CLOSED: Shadow in Mossflower Woods…

  • I want to introduce a new character… yeah and hoping to get more active, maybe I can get a plot going on in this?

    A figure ran silently thew the woods, the green and gray faded cloak blended into the forest background, making it hard to focus on the woodland beast. A longbow was slung over the shoulder and under the the cloak hidden by a flap was a quiver of 12 arrows. As the beast stepped in the sunlight, a double knife belt hung around the waist. A saxe knife on the top and a smaller throwing knife on the bottom on the right side, on the left was a small leather satchel. A long tail curled up from the floor.

    The mouse halted in the shade, throwing back her hood she looked around. Her big eyes ringed by exhaustion and fur less then steller. Her big ears twitched, picking up sound  and making sure she was alone, she pulled something out of her bag, it was a small simple silver chain, on the end was a quarter sized blue gem, holding it up she looked at it in the light. It seemed to change colors as it spun slowly on the chain, going from intense blue to faded blue. She was intranced by it, memorized by the color, it seemed to draw her in, and she saw the powers that she could have with the possession of the stone.

    Fabiana blinked rapidly and shook her head, snapping her out of the stones power. ahhh… she muttered. Of course she heard the story behind the stone, it was use to hyptomnize helpless victims to do unthinkable things. Fabiana has seen the effect of the stone and it wasn't pretty. That is why she had 'borrowed' it from the gang of vermin and now running from them, seeking a place to hid the stone or maybe even destroy it.

    Stuffing it back in her bag she took out a folded map and spread it out on the ground, "I must be here…" she muttered pointing to a spot, studying the map she looked up north, "Redwall Abby…" she muttered, maybe they know something what she could do with the stone. Yes that is where she will go, Redwall. Folding up the map she put it in her bag, her mind preoccupied with the stone and ideas on Redwall she didn't hear the beast stealing up on her….

  • Saula crept forward silently on all four paws. Eyes locked on Fabiana, tail flicking silently behind him, Saual placed each claw carefully in the soft soil to avoid crunching leaves and twigs.
        Goodbeasts were common on this road. He knew this. Years ago, he'd tracked many victims on this road.
        It had been many years since those days. Today, he wasn't scrounging for coins.
        He was hungry.
        Moist, black soil clung to his fur and mud dripped from his tail. His only clothing was a tattered brown belt made from vole leather. The rest of it had torn off during the last few days of his chase. His stomach was empty for want of food. He noticed none of this.
        He was so hungry…
        As Fabiana held the stone up to the sunlight. Blue shards of light danced off nearby leaves, like snowflakes. Saula stared straight at the large jewel, devouring it's beauty.
        He was so... so... hungry...

  • What creature is your character? Rat? or what? lol


    Fabiana glanced up at the sky and to the shadows to determine her position, adjusting her bearings to put her on the right path. Direction wasn't Fabiana's strongest point, she was average,  and sometimes struggled with direction and places. She also had to figure out Mossflower Woods, she wasn't familiar with the part of the woods.

    Looking in her stachel, disappointment clouded her mind as she noticed her food supply. Only berries left, being on the run didn't leave much time to scout around for food. Being so busy trying to keep the stone safe. Evil stone… she thought Putting me all through this… somehow she will find a way to destroy the stone, and go back into her normal life. Lifting up her hood again she proceeded to get going.

    It must of been fate, or exhaustion from being on the run that she had let down her guard, for Fabiana didn't see Saula creeping up behind her, until it was to late. Hearing a slight rustle she spun quickly on the spot, hand reaching for the saxe knife in her belt, stifling a squeak she saw one of her pursuers, tattered, dirty. The look in his eyes was one that gave Fabiana the chills….

  • OOC- Saul is a rat, lol. Sorry. I re-write each portions of my posts several times and sometimes delete important details XD

        Saula froze at the sight of the knife. He certainly wasn't the brightest or the bravest of beasts, but he knew enough not to attack an armed woodlander.
        Then he remembered he had a knife, too. The gears in this rat's head moved slowly, like they needed oiling, but eventually he realized that the odds appeared to be in his favor. This was a female mouse. He was a male rat.
        With a snarl, he pulled out in his knife. With a vicious upward jab, he struck for Fabiana's exposed throat.

    ooc- He isn't much of a fighter. I don't expect or really want him to harm her. shrug

  • Fabiana is a mousemaid… 🙂 Not squirrle this time. hahahaha Tho I do wanna RPG Tessa and Jessie in another post.

    Oh I feel like i'm powerplaying a bit here? Yes no...let me know....


