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  • Nickname: Crow or Chris

    Full Name: Ewan "Christen" Seghesen

    Species: deer mouse

    Description: Amber fur and creamy white underside; warm brown eyes. Crow wears a much more modest version of the Juska priest's attire: a dyed red wrap around the shoulder and waist, tied by a black quilled sash, and pale barkcloth leggings. Wrists and ankles are bound in russet cloth wraps, and arms are bare, with the exception of the Pike and Crow tribal tattoos scrolling on the biceps.

    Possessions: He carries a beaded satchel, and the only finery he owns anymore is a quill-work bracelet, and his Priests' feathers. The staff-and-blade (or sakee "sha-key"), the traditional weapon of the warrior-priests, is a stone-bladed item with a cedar shaft and russet bindings.

    Also, a sacred obsidian knife rests in a separate skin bag, but is never used for battle.

    Strengths: Crow is very much in tune to nature and its spirits. His visions foretell pieces of the past and future.

    Weaknesses: His visions come at random (often at very inopportune moments), and eventually, they bring a rift between him and his friends and family.

    -He is not built as strong as his siblings and fellow clansbeasts, and has little taste for battle.

    Personality: Upbeat, laid-back, and easier with the rule-bending than Hazel. When accepted with the priests, follows his heart over his head. Dislikes aimless killing, and the idea of slavery. Tries to follow the protective-brother role to his many adopted siblings. Modest and peace-seeking.

    Background: Crow is the son of a slave, that was prophetised by the Seers to be the key to bringing peace to the warring Clans. The Juskasen managed to claim him during a raid as an infant, and the rat leader, Ilsin Seghesen, raised him as his own. Since a Crow was the Messenger in the dreams of the Seers, it is also his Guide, and so his namesake.

    He and Hazel, his adopted older brother (and intended successor of Ilsin), are a tight pair.

    During his childhood, Crow's visions became more frequent and disturbing with age. Eventually, he was chosen by the Clan Priests and inducted. However, due to certain visions plaguing him, Crow left his Clan (still fighting with the neighboring Juskamar) and started out to change fate - for their sake.

    Age: 19

    Alignment: good, neutral

    Job: Warrior-priest to the Juskasen, traveler. Is a creative sort, and good with his paws; tells fortunes and finds things for whomever employs him.

  • Nickname: Hazel, Jak

    Full Name: Ewajakka Seghesen

    Species: rat

    Description: a hazel-colored rat, tall and lean, with a lighter underside. Bright green eyes. Tribal warrior tattoos of the Clan Spirit Guide, the Pike (Seghe). Wears leggings and a skin kilt, with an over-kilt of an enemy's pelt (first kill), belted by a broad leather band and beaded russet sash.

    Possessions: Wears a beautiful pipe-bone breastplate, and cloth wraps on the wrists and ankles. Coral-and-maple loops in both ears, and fish-bone bracelets.

    Longsword taken from an enemy in his first raid.

    Strengths: Has a good head under pressure, is a quick-thinker, and possesses strength and agility. A natural leader in terms of charisma. Obedient, even if he does not understand the order.

    Weaknesses: Has moments of doubt and indecision. His fear of disappointment, and his pride, often clouds his judgement.

    Personality: straight-laced and obedient, proud and battle-ready. Not above a little rule-breaking and mischief, when it's called for (when hanging with Crow or Hysteria). Protective older brother. Over time, he begins to think more with his heart than with his head.

    Background: Hazel is the second-eldest of Chief Ilsin (out of MANY siblings), born to the third wife. His older brother Altan, the destined Taggerung, was unexpectedly slain in battle, and thereby elevating him to become the successor in his place. Nowhere near being a the level of a Taggerung, Hazel's only other option was to become the best that he could be in performance and loyalty to the Chief, and to his Clan.

    Hazel and Crow, though different in species, have a tight brotherly bond. However, he abandons his ideals and work to join Crow when the visions force him to leave, choosing instead to look after him, and help change/meet their destinies. Hysteria, Hazel's reluctant fiance, eventually joins them in their travels. And although Hazel and Hysteria don't get along (and don't want to marry the other), they do eventually become firm friends.

