• Paul wandered through the hallways of Castle Marl dodging gaurds and patrols making his way towards the larder and armory. It was dark and the patrolbeasts were tired. It was easy to get by them without being seen.
       Valmorg's minions moved dutifuly, but grudingly  through the night checking rooms and searching hallways for intruders. It hadn't always been such a thorough job of hide and seek as is was now. A few years before now the remnents of Merandar's rebellion had been scattered abroad, but some still lived on the isle. Paul was the beast that stole for them for survival, but he had been found out. Now he had to be more careful than before, but he still got it pretty easy.
       When the silent squirrel got to the larder he saw that there were three gaurds at it. They were arguing. Paul smiled as an idea hit him. So easy…
       A fox named Rotback was blaming one of his companions for being put on gaurd duty. He didn't like being in the middle of the most often attacked place in Castle Marl in the middle of the night with the possability of getting knocked out or killed as so many of his fellow hordebeasts had.
       "Tattle-tale," He was snarling at his bunk mate. "If you hadn''t told the Captain that I'd taken that wine, which I didn't, then neither of us would be out here!"
       Threefang kicked him harshly. "Shut yer mouth sniveling beak. You stole it, drank it and then you were found drunk in the 'allway the next day. I was only put out here 'cause ya blamed me for daring you." he turned his back on him and ignored him. Rotback did the same.
       Morg didn't like being caught in these kinds of things and so ignored the two pathetic excuses for soldiers. He would've loved to crack thier skulls together and be done with it, but that wasn't what he was here for.
       Then a hissing sould caught his attention.
       Rotback slumped instantly into a maoning heap.
       Threefang turned toward the sensless heap in surprise. "What happened to him?" Then another hiss sounded behind him. Morg dropped like a stone.
       The rat was so confused that he didn't think to raise the alarm. A dagger ended his confusion forever.
       Paul came out of the shadows and Chuckled evily, now the real fun. He stole the keys of of Morg, his least favorite hordebeast, and slid quietly into in food storge.
       He reatuned with a sack full of food and three special bottles of wine. He popped the corks on the bottles and gave one to each of the unconsious beasts. None of them were given a lump that would give away the ruse. Each had been put out be a hypodermic dart and each would wake up with a headache and a bottle of wine in each one's paw. Except Rotback
       Next he put the dagger in the Threefang's paw and puored wine on him. He left silently and left them to be found by a patrol. Memories would be fuzzed by the poison and since they two beasts had been arguing the squirrel knew that they didn't like each other much anyway and it wouldn't surprise anyone that one had killed the other. They would be blamed for stealing and get put in the tunnels as punishment. Threefang would likely be put there permenently for murder. Morg would likely be whipped and put to hard labor for a week.
       That didn't bother Paul though. Morg had been the one to discover him in the first place.

    -ooc- Seth; It me, Seth. My brother wanted me to do this for him. I concieved some of it, but my brother did the rest. (Besides typing) PS: Morg is mine...

  • Morg woke up with a huge headache at first he didn't know what had happened, but then he saw the bottle of wine in his paw and cursed, tossing it away. He stood up and slipped off the soldier's tunic he was using and tossed it out the widow, into the the lake to let the fish take care of it.
        Next he grabbed the bottle that he had tossed away. He braced himself and hit himself on the head. He felt really stupid doing it, but no other alternative. He winced with pain and felt where he'd hit himself. A nice lump had formed. He allowed himself a smile. It was the perfect excuse. He put put the bottle in Rotback's paw and lay down for a rest. A scolding from a senior officer about letting yourself get clobbered by a lowly soldier was nothing like getting whipped and such. It was well worth it. He smiled again and closed his eyes.

    -ooc- chuckles evily

  • Deadtail the stoat, Captain of the Wall Guard, was walking down the halls towards the ladders.  He knew he could get a little extra food by means of a " ladder inspection".  As he rounded the corner he nearly tripper over Morg's body.  It took him only a moment to sum up the situation.  He gave Morg a vicious kick in the ribs, "Get up you ditherin' idiot."

  • Suddenly Morg's eyes opened and he glared up at Deadtail menacingly. He stood up and puled his sabre out, pointing it at the offender with a growl. "What do you mean by kicking a senior officer, Captain?"
    It was then that Morg realized that he wasn't wearing his uniform and stopped growling. He sheathed his sword, but the look of clear annoyance was clear on his fetures.
        "Anyhow, what'er you doing down here? I thought you were supposed to be bullying those muskrat lumps of yours on the walltops, not skulking around down here."

  • Deadtail went to attention, "Sorry sir, didn't know. Hehe." he gave a nervouse laugh, "Just doing a quick a…patrol of the....um... celler to...make sure the prisons were save, I'll just be getting back to the walls." He turned to go...

