken, but has intimidating strength when she witnesses someone else being treated unfairly. When push comes to shove, she'll always stand up for her friends. Jessie is a great cheerleader. Sweet and caring, she makes plenty of time for helping anyone in need of her love and care. Jessie will put others first all the time, but she won't emit it to others. Although she is timid, she is a determined squirrel with admirable strength. With an enormous heart and the occasional pranking, this squirrel is a gentle soul who always rises to the occasion and is always there when her friends need her. Not that fierce as her sister and is usually on the more cautious side but when push comes to shove, she will defend what is right.

    Greatest Strength: blow dart, biw and photographic memory. Jessie is really good at remember stuff and can go back and retrace her steps of where she has been. Also skilled with healing and poisoning, one of her specialties.
    Greatest Weakness: Water herself
    Soft spot: She doesn't like violence. Tries to avoid it when she can.
    Biggest Vulnerability: Standing up for herself, she can't do it really well, will retreat and let the opposer win.

    Jessie grew up an orphan on the coast, and became Tessas adopted little sister. While Tessa went on the fighting path, Jessie preferred to stay out of combat and give aid to others, letting her sister do the arguing and fighting. She gained knowledge in healing and had a great love of books, where she learned most of her knowledge. One day her sister and her got lost trying to find a treasure, and that is when Jessie became interested in map making. Soon as she grew older all she did was explore and make maps.

    Soon she was known for her maps of coast and several sailors and travelers requested her maps, also that in her village she was the local healer. Everything changed when she was 16, when sea rats raided and attacked her vilage. Sadly, everyone died and she and her dad and sister fled, with Jessies knowledge of the coast they hid in a tide cave where, even with Jessies skilled hands as a healer, her father died of his wounds. Devastated, the two sisters set out after burying their father, into Mossflower, where they learned to fend for themselves. With Jessies knowledge of the land and Tessa's fighting skills they made an unstoppable team. They ended up at Redwalls Abby where they settled in nicely and getting into trouble all the time.

    Shortly after, Jessie joined her sister Tessa in getting revenge on the Pirate Rats that destroyed their lives. They soon caught up and Tessa got revenge an Jessie assisted. After wandering a few years, when Jessie was 18 they returned to Redwall Abby where Jessie went back to pranking and helping others.

    Dominique Ryills Perrie
    Full Name: Commadore Dominique Ryills Perrie
    Nickname: Dominique
    Race: Sea Otter
    Occupation: treasure hunter

    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 30
    Eye Color: Emerald Green, wears an eye patch on the left eye
    Hair Color Length/Style: Black that goes to her shoulders, she had a few braids two that hang on either side of her face that is wrapped up in colorful string with beads and some braids in her hair. She has a red bandana over her hair and just added a new pirate hat she wears on top to make her look more official.
    Height: Tall
    Body Type: Muscular
    Skin tone and type: dark brown color, many scars adorn her and she wears them with pride.
    Clothes: Loose faded black pants that are bleached from the sun and sea, they go to mid-waist and she  had a thick red stash with a belt over that holds a beautiful sword on her right hip, wears a white-yellow Long sleeve shirt with leather cuffs on her wrists. She has black jacket with white trim that goes to the base of her tail. Has soft leather black boots with two gold braclets over the ankle.

    Has a cutlass on her right hip, and a small knife in her boot.

    Ryills picks her fight carefully, she won't take action right away but will wait and plan it out until the right time comes and then she will strike back.Even though she has learned always show confidence when something happens that nearly kills her or shatters her confidence it takes awhile to get back where she was before.She calls herself a "good beast", she will help protect good beasts and defend ships that are being attacked on sea, then will go along and plunder other ships, but she doesn't cripple or sinks them, she takes what she needs the leaves, afterwards she feels really bad but dismiss's it by drinking.
    She will hunt down vermin ship and attack. Ryills is very ruthless when they are captured. After taking the loot they sink the ship.
    Ryills knows of a cave of treasures in Rudderwake that she is extremely jealous of but very proud.

    Greatest Strength: Amazing at navigating the waters and looking to the sky for directions. Knows the coast line and currents really well, the ocean is her home.
    Greatest Weakness: She fears death and jealousy.
    Soft Spot: Drinks
    Is it obvious: yes, she can't resist a good drink or if someone offers her one.
    Biggest Vulnerability: Claustrophobic.