    Age: 21

    Alignment: bad, neutral

    Job: The future leader of the Juskasen. Formerly, training to be the personal guard of the leader. Now, wanders with Crow. Is a good huntsbeast, and performs or sells foragings whenever they come across a town.

  • Nickname: Hissy

    Full Name: Hysteria

    Species: rat

    Description: a white and tan rat with bright blue eyes. Has a sandy patch over one eye, that is later emblazoned with her spirit emblem, the coyote. Sandy, long hair in a ponytail.

    Wears a beaded skirt and scarves to bind at the hips and across the chest, presenting a bare midriff. Two shell earrings swing from her ears, and she harbors a bone-bead choker, inlaid with a jade stone. Cloth bindings from paw to just below the elbow, and same for the legs.

    Possessions: Carries her Hysteric bound at her hip or on her back in a leather satchel. The Hysteric is a self-made weapon, a segment of rope holding braids of bound rocks on either end.

    Strengths: a capable warrior and crafts-beast. Strong-willed, cunning, and wise.

    Weaknesses: Her ego can get her into (serious) trouble.

    Personality: Far more mature than the brothers, and very intelligent, quick to grasp the situation. Something of a natural leader, her strategic and leading traits often rub the Clan Heir the wrong way…so she's become competitive, always trying to out-do him.

    Background: Hysteria is betrothed to Hazel from birth. They meet when they're children, and naturally for their competing egos - they greatly disliked each other. (Hazel suspected that she wanted to take the Leadership from him. …And he would be half-way correct.)

    Because women are not usually considered warriors, Hysteria rarely lets on that she is more than able to defend herself, and may also have the skills of a deadly fighter. Only the brothers really know about it. Hysteria is very good at playing stupid.

    She gets along better with Crow, but over time, she and Hazel eventually become very firm friends.

    Age: 21

    Alignment: bad, neutral

    Job: assistant to the Seghesen family, one of Hazel's future wives. When the brothers run away, she follows after, to lend her support and keep them out of trouble.

    Has an extensive knowledge of herbs and medicines, and can read and write common.

  • Nickname: Cloud, Furan

    Full Name: Furanga Seghesen

    Species: rat

    Description: an under-sized, leucistic rat that must wear darker clothing, and a cowl, to avoid the harsher rays of the sun. Bears the markings of the Juskasen clan.

    Possessions: Coral bracelets, sakee. Bow-and-arrows.

    Strengths: Cunning and very quick. Can read, write, and translate well.

    Weaknesses: Born premature, and of poor health ever since. Begins as very naive and gullible to the world he was sheltered from.

    Personality: He's sharp, but easily misled; and though he remains honest and hopeful, he feels growing resentment towards his family for their consistent shunning of him, even though he tries his best to prove to Ilsen that he is a worthy clansbeast. Something dark brews beneath the hopeful surface.

    Background: Being born to the second wife with leucism, Cloud barely misses being abandoned at birth by the Seers of the clergy. Since he is sensitive to sunlight - and can die if exposed for too long - he is hidden away until nightfall, and under constant protection; when he comes out in the day, he's garbed in dark colors that won't irritate his eyes.

    Too weak to be a warrior, or a thief, or even a proper huntsbeast, he follows Crow into the clergy to perhaps bring some honor, to compensate his existence, to the Ilsen line. Ilsen will not look at him, and avoids him whenever possible. Only Crow and Hazel, and the younger siblings, pay him any mind or respect.

    In the Temple of Hetzayna, he trains and practices with a surprisingly fluid grace and speed that he hopes to one day show to his father, and earn his respect…but the longer Cloud spends time alone, the darker his thoughts become.

    He looks up to Hazel and Crow.

    His Guiding Spirit is one of the Four Deadly Gods: Mokan-Furan, the Owl.

    Age: 18

    Alignment: bad, neutral

    Job: Lesser Priest-in-training of Hetzayna in the Juskasen

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  • I love how insightful these are! You made fascinating cultural implications and described your characters in the same sentence. One of the most excellent examples of world-building I've ever seen on a forum. Five stars.

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