Registration Closed (For the time being…)

  • We are having a bot issue right now…

    If you are reading this as a guest, please don't be offended... It's not you. We just want to make sure our site is secure and that we aren't being infected or spammed to death.

    If you wish to register, click on my name and send me an email. I'll personally create an account for you and send you a temporary password. Just make sure you tell me what you want as an account name.

    Seth, RL, or Kiara, can you look into this? I don't the have the time or resources right now to fix this problem.

  • Were the bots actually getting through the registration process?

    To check it out I had to allow registration, then logged out and went to register but the CAPTCHA along with 2 verification questions that I had added when the CAPTCHA was not working (which can be deleted if anyone wants them gone)
    After not being able to find anything wrong, I disabled it again, just in-case.

    (Also I noticed, the quick reply text box goes way off to the right, making you have to scroll over)

  • We shouldn't have any issues with bots. I'm perplexed by this and will look into it. Please re-enable the registration for the time being and watch what happens carefully. Also, I will fix the quick reply box as soon as I can get to it. Thanks for everyone's patience.

  • Will do

    Edit: I've re-enabled registration with email activation, meaning that new members would have to go to their e-mail and get an activation code.

  • Lol, his avatar looks like mine. We need to fix that.
    Also, the new theme, the kitchen, the library and gallery didn't go up this morning. I'll ask RL about it tonight and find out when that all is happening. He must have just spent last night transferring the site and fixing a few basic errors.
        Of course, this silly "Quick Reply" box needs an immediate fix. I'll see if I can figure that one out myself.

  • and funky 'S'  haha  😛

  • So the CAPTCHA box needs fixing:

    And so does the "Quick Reply" box.

    I'd make these changes myself, but RL has the files. Also, I'm not very familiar with actual coding, so I could seriously mess something up, lol.

  • actually the CAPTCHA is working.

    Edit: if you're not sure or uncomfortable doing it, I suggest waiting for RL. It's just the quick reply, so it's nothing major.

  • I can't fix the quick reply box till tonight but I just tested the registration and both the captcha AND the security questions are working as expected. Registration will remain open.

  • Actually I just fixed the quick reply box. Topic closed.
    Stay happy everyone!
    RL Support

  • Lol, my quick-reply is still broken.

  • It's fixed for me.

    Though there have actually been a few bots getting through. Last I checked we were up to 189 members, but someone had deleted them before I came back and we are back down to 183.

  • We still have some getting in. I don't know what needs to be done differently, but something needs to change. I'm not a huge fan of going in and deleting accounts twice a day. &=)

  • Let's please not delete accounts until a couple of days later (unless they have done something wrong). Some of those looked like real members. New members rarely post on the first day.
    We also might consider an e-mail confirmation system?

  • I do believe we already have it set to email activation.

  • I'm only deleteing new members that throw up a flag with their IP address here:
    If they show up there, they get deleted.

  • But there is some underlining problem with the registration itself. You deleted a friends account the other day, so I don't think this system is flawless…

    Seth, remember how Cyber nabbed that first bot before anyone else really saw it? Think about what would happen if most of these bots got left there for a couple days. I don't want to clean up after that.

    There is a new worm registering every 10 minutes. About 1/10 can't get past the registration. But that still leaves a lot of bots.

  • Actually, about 90% of them can't get through. As time goes on, few and few will get though. We'll discuss it in our weekly meeting.

  • Worked for me…
    Hey all! 😉

  • Hey, howdy hey!

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