    OOC: I didn't know he was an officer, sorry. Goaush. JK

  • -ooc- That's okay, I haen't made a profile for abou twenty of my thirty or so charas yet… My bad. All the same though, it does add a certain air to the current situation.

    -bic- Morg mumbled something under his breath and let out a sigh. "Hold it there. I may need your help with something. We were attacked last night by what mey have been the rogue squirrle who's been taking our stuff lately. If you help me than maybe we can catch up to him."
        It had occurred to Morg at this pointt that going in search of the squirrle might redeem him from the preious night's accident. He only hoped that he would succeed in retrieing the thief, otherwise, abandoning his post might gain him further punishment.

  • A cruel smile spread across the stoat's face.  He loved food with a passion, but he loved pain and death of other creatures even more.  "Alrighty then, let's hunt squirrel." In normal life Deadtail was  a stupid lasy captian that was very prone to bribes and deciets, but when it came to plunder, slaughter, and war, few stood in his way.

    PS: Your right, it does make Morg seem more inteligent and in more danger to act in his desperation.

  • Morg nodded. "Let's go then. Maybe we can get you some of those vittles you were after when we get back."

    -ooc- Morg's not stupid… he knows what vermin hordebeasts do around the larder if nobody's watching.

  • OOC: Sorry, I didn't mean to make it look like I though he was stupid its just that a simple horde beast seems more like just look out for number one, were as a horde officer is more likely to look out for his troops so that he always has backup.  Its hard for me to discribe.  I just didn't want to insult you chara.
    PS: What is Mort?

    BIC:  Deadtail followed in behind Mort ignoring the remark.  He had grabbed a spear form one of the guards and had unlung his broud shield from his back.  "What manner of beast is this squirrel?" He asked.

  • -ooc- It's okay, you didn't insult Morg anywhere that I noticed. Don't feel bad, it's not what I meant by "Morg's not stupid…". What I meant was that he was ery smart. Sorry about that.
    IR: a black rat. I made a profile for him once, but it's on another site.

    -bic- "A squirrel. That's about all we know about him, except that he is ery good at sneaking around and uses and bow and arrow and sling. He attaqcked late last night so I don't suppose that we'll catch him any time soon.

    -ooc-I'be back leter, K. It's been fun.

  • "Well, maby we'll get lucky, Aye." He gave the officer a nudge.

  • Morg ignored the nudge and kept walking. "I suppose. Keep your weapons out though, we may encounter more outside."
        All this time, the black rat's mind filled with ideas. Keeping his plans to himself, he stepped outside with his companion.

    -ooc- Are we going to move now, or stay here?

  • ooc: let's move out.

    bic: As he stepped out into the moon light, Deadtail looked around the coartyard.  "All's well out here, though I think some of the guard are sleeping."  He pointed up to the wall were a slumming figure stood, leaning against his spear.

    Then a strong wind from the lake blew up.  The body rocked and then fell from the battlements…

  • Morg prodded the carcass with his swordtip. "Sleeping? They look just as asleep as Rotback and Threefang to me." Nodding to the gate leading from the courtyard, he started to leave…

    -ooc- Where to?

  • ooc: onto the beach, scoring the rocks.

    Deadtail strode causiously out looking around, but no one was there.  He scurried along the rocks looking in every nook and behind every rock.  "By the place the arrow was stuck in his neck, he must have been shot at from down here, but where down here did they shoot?"  He asked more to himself than to Morg.

  • Paul's comanion, Beff, Notched an arrow to his bow an aimed at the black rat. Man he is hard to see in the dark. releasing the string the shaft sped towards the duo, only to burry itself in the sand that they were tredding on, because the flechings were offset and the shaft wasn't straight. Braking off into a silent run, he cursed his fortune. Curse those home made arrows

  • Morg heard the hissing sound and threw himself into a roll across the ground to avoid being hit. Glad that the shaft had missed, he signaled Deadtail to run after Beff and took the long way around to avoid being seen.

  • Deadtail, sensing an easy kill that was generaly to come from an archer, spead up his pace to reach his foe. "Don't run me beauty, it's only folly to run.  Besides I've got a nice spear to give you. HEHEHE"  He spead on.

  • ooc- He was under cover but I guess that he can track the way that the arrow came from.

    ic- Climbing a tree, the mouse though it a good idea that he should wait it out and snipe the vermin as he came along. pulling the string back  and aimed as he heard paws padding the ground. Oh pleas don't miss  he though hopefully. As a furry shape appeared he fired the arrow with a hiss.

  • Morg saw the mouse stop and shoot. His lips cracked into a wide grin. The mouse was distracted by the other vermin and hadn't noticed him sneak around the other side.
        Sensing that the time was right, the black rat drew his sabre and crept toward the unsuspecting mouse from behind.

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