Tarlish, Senior Assassin

  • Nickname: Tars

    Full Name: Tarlish Jei Sehna

    Species: Pine Marten

    Description: A smidgen taller than most members of his species, but not by any noticeable degree. His natural look is chestnut brown fur across his body with a creamy yellow patch down his chest and underbelly. His face is a bit more fox-like than most members of his species, and has been known to pass as a fox on occasion. He is well-muscled, but retains a fairly lithe and flexible frame without bulked muscle, an extremely conditioned body. His eyes are acutely green. He has various scars beneath his fur, most scarcely visible with the exception of one obvious strip of scarring along his right thigh where an arrow grazed deeply.

    However, his fur is often dyed, usually forest colours. A mottled mix of olive green, dirt brown and other earthy tones cover him tip to tail, completely until he sheds. His clothing varies a bit, but is generally coloured forest-camouflage like he is. He wears loose robes that offer quick and free movement, but do not hinder him or get caught up easily. The robes have a hood as well, which is often enough in place.

    Possessions: Tarlish carries one short sword with a blade just over two feet long, Sturdy build, single-edged, and dyed a dark green colour so it reflects little light. (Think of a shortened ninjato)

    He has on his left arm a convenient killing tool, a gauntlet hidden beneath his robes with a blade that extends out beneath the wrist on-command and retracts on-command very quickly, locking in place when extended. This he used for quick, discrete killing and for a hidden edge in fighting. It has a safety on it so it does not extend by accident.

    He carries several meters of slender, but very strong rope wrapped around his body. This can be used for climbing, but he generally uses it as a noose to be dropped on to victims from above.

    He carries a few small daggers hidden on his body.

    He sometimes utilizes a small squirrel bow.

    He has several pouches on his person within easy reach, mostly containing fine dust or sand he may throw to blind opponents, sometimes they might hold poisons.

    A small rucksack strapped to him carrying survival supplies -namely tinder gear, a fishing tackle, and some medicinal herbs.

        - Very skilled fighter, quite proficient in most forms of hand-to-hand combat and archery.

    - Excellent at discreet movement, blending into places, hiding, the art of stealth in general

    - Highly skilled at climbing and smooth movement across rough terrain, good at moving through the trees as any squirrel.

    - A quick thinker, and physically quick and agile.

        - Considers himself one of the best killers alive, can be quick to unintentionally underrate others. Doesn't work well with others unless he is giving orders, doesn't think others can do it as well as he can -with exception of a few key people he knows personally.

    - He is essentially an indoctrinated psychopath, raised by propaganda and hatred towards vermin -he does not consider his kind to be vermin. In his mind, vermin are the manifestation of evil. If they are eventually all killed, evil will cease to exist. He considers them very literally unnatural, and has zero reservations about killing them or torturing them to get information. He refuses to consider the possibility of 'good' vermin and believes anyone who thinks otherwise as deceived, and any 'good' vermin to be waiting to strike -even if they do not know it themselves. Babes, old ones, young ones, he does not care. He will kill them without remorse of any kind.

    - He has encountered lots of success in his life, and has yet to face a complete defeat with no way out. So despite what he thinks, he subconsciously believes that he will always get away, dodge the bullet, save the day.

    - He has no problem with manipulating others for his own ends.

        Friendly, charismatic, loves a good joke or a tale over a meal. To 'good beasts' that is. He likes fighting and takes supreme contentment in believing his war of extermination against all vermin-kind is completely justified and the epitome of moral rightness. He can shift his personality quickly, depending on the situation, and firmly believes the ends justify the means.

    In terms of vermin, he doesn't truly hate them. He does hate them, but he hates them like a sickness or a disease, not hatred as in hating a rational thinking living creature. He likes fighting and killing them and proving his superiority over them, taking particular enjoyment and glee in 'Killing any vermin that honestly believes he's any good as a fighter or has delusions of invincibility.' This promotes his taste for trying to kill chiefs, leaders, any vermin with an ego complex. He has no problems with torture if it will get him results he needs, but he isn't a sadist and Tarlish kills efficiently, not trying to lengthen suffering for no reason outside of need.


    Tarlish is part of a tribe/cult called the Ashashani of South, a tribe of assassins who were in between being soldiers for hire and moral crusaders. Occupying territory far down in the southern isles, they were uprooted violently and forced from their home by an invading wolverine called Vara Schvall and his army. Tarlish was born on the ship off the coast of Southsward into a time of turmoil and bitterness. His father was dead, killed fighting Vara's soldiers, and his mother mixed between anger and grief.

    When they arrived on the west coast of Mossflower, they decided to establish themselves in the forest, becoming a tribe extremely dedicated killing vermin of all kinds. Tarlish began training around the age of six and continued intensively for ten years, continued by more sparse and experience-based training on and off through his life until now. When he was sixteen, he was put under bondship with a senior assassin named Farrel, working with him throughout Mossflower for five years until he was named as a senior assassin and given freedom to roam Mossflower on his own accord and doing his work as he see fit. For the next five years until the present, Tarlish has been hunting and prowling through Mossflower, eliminating small gangs and assassinating chiefs of larger bands, breaking them up so he could pick the others off easier.

    Age: 26 years old

    Alignment: He considers himself a good beast. Most would consider him neutral with good intentions.

    Job: Assassin. He takes some contracts for income, but he is largely self-sustaining in terms of food, shelter and the like.

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    Farrel! I knew I recognized this character somewhere. How have you been?

    Also, solid profile as always. I always liked your character greatly; a very interesting beast.

  • Good character, can't wait to see him in action!  🙂

  • Thank yuh! I'll have to see if I can jump in with him somewhere.

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    Oh, Farrel, I like the mental aspects of Tarlish's weaknesses, but maybe some physical weaknesses could be posted as well? I'd like to see what he's not so good at when it comes to fighting or other physical attributes. 🙂

  • Well the angle I'm working for his angles is that anyone likely to help him is likely to be quickly alienated by his utterly remorseless behaviour.

  • Hey J! I'm going to post a new thread (maybe today or tomorrow) and you're more than welcome to join in. I'll post a link here when I get around to starting the thread.

  • I'll try! My computer access is sketchy right now while my laptops being fixed though.

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