    Fabiana's mind went over time as she saw him strike at her throat, she ducked off to the side, the knife missing her neck. She hit the ground in a roll and then quickly got back up. Quickly she seized up her opponent, a rat that was taller then her, and by the look of his fur and clothes, he was in pretty poor condition. But Fabiana was in the same boat, she was exhausted also. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fabiana wasn't good at fighting close quarters, it was also another weakness of hers, she prefer ed distance, using her bow and arrow then close combat.

    Without hesitating she charged at the rat, catching him on the side and tackling him to the ground. "You don't look in such a great condition, rat.." she spat, panting as she put the saxe knife against his throat.

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        And no you're not powerplaying to any degree that matters. It's all good 🙂

        Saula's breath left him in a painful rush as he hit the ground.
        As Fabiana brought down the knife, Saul grabbed her arms, dropping his own knife in the process. He struggled to fight against the falling saxe knife, but his limbs quivered weakly. He had forgotten how hungry and exhausted he was.
        "Pleez, mousey!" It was all the dim-witted creature could think to say. He'd never dealt with anyone except victims and masters. One did as he told. He did as the other told. He had no experience with motive or negotiation.
        "Pleez!" He thought furiously, an almost painful endeavor. Would could convince this beast to stop?
        Just then, his stomach growled loudly.

  • Fabiana snarled at the rat, as he struggled against her, but she had the upper hand. Anger, exhaustion is what was driving her, it took all her skill, not to have rage take over her.

    "Pleez, mousey!" she heard him plea, "Pleez!" she held him down fast, her mind going in overdrive, It will be so easy just to end his life there and now, then at least a bit of her problem would be gone. But no, she is not a killer, she grew up believing everyone should get a second chance, she wasn't a murder was she? Her anger fade a bit, and then the rats stomach growled. Fabiana cocked her head coming to the present, "Consider yourself lucky rat." she said and hauled him ruffly to his feet.

    I hope I don't regret this… she thought. Kicking away his knife she check him for other weapons, "Sit…rat." she said.

  • Saula slowly sat back down. He didn't like being handling roughly, but shock made him obedient. He wasn't accustomed to mercy.
        His stomach growled again. He put a grubby paw on his stomach. He wasn't much good at lying, but this time he didn't have to think hard to make up a story.
        "Pleez, mousey," he whimpered, only half-faking his misery. "Saula's just a tired, starvationed criture. Only wanted somethin' to eat…"

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    Fabiana narrowed her eyes, "Saula…" she muttered, "So thats your name." Picking up his knife she examined it, "hum...dirty, blunt...just like you." she said throwing into the woods."Pleez, mousey…" Saula pleded with her, "Saula's just tired, starvationed criture, only wanted somethin' to eat.." Fabiana rolled her eyes, "I can tell."

    She thought for a moment, maybe she was over reacting about hims just attacking for the stone, maybe he was really hungery and just wanted to rob her for some food. And then again, she could just tie him up and leave him here…sooner or later he will die of starvation. Shaking her head, she dismissed the thought, I'm not a killer…I was taught compassion and second chances. Time to follow those values, hopefuly the rat, Saula will see that.

    Turning her attention back to Saula she opened up her statchel, carefully not to revel the stone, even though she was sure that the rat already saw it. Taking out the rest of the berries, she reveled them to the rat, "You want food? I"ll make you a deal.." she said, looking right into his eyes. "You will give me directions to Redwall Abby, and in return you'll get these." she held up the berries.

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    IC- The wind wandered and went where it was forced to. Nothing to stop it. Only to make it go faster...

    This was so as it was driven up and over the craggy cliffs at seas' edge and rushed forward to meet the woodlands. On and on it drove, right to the heart of mossflower and passed by many beasts. Wind was an omen. Change. Something was changing, but you didn't know what. Some called it fate. Perhaps it would side with you, perhaps against. Either way, the wind didn't care. It just was. In this case, it got prodded onward by it's parent storm. Nothing terrible, but something beautiful and awesome.

    The storm walked on the water it dropped. The puddles it left were it's footprints and the winds were it's breathing. It spoke in thunder and touched with lightning. In many ways, this storm was like a creature. Not like the squirrels and other vermin of the forest, but almost as a spirit of nature.

    Forward it pushed with dedication. Many lives it touched. Many lives it changed. But whether these lives saw the winds as change or as the storms as beings, this duo would be effected somehow. And both knew from the moment the Storm began to wipe the mud of the rat and thoroughly soke the mousemaid.

    They were not the only ones that would be changed... Other souls near them viewed the storms and winds with different eyes and different hearts.