    Dominque has sorta a complicated life, her mother married a sailor otter and had a son (Ryills). The sailor otter was lost as sea and then soon after Dominque was born her brother Ryills died after a plauge swept through the land and in order to still be in favor with the her father's family, her mother passed her off as a son Ryills. Which worked really well and they weren't outcast.
    As a teenager, she enlisted on a ship, where she spent some time and learned about how to sail a ship before she left and enlisted in a small war crew. She fell in love with Markus, a fellow crew member, showed that she was female and got married soon after, she and Markus had a small inn on the coast serving to travelers and the ship crews that came in. Markus died soon after and she took to sea once again.
    Back disguised as Ryills, she joined a merchant ship that worked along the coast, when they were attacked by a pirate ship, her and the crew got taken captive, it was join piracy or die. Ryills, fearing for her life, joined piracy, learned to be ruthless and savage and regretted every moment of it. A few years of hard working, she joined her crew in mutiny, which upon she was voted to be first mate to the Skipper/Captian. Then the ship she was on was attacked and she was sold as a slave to Ezikel's ship, where she, after helping the wolverine attack Salamandastron was promoted to Commadore and has her own ship, which she currently serves in Ezikel's fleet.

    Fabiana Arratay

    Full name of Character: Fabiana Arratay
    Previous Name: Valentina Nikolaev
    Nickname: Fabi
    Race: Mouse
    Occupation/class: Doctor/Military

    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 24
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color length and style: Blond ponytail with blue streaks. She has two braids hanging down the back of her head on the base wrapped up in colorful string. Rest of her hair is in a side ponytail accented with blue streaks.
    height: Average 
    Type of body (build): Slender
    Skin tone and type:  She is of average height, she has brown fur with a white belly that goes under her neck and under her chin. The white goes around her neck in a ring and up the back of her head and down a stripe on her face.
    Looks: She wears usually a black or white tanktop with a thin long sleeve button down shirt that is always open or a black leather jacket, if not she wears a white lab coat. She has black combat pants on with brown ankle boots. She has black fingerless gloves with steel in the knuckles (her favorite pair). She carries a backpack with medical supplies usually and extra things. Out in the field she has a black bandanna which she uses to hide her face when engaging with enemies.

    As a doctor, she really doesn't have any weapons, but what she is skilled in is a variety of weapons, being in the military she has learned how to do knife combat, carries two knives on her a throwing knife and a heavy duty saxe knife on her left hip that she always keeps with her. On her right upper leg she has a gun. Highly skilled with a sniper rifle from when she learned working for the Belkan Military.

    Very friendly and helpful overall, she gives off a peaceful vibe or a calming vibe to others around her. Fabi can be a little bit sassy and likes to occasionally tease others. She likes being laid back around people she is comfortable with. She does have fears but tries her best not to show it. When she is grumpy or mad she becomes very passive aggressive and will pick fights.

    Greatest Strength: Knowledge, she can retrain and remember very detailed information.
    Greatest Weakness: She suffers from PTSD of her previous life, of her sins that she had committed.
    Soft spot:
    Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: 
    Biggest Vulnerability: Helping others, she will never turn away a person, that is what makes her vulnerable is she rules with emotion.

    7 years ago she appeared in medical school to become an emergency care doctor. Ended up landing with Stonewall Defense where she works as a doctor thanks to her adopted brother Renvi who got her out and helped her start a new life. Before then she doesn't show up in any records.
    Fabianas real name is Valentina Nikolaev, she grew up in Belkan Territory were she was recruited at the age of 11 to join the special forces in Belkan and trained as a sniper, this is where her PTSD comes from, the training she had all those years and the missions she carried out haunts her to today, so she wanted to make something better of her life and that is why she became a doctor. Recently discovered, she acually came from Mossflower Woods when she was a babe, so originally she was from Mossflower before being raised up in the modern world through a gate.

    The D.A.B. Syndicate

    Stella, Sophia, Ollie and Lenny.
    Stella: young fennec fox, playful and likes to take lead
    Sophia is a pika, thinks herself as a princess. Is easily entertained and impressed. Likes to play 'Creature in distress."
    Ollie is a mouse dubbin, he has huge ears, light brown fur with a light underbelly, loves to spend time in the library and is very knowledgeable. Usually is the one that plans from Stella's schemes. He is the go to guy.
    Lenny the Hedgehog, basically the muscle in the group. He can roll around as a spike ball, but is unusually strong for his age. Loves food a lot and likes to cook.

    Will be playing them along with my usually characters Tessa and Jessie. Always wanted to make a syndicate, this group are trouble makers but fun to be around.

  • Warrior Member

    This is same old Tessa, when partnered together with Jessie, used to prank on Bradley? What a change over the years! Now she's his second in command for all of Redwall. I think the profile is great, and by reading it, it looks like the once teenaged squirrel now turned adult has matured a lot. I know she'll be a great second in command to Bradley. They should work together just fine in plots to come. I hope you'll post Jessie still too, I miss rping with the duo. They were loads of fun.

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