Don't vote until the voting is open. I will put up a notification when that happens. If you vote early, I will simply leave that applicant space unfilled.

One submission per contestant, nothing more than 1000x1000 pixels (900x1,100 and so-on is fine, within reason).
    Redwall-themed, no blood or gore. Make a tapestry, a sword, or whatever else you wish. Draw, paint, sculpt and photograph, use photoshop… Just don't violate copyright. Only guidelines. Have it it.
    Voting will commence on the 28th. Voting ends the night of the 31st. One vote per person, no voting for yourself.

((IMPORTANT NOTE: We want to be able to put stuff up in our Gallery, as soon as it is functioning. If you use photoshop or Gimp, or anything else, make sure that the textures and clips that you use for your work are not copyrighted materials))