Vermin scourge of Mossflower

  • Vermin gang: 5 members, no permanent lodging


    Name: Adimaro

    Species: Fox

    Sex: Male

    Position: Leader/ plan maker

    Physical description: He is about five feet, five inches tall. His fur is a burnt orange on his back, and an ashen white on his front, with black tips on his ears and tail. He is light on his feet, although not the strongest beast around; he still can hold his own in a fight. He normally wears brown trousers and a brown (due to dye or filth, it may never be known) vest. He normally wears leather sandals.

    Possessions: He carries around with him a short sword as his main weapon. He also has a haversack, bedroll, and a personal tent, which he carries around with him as him and the gang travel around looking for beasts to waylay. He also carries a set of maps and several books with him which he utilizes in his plan making.

    Strengths: While not the smartest beast in Mossflower, he is certainly the smartest of his comrades, forming most of their plans and leading them to glorious victory! He is strong enough to do some fighting, although he isn?t the group?s main warrior. He is capable with his sword, as well as other similar weapons. He is a fair enough swimmer, but prefers to keep his paws dry on the ground. He is very good at card and dice games, as well as cheating at them.

    Weaknesses: He is horrendous at archery, and is more likely to shoot he beast behind him then his target. He is greedy, and will often times grab more for himself when he can. He is afraid of heights, and is especially afraid of birds of prey. He is incompetent in sailing, but will never admit it. And finally, he is overconfident in his plans.

    Personality: He believes he should be in control all of the time, always giving orders to the others. He spends most of his time thinking up places the group can go, who they can steal from, and basically forming plans for them. He is fairly mean spirited, and will not hesitate to start beating on his comrades if they don?t obey his whims. He doesn?t like to admit when his plans go completely wrong, often times blaming his fellows for screwing up then his plan simply being a bad one. Despite the fact he would never say his plan was a bad one, he does try to learn from his mistakes, and others as well (which he has no problem pointing out).


    Name: Davidson, Dave

    Species: Rat

    Sex: Male

    Position: Muscle/ Pack mule/ warrior

    Physical description: Six foot, six inches tall, he is a giant. His arms are thick as a normal beast?s waist, and his legs are like tree trunks. He normally wears a brown leather jerkin and coarse fabric pants with a belt the width of a normal beasts spread open paw. He has dark brown fur and a light pink tail.

    Possessions: He has a massive war axe as his weapon. He has a very large haversack along with a large duffel bag. He carries the group?s food and cooking supply, as well as his own possessions. He has with him a wood ax along with canvas and extra wood. Finally, he has a small box which contains a thick book, ink, and several pens.

    Strengths: He is very strong, and has a lot of stamina, capable of fighting far harder for far longer than most other beasts. He is fairly skilled with his axe, having learned how to use it well from years of working with it. He is able to both read and write, and has a fair amount of brains in his skull. Because of this moderate intelligence, he is capable of following out Adimaro?s orders without messing them up (most of the time).

    Weaknesses: He is hopeless in water, barely able to keep his snout up for air in a calm pond. He is actually rather terrified of water. He is woefully pathetic when it comes to using other weapons beyond an axe. He has a tendency to day dream when he doesn?t have something to do, and will often times drift off to sleep.

    Personality: He is of average intelligence, knowing how to read and write, but is often thought stupid because he doesn?t talk a lot. He has a less then admirable vocabulary, and doesn?t like talking much with the others in his group. He will chip in a small nugget of information every now and again, but that is a rare thing. He enjoys doing work, whether it be chopping lumber and setting up camp, or chopping beasts. Whenever the group stops for the night he will often times find a place to sit near a light source, open his book, and work on his penmanship, unless he is ordered to do some manual labor.


    Name: Jacopo

    Species: Stoat

    Sex: male

    Position: Knife fighter/ knife thrower

    Physical description: he is around five foot eight with tan brown fur on his chest which gets slightly darker as it travels towards his back. He is lithe, agile, and very fast. He prefers using quick attacks, getting in close, striking, then getting back out. He wears a thin cotton shirt that laces up the front. He also wears loose, thin brown trousers, tied with a coarse rope.

    Possessions: His favorite weapons are a pair of naval dirks, the hilts capped with a pair of emeralds the size of a thumbnail. He also has a set of two dozen throwing knifes, simple steel daggers balanced for throwing. He carries his tent and supplies in a haversack. He has a set of whetstone for sharpening his weapons and the weapons of his fellows. He also carries several precious stones with him, keeping them well hidden from his comrades.

    Strengths: He is an excellent knife fighter, working well with one or both dirks. He is a fair shot with his throwing knifes as well, often times being able to hit vital areas on his targets. He is very fast, and an excellent runner. He?s a fair swimmer and knows a good amount about sailing. He is rather good at fishing and can hold his breath for several minutes. He also has an iron stomach, and can keep down practically any food in pretty much any condition.

