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  • Disclaimer: I am not a part of the Soma Games company, the material below does not belong to me, I am only a Redwall fan who is super excited about this project and trying to get more people involved.

    **AbbeyCraft - A Redwall Minecraft Adventure and community channel to engage and communicate with fans. But that's just the beginning…

    (Click play to be taken to their Kickstarter page)

    Who says that I am dead
    Knows nought at all.
    I - am that is,
    Two mice within Redwall…

    The Redwall Series of books by Brian Jacques has captured the hearts of kids and adults for over 20 years. With over 30 million copies sold around the world, it ranks as some of the bestselling fiction of all time.

    We've recently had the remarkable honor of announcing the first ever Official Redwall Video Game. The project is now ramping up, but it will take time - time in which the massive and deeply engaged audience will be hungry for news, images, video, and communication about anything Redwall-related.

    Enter AbbeyCraft.
    While we develop the Adventure Game we want to give you a way to engage, participate, and access special features like exclusive art, beta programs, development forums and more. And what better channel to use than another game in which building is a core concept - Minecraft.

    There is no official blueprint of Redwall Abbey. So our first task in the creation of any kind of 3D game is to layout a full representation of this storied edifice. Given the challenge, we'd be using Minecraft as a prototyping tool anyway which makes for a perfect opportunity to build an adventure map and possibly a multiplayer server. Within that world we can share, communicate and leak news to the people with the tenacity to follow in Matthias' footsteps across the sandstone floors of this mythical structure.

    We originally planned to dive right in and get busy creating the full adventure game without any preliminary steps. But then we thought “We want the most important people, the Redwall fans, to have a say in making this something Brian Jacques would be proud of."

    And as Minecraft has become a major part of the game community with largely overlapping audiences the fit seemed obvious.

    Soma Games is the lesser-known alter ego of Code-Monkeys. As a team we have built over 300 apps and games on several platforms, but primarily for outside clients like Intel, Aruba Networks and Belkin…so it's easy to have missed our name. But this is in no way our first time around the block.

    Soma and Code-Monkeys are award winning shops (including a MacWorld Best of Show award and Best UX in Intel's Ultimate Coder Challenge) and sought after speakers at events like Casual Connect, Serious Play and NRB.

    Shoring up the Soma Games team, we are working closely with Sean Rubin. Sean has been the official Redwall artist for several years now and the unofficial curator of the canon. His participation is of immeasurable value in making sure we properly convey not just the coarse strokes of the books, but also the fine details.

    All of the rewards have been selected to reward the True Redwall Fan. Our biggest (non-financial) goal here is to find and engage the kinds of fans that live and breathe Redwall. We know that this story is so loved, so admired, so formative for many people that getting it right is a big priority. But we'll never be able to do that without the input from fans like you. Did Matthias wear a hood, or just a robe? Was Constance 3 mice tall or 4 - it all matters, and our reward list has been designed to attract the die hard fans who refuse to be left out of the worlds first official Redwall game.

    The work behind the larger game has already started in earnest but there is still a lot of work between here and launch day…and funding is only one of the potential threats to the Adventure Game. This is a place where Kickstarter could do

    If this campaign catches a wind like the screams of a hundred eagles and it starts looking like a Double-Fine kind of story, we've still got a ton of headroom here. Those extra funds will go directly and immediately to the Adventure Game game project, opening up levels for extra content, more races, more platforms and just making the generally Bigger, Better and Badger!**

  • This.

  • Their facebook fanpage has been putting a lot of material up lately.  I'm trying to see if I can scrape together some loose coppers to donate to their kickstarter.  Super stoked haha

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    I'm definitely prepared for this. It looks freakin' awesome 😄

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    No offense, Scarlet, but this video game thing is WAAAAY to complicated for me! 🙂 So, I hope you don't mind if I don't participate. 🙂 No offense meant, but this is just too grand for my brain to comprehend….

  • It's not complicated, Jared. Basically what they need most right now are donations to their Kickstarter page, and at the very least the support of the Redwall fandom.  (Which it would seem that they definitely have.  )  (-:

  • Regardless if you can donate or not, I am sure they have everyone's support from here.

  • Hello Redwall Legacy,

    Your own Sethorion let me know about this board and invited me to say hi.
    My name is Chris and I'm with Soma Games. As Scarlet mentioned we just recently acquired the right to create a Redwall themed video game and we're off and running!

    At this moment we're running a small Kickstarter campaign to help get the word out and blend the worlds of Minecraft and Redwall. You can check it out here:
    There are only a few days left but it's not too late to be a part of AbbeyCraft and get exclusive access to sneak peak stuff as we build the game.

    If any of you like puzzles, then I suggest you check out #F00wall on Twitter and see what's going on there…grand prize for that rather difficult puzzle is pretty cool (IMHO).

    At Soma Games we have a great desire to interact with the existing Redwall communities like yourselves. Obviously I can't share stuff that too secret but feel free to ask any questions or tell us what you think.

    Oh, and don't miss:

  • Ok, this is awesome. I can't believe seth got the guy from SomaGames to come here.

  • redwall+minecraft…...this has GOT to be good:)

  • Since role-players are the majority of the Redwall Community who would be interested in the game, and because rules of Role-play and the manner of role-play are important to us, I'm going to suggest to him that someone from Soma actually role-play with us, to become used to how it works.
        I may even suggest to them that they may ask to use character names and/or plot ideas that are present on the forum. We have a massive litany of sheer creative material here on the forum that they seriously should take advantage of.

  • That, I think is a great idea. Provides opportunity of learning and fun on both sides. 🙂

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