The Devil's Marbles (Tanami)

  • ooc- Here's the idea: I think that hares, mice, foxes and shrews are great, but a little variety is nice, too.
        Just to be clear: THIS IS A NON-TRAD THREAD! These creatures aren't to be used elsewhere in the forum. Just here, please. lol

    So the Tanami desert is a nifty little place somewhere in the Australian Desert. There's a placed called the Devil's Marbles, where a bunch of goodbeasts used to find refuge. However, it was taken over and now vermin live there.




    If you want to join in, then just be creative. Come up with your own dialect, culture and general personality for whatever species you choose. Hares, otters and moles all had very distinct personalities in the Redwall books. Try to demonstrate the same thing level of uniqueness in whatever beast you choose.
        If you wish to add a creture to the list, just let me know and I'll add it. Just make sure it's native to the Tanami Desert and that it isn't a Mary Sue chara.
        As far as the Perentie goes, there should only be a couple, and they should be NPCs. They are enormous and can't talk. These are the monsters of this world.

  • ooc- I'll go ahead and say the mulgaras are extremely self-absorbed (being the largest of the goodbeasts, short of the hare-wallabies. They also have a slightly violent tendancy.
        And hare-wallabies are extremely timid and clumsy creatures. Imagine a beast the size of a badger, but who's begging for his life when a water rat pulls out a rusty dagger. That's a wally.

        "'Elp me!"
        Keirn had heard the pleas for help already. He ran swiftly across the sand. Nobeast could outrun a mulgara at full speed. That is, nobeast except perenties, thorny devils and (supposedly) hare-wallabies, though he'd never seen a hare-wally do more than tip-toe cautiously.
        Keirn took a sharp turn around a fallen tree and skidded through the loose sand, pulling out his club. He took in the scene in a heartbeat;
        "'Eeelp Mee!"
        Some stupid hare-wallaby had gotten himself cornered against an eroded clay-and-sand dune. A long-tail was inching closer to the terrified wallaby, hefting a javelin. This particular vermin was slightly smaller than Keirn.
        Dead meat.
        The long-tail, not the wally. The wally would have been dead meat if not for the Keirn's arrival, though.
        The unfortunate wallaby was on his generously-size stomach, kicking sand frantically and covering his head and ears. The only reason he wasn't dead was that the long-tail seemed worried about getting kicked.
        "'Ey, mate," Keirn barked. "Is the wally too big fer ya? Try me on fer size."
        The long-tail's eyes snapped onto Keirn. The vermin hissed at him, showing a mouthful of teeth. These weren't the largest beasts in Lerren, but they were easily the most viscious.
        The mulgara dropped to his footpaws and began circling the long-tail.

    ooc- The long-tail is up for grabs.
        I guess no metal weapons just yet, since this is the desert. It would be interesting if some vermin started showing up with swords or daggers, though.

  • The long-tail sneered at the mulgara, his sharp little teeth showing. He hefted his javelin and started to turn, keeping the end of his weapon pointed at the beast as he was circled by him. "Whats have we ere?" he asked. "A Mulgara whats thinks he can kills me?" His sneer turned into a vicious smile as he took in the sight of his new foe. "Whats ya gonna do? Club me wit your wee stick? You try that and I?ll gives ya a taste o me old jav here" he gave a few thrusts and stabs towards the mulgara with his javelin to get his point across. "Now I aint one who kills anybeast cause I can, I'll gives ya this one chance to back off and leaves me to kill this ere wally in peace." He jerked his head to the side as a sizable pebble zipped by and hit him in the ear, propelled by the kicking feet of the Hare-Wallaby. The long-tail turned and glared at the Wally,"And I'll make sures to roast you alives, you @%#$, yellow bellied coward!" after his fit of anger, he turned back and glared at the mulgara. "Well, whats it to be?"

    ooc: hope this will do, I'm kinda rusty.

  • ooc- It's good!

        As Keirn circled, he lurched forward slightly, then back again. He was doing his best to keep the long-tail on edge. It was the first thing a Lerren scout learned; make your enemy pay attention to you and only you. Keep them distracted by giving them no choice but to keep their eyes in one place.
        He kept circling around the long-tail until it was between him and the wallaby.

  • The long-tail turned with the mulgara, keeping his javelin pointed at him. He waited silently, watching his opponent, thrusting his javelin whenever he made a sudden move. After about a minute the long-tail's patients had reached it's end. "Right then! I sees you ain't bright 'nough to listens to reason!" and with that he lunged forward, snarling, thrusting for the mulgara's chest with his javelin.

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