  • "You want food? I"ll make you a deal.." she said, looking right into his eyes. "You will give me directions to Redwall Abby, and in return you'll get these." she held up the berries.
        Redwall. The rat felt a tiny flash of panic. Saula's rusty brain squeaked into action. He'd heard of the great blood-red fortress of Redwall. If the mousemaid entered, then there would be no following.
        Then rain began to drizzle down on the pair of creatures. The moist black flecks of soil began to clump in his fur.
        Fabianna held the bag open for him, the berries. They'd been picked a while ago, there weren't very many, and they'd been sitting at the bottom of a haversack. He didn't have to try hard to looked disappointed.
        He looked up at Fabianna. "Tain't enough to feed a birdy. Wanna more." Impressed with his own eloquence, he resisted the urge to smile. Instead, he looked as pitiful as possible. As the rain grew heavier, that became far easier.
        "Do ye 'ave any cakes? Saula loves cakes. Gimme cakes an' Saula will show ye ta Red'all h'Abbey."

  • Fabiana looked at him, the rain dripping off her hood. "Do ye'ave any cakes? Saula loves cake. Gimme cakes an'Saula will show ye ta Red'all h'Abbey." She gave a harsh laugh, "Really? You're asking me for more food." Fabiana shook her head, she couldn't believe this rat, he wants cakes…CAKES! Her laugh was heartless, as she looked back at him, "Do I look like I have cakes? You dumb witless fool. What honestly goes in on your slow brick brain?"

    The rain slowly was soaking her cloak, and it didn't help with a wind that was coming through. She shivered slightly, "Saula..." her voice low, "If you take me to Redwall Abby, I can tell you that you will have all the sweets you can want, but for now, you deal with these." She look most of the berries and ate them infront of him, "Those are yours...the quicker you get me to Redwall, the quicker you will have food." she threw the bag of berries at him that almost had nothing left but a few berries on the bottom.

    "Lets get going rat." she said hauling him to his feet after he had finished the berries, tying his hands together in front, she pointed the way, "Lead on."

  • Fallon licked the rain off his lips and stared through the misty wind.
      "They a' close. I knows it."
      A pitiful voice mewled from behind. "I'm soaked! I'm cold! I'm hungry! Why did we have to come out and chase this stupid mousey? Wuts so important to send us out in the rain and lests us poor beasties be so mis-misa- UGH! Miseriable."
      Fallon rolled his eyes under his hood. "Shuts it you fool! There's not a bird or berry in the forest that can't hear ya complaining." Fallon trudged on through the mud. I must be quite a sight right now. A beast of mud… He looked back and counted his group.
      Merren tripped and fell maw-first into the mud. Gargling could be heard and his grimy face popped back up. "This is miserable! Why do we have to be out here?" Two different paws came from behind and shove his face back down. Six other creatures (of varying height and shape) marched past him, giving disdaining gazes through their shrouds.
      2 rats, 2 foxes, a lizard and a weasel… Oh, and that hapless ferret, Merren... We are missing someone. Fallon adjusted how cowl and whipped rain water from his eyes. "Anybeast seen my brotha?"

  • Reverrek had been walking the entire day, and was relieved when he finally caught sight of Mossflower Wood. 'Finally,' he thought, 'It shouldn't be too much further to Redwall from here.' Unfortunately for the honey badger, the hedgehog he had asked directions from wasn't the most gifted fellow when it came to path-finding, which meant that Reverrek was at least a good mile or so northwest of the main road.

    He entered the woods and quickly found the dense forest a tad harder to navigate than he had anticipated, and was soon very lost. Then, as if to mock Reverrek's misfortune, it began to storm. "Just my luck," he mused as he began looking for shelter. It was then that he heard several voices from up ahead, and they didn't sound like the friendliest folk. He quickly hid behind some nearby bushes and did his best to get a look at the beasts he had heard without being spotted. A group of seven vermin soon came into view, and Rev quickly ducked his head back behind the bushes.

    He heard one of them complain about the current conditions, followed by another of the vermin who seemed to be the leader silencing him before asking the whereabouts of his brother. The comment about chasing some "stupid mousey" piqued Rev's interest; it became quite clear that the group was up to no good. The badger weighed his odds. 'Seven, possibly eight against one. Probably not that great of an idea to make myself known then. With any luck, my presence will go unnoticed and maybe I can find and warn whoever this mouse is.' So he decided to stay behind the bushes and continue eavesdropping until such a time that he could slip away without being detected. With any luck, the vermin would reveal the reason they were chasing this mouse and he could have a clearer view of the situation…

  • ooc- So a mousy and a rat being chased by a group of vermin being chased by a badger to Redwall Abbey? 😄 I like where this is going…

    Now just need more willing hands...

