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  • OOC- Well, when I wrote the post, I was thinking more along the lines of a mercenary otter… but not in a good crowd. Bad? Meh, I don't know. Has no moral instinct though. This is more of a tribe of misfits rather than family. And a Jada is a mentor... Not a father. Upon the Jada's passing, the apprentice picks up where he left off and avenges the death. Unless they died of natural causes. I that case, they quest so that the spirit makes its passage onto the next life...

    Sorry if it is confusing.

  • OOC- That's fine. I just wanted to clarify. By "Mah son" I don't mean literal. I tried to keep it open ended. Anyone want to take the reigns of someone in the crowd?

  • "Beasts of the sword, do you find the one before you worthy of his blade?"

    Khoba had a secret. It haunted him. It cursed in his face when he drew his sword. It spat at his feet when he saw his reflection. Sometimes, it taunted him…
        Sometimes it even dared him.
        The ferret drew his knife. It was a wearet knife; a crude, misshapen and flinty thing that was more the size of a sword in his paws. Most ferrets weren't big enough to carry such a weapon, but Khoba wielded with both pride and deadly precision.
        He stepped forward. In a deep voice, he called out in reply to the older ferret. "I am a beast of the sword and I find that this riverdog disgraces the ring and dishonors my kindred. I do not find him worthy."

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    IC- Hesari's head spun around to meet the voice, but his mind spun way past that and couldn't find a focus. No… He could direct his sword at will, but not his pain. That stayed. Accomplishment and retrospect healed it bit by tiny bit, but insult and dishonor opened the wounds anew.
      The dishonor angered him so. Dishonor to those who had gained his respect. Dishonor to their beliefs, their standards, their wholeness. It was also dishonor to the dead…
      Hesari pivoted back to face the wizened ferret. "I 'ave failed, Gamesmaster." Sword returned to the dust, point down and Hesari knelt face to the pommel. More, he wanted to speak, but he held his tongue in his cheek for a rare moment and waited for a verdict.

  • The ferret turned and examined the otter. His honor had been challenged. The ferret knew that there was no cause for the claim of dishonor. Many beasts far less skilled had entered the ring and passed unchallenged. The true claim for dishonor was not the skill of the beast but the simple fact he was an otter.
    "Hesari, the honor of your jada's spirit has been challenged. Do you feel honor his spirit or do you concede that you have failed?"

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  • The otter furrowed his brow and rested his face to the pommel. Sweat beaded down and cut a wet trail on the blade, all the way down to the sand. Do I claim humility? Should I allow the duel of Honor? I could just walk away and accept banishment…
    Realization struck him. "I do, sah. I 'onor with my effort and diligence. I 'onor with my 'onor. I 'onor with my every sword-stroke and 'e who challenges my Jada's 'onor, dis'onors me."
    Pulling his sword from the dust, he stood tall and raised it's point to the air and swished it about. "Step forward and face my honor, coward! Face my honor and face your death-breath! And anybeast elses 'o sees my flounce as failure!"

  • The hulking ferret stepped toward the ring, shoving a spindly rat out of his way. The rat toppled snout-over-footpaw into the sand. Khoba flipped his huge knife in one paw and threatened Herasi with a deep, rumbling growl. "Careful who you call a coward, riverdog."
        He stepped into the ring like he owned it. "Challenge me an' risk a painful death, or test again another day. Perhaps we will find you worthy another time, should you show wisdom tonight."

  • Besides the scrawny rat's snifflings, all beasts were silent as a dew drop. The ferret had ground it's hind paws into the sand and eagerly awaited some kind of action. He carried an evil, sophic smile. It made Hesari shiver slightly with uncertainty. But how could he back down? This was a rite of Adulthood. There was a very real chance of banishment if he declined the fight. But was banishment better than death if he lost? He didn't want to kill a creature. That wasn't his way…
      It was rash of me to make that challenge… This beast knows it.
      "A fight to 'a death."
      His turmoil all but resolved…
      Hesari moved into stance one.

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