Kaada the Echo

  • (I know he's Mary Sue and OP. He won't be involved in much of the role-playing. Besides, he isn't allowed to be involved directly in certain kinds of events, so he's actually very limited. He does a lot of watching)

    Nickname: Kaada (or "Kaada the Echo")

    Full Name: Kaada Aelius Kohlba

    Species: Human (with the common tint of Elvish blood)

    Alignment: Guardian of Eselbrador. Peace-keeper. Witness of important events and rememberer of great peoples.

    Job: He is the "Drone Warrior." He was chosen to inherit a vast of power, experience and memory from the long line of previous Warriors. There is only ever one Drone Warrior, and each one chooses the next.
        He is there as an observer, and to make sure that no one people grows too great, and that no one man controls too much.
        However, because of the vast buildup of knowledge and power, and their extreme lifespans, many Drone Warriors get bored or go insane. The three gods of Eselbrador keep him in check, however, and imprison him when necessary.

    "The Echo:" The Drone Warriors became too powerful. The three gods of Eselbrador curbed Kaada's power when he was chosen. He is limited to six gifts/powers, he will only live about 500-600 years and he can only inherit/pass on a certain amount of power. Also, his life force is dampened so that he has to regenerate his aura. It takes about three days to regain power after a full drain.

    Age: 48

    Description: Looks about twenty years old. His aura slows aging. A small, lean figure with short dark hair and sharp features. A boyish face, but a mature posture. Grey eyes, no-nonsense expression. Not particularly attractive or eye-catching. Carries weapons, but they are hidden from view.

    Possessions: a very, very old brass knife in his belt. It possesses the element of lightning. If he strikes a target, the knife entirely drains his life-force and strikes with an explosive power. You hear a clap of thunder and the rock face, breastplate or any other target will split open.
        He also carries duel kar-uul lances strapped across his back. They are short, thin and double-tipped metal lances. He possess some fancy clothing because of his time spent as royalty, but he travels a lot, and so prefers well-pressed traveler's garb. He hates cloak's however. He says they 'choke his aura and make it hard to breathe.'

        - Six gifts:
        1. Warrior: All the Warriors of the past were fighters. All their combat knowledge has been passed down to him.
        2. Youth: He will live about 500-600 years before he has to pass on his power.
        3. Invisibility: He can turn invisible. However, he can still be heard.
        4. Nether-Walk: he can walk through the birth-world of magic. It is like moving through soup, so it's slow, can suffocate him and will try to pull him apart, but he can move through solid objects and is undetectable. He can't go very far, however.
        5. Sight: He can see magical auras and comprehend them, much the way an engineer looks at a machine and understand the way it operates.
        6. Motion: he is able to move objects with magic. He can also twist or bend objects or open rifts large enough to swallow objects from Eselbrador and have them vanish. If he used his power all at once, could perhaps toss a 2-ton boulder about twenty feet, a scant percentage of what a catapult could do. However, this would drain him entirely and he would have to save up his power again.

        - He is dependent on magic. He would suffocate in a realm without it. 5 minutes in a world without magic would kill him.
        - He is not particularly strong, though he's a fast runner. In arm-wrestling, he'd fall in the 20th percentile… if that...
        - Cannot become romantically involved because he would outlive half a dozen wives. That doesn't strike him as honest or decent.
        - Cannot be involved in actual battle or quests. The three gods forbid a great deal of what he wishes he could do.
        - He is used to being able to manipulate temperatures and animate with with 'conditional aura matricies,' (like a computer program) but his limitations prevent him. No fire, no magical shields. Technically, he could fly if he tried to levitate the earth (he'd being pushing himself into the air) or could walk on walls (by pulling the wall toward him).

    Personality: Quiet, but intelligent. Tempted to be ostentatious at times, but rarely acts on the impulse. He tries to keep a low profile. He's afraid that he will turn into a tyrant, like the last Drone Warrior.

        Kaada is the son of a (recently dead) Master of the Order of the White Rose. He was treated very well, but didn't like the plush living and felt it was neither earned, nor deserved, nor character-building. He ran away to train as a soldier/spy and served a mission in Lokeb (now part of Eselbrador).
        Lokeb was a smaller kingdom that was courting Kariska's rule. The Whitedeaths wanted to be apprised of their dealings with the enemy. Lokeb was run by a powerful warlock at one time, but had long since gone silent. The warlock remained and ruled the people with brutality, but performed very little magic.
        Kaada caught his eye. Kaada slowly began to understand and love the man, despite his twisted ways. The tyrant of Lokeb sent Kaada "as his son" to the court of Kariska, where Kaada met Kiara. At the time, Kiara was very young. As time passed, they became friends.
        Eventually, the King of Lokeb discovered that Kaada was a spy in his court. He was heartbroken that his adopted son would betray him.
        The King of Lokeb, however, loved Kaada enough to forgive him. He aslo admitted that he had kept something from Kaada. He wanted a son because he needed to "pass to him a great burden." He said he had "lived far too long."
        The King of Lokeb passed to Kaada the powers of the Drone Warrior and gave him a King's blessing, that Kaada would rule with wisdom and strength... the Kaada would be a better ruler than he had.
        As soon as Kaada received the power and memories of the Drone Warrior, he inherited every Warrior's sentiment of "I've lived too long." In an instant, Kaada was left desolated by old age and an overwhelming boredom. He was left in wonder as to how the 'tyrant of Lokeb' kept as sane as he had.
        Desperate for relief, Kaada went to the three gods for help. As first the refused to help him because they weren't in the business of negotioning with mortals or taking lives, no matter how miserable.
        However, Kaada made his case by demonstrating the full power of new-inheritance Drone Warrior. He said that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that he would devastate the balance of the world. The god of Chaos agreed that even choas must be kept in moderation.
        They decided to curb his power and limit him to six gifts. They also relieved him of the boredom and depression he inherited from the other warriors. However, they would not take his life.
        In return for their compassion, he is to become their tool, to keep balance in the world and oversee the free and unobstructed flow of magic through the lands, like the caretaker of a great river.

    Over the years, Kaada became increasingly frightened of his power, curbed though it may be. He burned his throne and raised a democracy in Lokeb, then turned the kingdom (in part) over to Eselbrador, for supplemental ruling.
        People continue to defer to his judgement, however, and he is loved by the people. They call him "The Echo of Monarchy."
        Kaada continued to frequent Kariska's court for a long time, but Kariska began to grow distrustful of him. He started to wonder if he really is the son of the Warlock of Lokeb.

    As the years went by, Kaada became aware of Vikenti's interest in Kiara.
        Kiara eventually decided to escape and trusted Kaada enough to ask for help. He brought her back to eselbrador and then returned to Lokeb. Of course, if either of them returned, they would be killed.

    As far as being the Drone Warrior, he has only told Kiara and the Whitedeaths. No one else knows.
        Some people have noticed that "The son of the Warlock" can do a few tricks, but they don't realize he can do a little more than walk quietly or lift pebbles, or what degree of power he is a remnant of.
        They also don't realize he is tied to Eselbrador Royalty. That is one secret he kept in order to honor his adopted father, and to keep the peace with Lokeb.

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