    Weaknesses: He can?t read, nor write. He is fairly hot headed, and will act before thinking if his anger gets the best of him. He tends to be greedy. He?s not consumed by greed, but it does influence his thoughts a certain amount. He has an aversion to the ocean and to corsairs in particular. His knowledge of plants that are safe to eat and those which are unsafe is rather limited. He is incompetent when it comes to constructing shelter beyond his simple tent.

    Personality: he is a beast used to the ocean, far more comfortable on a ship then on land. After recent misfortunes, he found himself lost in Mossflower, with little to him besides his name, his knifes, and his skin. He is usually cool headed, but is prone to bursts of anger, often times when insulted too much. During such times he will do foolhardy things, putting himself in danger. He is a bit on the greedy side, looking at treasure with a lustful eye. He has a taste for fish, but will not refuse other foods when presented to him.


    Name: Coulton

    Species: ferret

    Sex: male

    Position: Medic/ addict

    Physical description: he is around four foot nine, with very light brown hair on his back and snow white hair on his front. His hair is somewhat disheveled, and his clothes are even more so. He wears a rumpled brown coat and black pants, with a black bowler hat in poor condition. He is on the thin side, with very little meat on his bones. He isn?t very fast, or very strong, but his paws are very steady. He occasionally has a somewhat vacant look on his face.

    Possessions: He carries a brown leather medical bag around with him, and he treats it with great care. He has most of his medical equipment held inside the bag, including several interesting drugs meant to numb pain. He also has his haversack which contains his camping supplies as well as a few less fragile pieces of his equipment. He also includes a pouch of herbs for his personal use in his possessions, along with a pipe.

    Strengths: he is very mellow most of the time, and can keep a very cool head in the worst of situations. His paws are very steady, allowing him to perform surgery quite easily. His medical knowledge is quite impressive, and somewhat unexplained. He is rather small, and can fit into tight spaces with more ease than others. His smaller size and calm attitude make him seem far less threatening, and thus less of a target. When he does become a target, he can actually take an extreme amount of punishment.

    Weaknesses: He can go into withdrawal, resulting in depression, shakes, sweating, anxiety, paranoia, and extreme cravings. He is fairly addicted to the ?herbs? he has become fond of taking. He isn?t very strong, and he can?t run very fast. He is prone to sleeping more than a normal beast, and grows tired at a faster rate. His calmness results in him being fairly hard to get moving, sometimes holding the rest of the group back.

    Personality: he is very mellow and unconcerned. He is somewhat adverse to violence, preferring to render medical help to his allies rather than aiding them in the removal of enemies. He enjoys the use of a recreational herb that results in a calming effect. The long term use of this herb has resulted in addiction to it, meaning he needs a fairly consistent supply of it. He prefers staying in rather calm or restful situations, often encouraging the group to avoid violence when they can.


    Name: Jaecar

    Species: Weasel

    Sex: Male

    Position: cook/archer

    Physical description: he is five foot five. His fur is a creamy brown color, with his tail ending in a black tip. He wears a forest green shirt, and similar pants, both of which have been strategically covered in mud. He is somewhat muscular, with a bit of fat on top of it. His arms are very strong, a result of using the bow. His paws show several scars from burnings, all of them old.

    Possessions: he carries a longbow as his weapon, along with a quiver of two-dozen arrows. He carries several extra loads of arrows in his pack, along with some spices, a meat cleaver, forks and knifes for eating, and extra feathers and glue for fletching. He also carries a large wooden spork, used for serving food and stirring soups. Finally, he has a vegetable pruner, marked with ?magic runes? that supposedly make it into a formidable weapon (although it is only ever used to peal fruits and vegetables).

    Strengths: he is a rather good cook, and can make food, the quality of which goes from stomached to enjoyed. He has a very good understating of edible plants and animals (mostly birds) and what isn?t edible. He has a good eye, and can hit his target most of the time. He is capable of fletching his own arrows, and can do a quality job of it. He is

    Weaknesses: He is uncomfortable using melee weapons. He isn?t very fast, and he prefers to stand still while shooting. He has a delicate stomach, and tends to get sick easily, especially at sea. He is very afraid of getting hurt, and hangs back from fighting, often times running to a safe distance if the battle gets too close to him. He is allergic to peanuts and shellfish.

    Personality: He is a jovial, happy beast, who enjoys making food and shooting beasts full of arrows. He likes making big meals for his comrades to eat, and he often times encourages them to eat all of it. He passes time by looking for herbs, plants, and spices for his meals, and of course making meals. When he meets another beast who is of the cooking trade, he likes to trade recipes with them. He has little objection to Adimaro being in charge, he just wants to cook.

    Give me any advice on how to improve these guys, thanks.

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