  • As the winds started to get harsher and the clouds getting darker, KayLee had misjudged how quickly the storm had been moving across the land. She had hoped to get to Redwall Abby before the storm had gotten too bad, though it looks as though she'd have to quicken to pace or stop and put up some shelter of some sort.

    Since the disbandment of the traveling circus she was a member of, the squirrel-maid had been traveling around earning her keep and meals from preforming at different inns and taverns along her travels. During her days traveling with the circus, she did do a few performances in Mossflower, though she had never been to the great Abby itself.

    She wasn't any good at any long range fighting techniques; however in close combat, though she hasn't had to combat much, she figured she could dance circles around her opponent. Her training as a dancer and acrobatic has conditioned her body to be able to do manoeuvers that most beasts could not imagine doing. In most cases however, she?s able to get by through offering her services for a bit of entertainment.

    KayLee had decided to quicken her pace in hopes that she'd get to the Abby before the storm had gotten any worse. Her quickened steps caused her body to have a bit more bounce to it, which made her coin-shirt she wore while preforming dances jingle against her tambourine she used for her own music and beat. She smiled as the sound took her mind off the rain that was falling upon her and the ground around her.

    The squirrel-maid's faster steps along the path have caused her to catch up on two other beasts along the way. She didn?t know if they could hear her or not, but slowed down anyway. She didn?t know what to make of the mouse and rat pair, their interactions seemed quite odd from what she could see.
    "Hey!" She called out to them from behind. "You know of any shelter around here from the rain?" Perhaps they knew of someplace closer than Redwall Abby.

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  • In his more recent life, Saula was used to walking and all fours. Have two paws tied behind his back changed things considerably.
        Fabiana didn't seem like the sort of 'mousey' who was patient with rats and the like. Fearing her temper, Saula did his best to keep up on two legs.
        During the course of the next few minutes, they did not get very far. Saula was slowly getting the hang of balancing on just two paws, but the going was slowly and difficult for him.
        Then Saula tripped over a tree root (he was certain it tripped him on purpose) and fell snout-first into the mud.

    ooc- Fabiana is the more dominant of the two, so maybe she should be the one who replies to KayLee's hail.

  • ooc: Alright. 🙂


    Fabiana sighed irritably, her mood was sinking deeper and deeper, just like this cursed mud. It didn't help that the rat was going as slow as a snail, Fabiana was jerked to a halt as Saula fell down. You're kidding me right? she said as she rounded on the rat. "We have a long way to go rat," She spat looking at the a rat in the mud. She grabbed him by the scruff and hauled him to his feet, "And I don't have time for you to be sitting around. And not the root didn't trip you on purpose, dumb wit!" she snapped.

    Fabiana's head snapped up at the sound a voice, "Hey!You know of any shelter around here from the rain?" An oddly dressed squirrelmaid came up upon them, she wore a coin shirt and colorful looking fur. Fabiana studied her, former circus or entertainer. "Good day to you squirrel." Fabiana shook her head, "I don't know of shelter around here, I with this rat." she said jerking on Saula, "Are going to redwall abby, and he." she jerked on the rope again, "Is taking me." but at this rate we will get nowhere.

  • ( occ - my bad, I thought TJ had said something about Rev and CQ posting before me … but here is it 🙂 )

    As KayLee got closer to the pair, she tilted her head for a brief moment. They certainly looked like an odd pair. One would normally think that a rat would be holding the mouse captive, but this pair was the exception to that rule. Though in the mouse-maid's defence, the rat had probably gone and done something stupid and something he wasn't supposed to be doing.

    "Aye. I know of Redwall Abbey. Never been there me-self, but was headin' there hoping to get there before the rain. Looks like I'm a tad late, so I was hopin' there'd be someplace closer, 'till the rain passes." She said, now fully caught up with the mouse and rat pair. "Better late than never, eh? Better get goin' before we drown in the rain!" She said with a slight laugh. Whatever their story may be, seemed better to hear to while safe and dry in some shelter.

  • As soon as Saula saw KayLee, it was obvious to him that she was an acrobat and a fighter. Secretly, he hoped that Fabiana would rebuff the squirrel's offer.
        He'd served a master master many times, and it was never pleasant. Serving two masters, however, didn't strike him as a very bright prospect.
        However, he also very much doubted that Fabiana would rather have help from a rat that a woodland creature, like herself.

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