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  • Something involving Castle Kotir would be interesting, especially since it's under Redwall Abbey. Though to get it, I think it was one of the walls built on it's towers. To get to it, some part of Redwall would have to be taken down or something.
    Perhaps a vermin group could break down at least one wall, in a takeover attempt. Maybe even take control for a while and then the original clan of the builders come back like Bel had suggested, and help the woodlanders take back the abbey

  • I think that's good. Maybe most of the Redwallers escape into Kotir through the cellars or something (secret entrance? Clues/riddles only native Redwallers would get?). I'm not sure it would make sense for the vermin to knock down more than a small portion of the wall.

    Also, is writing this reply, I discovered something useless and hilarious. Did it ever bother you that Redwallers hid super important stuff using riddles that anyone could solve? Actually, it DOES make sense; the vermin were all too stupid to understand/solve the riddles. lol of my day.

  • I tried making an rp that had a riddle (I deleted it due to inactivity), part of the reason it went dead is nobody could figure it out though  😞 … and I forgot the answer.

  • Lol, forgetting the answer would be a problem. I guess the other thing might be this; in order to solve the riddle, you need to be able to insert all kinds of little clues and details into what the characters are seeing. That makes it hard to write.

  • I've got a few problems.  My main computer is down,  I'm a slow poster,  The treads I'm in are waiting on other people,  and I don't want to slow down fast treads by joining.

  • Well if people want to be in the arc thread but are afraid that they aren't going to be able to post on a regular basis perhaps we could add general characters (I would call them npcs but obviously people would be since they have to be posted about) that people could use when they do get the opportunity to post. Aka they're for everyone to use but when people who can't post often are on they can get primary control of these additional characters.

  • So if there is a member who gets on once a month, but who still wants to RP, he can grab one of these "NPCs?" That's an interesting thought. We would need to keep a running list of those special characters as a 'sticky-post,' and we would need a more applicable name, but I think that's worth adding to the official forum rules. I'll bring it up on Sunday during the Admin meeting.

  • … Am I stupid in Assuming that people don't want to RP with a character they don't know? Cause it really slows down a site when you only post with characters you have on hand... Because you are now limited to how many threads they can be in...

  • Alright, I really want to be active and I should have let you all know that I was busy this last week and a half. I was setting up my work + coaching schedule and realize I have tons of free time. I'm ready to post and I really want Bradley in particular to be useful as the Abbey champion.

    For the story Arc, is it going on right now? Or are we still coming up with ways to set it up and have it post ready?

  • There was an arc that was started but it kinda didn't go anywhere. We are planning a new one now though!

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