You can only do one sentance…. Not crazy extended, but with as much action in the sentence as possible... Only a couple of characters, but they are not committed to a single person. Anyone can grab them. OK? Go....  (Oh, and after 50 posts, we chose a winner and second place ;p)

Branby galumphed through the meadow and began frisking through the field grass gayly, pulling her thumb from her mouth and throwing it to the sky in excitement.

The morning sun shone brightly down on that same meadow, reflecting off of the dew drops hanging from the grass and flowers, Graph was lying amongst the grass with his paws behind his head, soaking in the sunlight.

Upon looking in the mirror I was shocked; For it wasn't a man in the reflection, but a monster!

As three-paw looked at the beast above him, jumping up and down, with thumb in the air, the beast turned.

ooc- Okay so the three charas are: Branby, Graph and Threepaw (a vermin?) Let me know If that's wrong.

    Unaccustomed to seeing a beast detach a thumb so glibly and yet dance so merrily, Threepaw cocked his head to one side and inquired of Branby, "…....

"Oi, yous may want to get that-un prob-em fixed 'efore you take anotha season over ya shoulder!"

I think that dialogue made it a bit too complicated, lol. Hard to read. Fairy-tale style writing with "once upon a time" and "the princess walked the pond's rim" and "that were shiny" works a little better for these.

Branby turned and saw 3-paw.

It was love at first sight.

Branby puffed her quills a little without Three-Paw noticing and opened her maw to speak.

"I know Oi an't getted my Roit paw!" three paw said before brandy could speak.

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