Redin Outmir : Redin Outmir : Ferret

  • Name: Redin Dakker Outmir

    Species: Ferret

    Alignment: Redin is a mercenary. When he is not being payed to end someones life, he takes it into his own paws to kill whomever stands in his path.

    Age: 28 equivelent years

    Physical Description/Distinguishing Features: Redin has dark rusty rown fur, with a light brown around his stomach and chest. Underneath his fur lies muscular arms. He has to have strong arms in order to carry and weild his weapon efficiantly. He is relativly thin because his days of wandering have left him hungry many nights.His eyes are a deep brownish red color. When he is in one of his "moods" his eyes take on a more red color. Normally his eyes are more brown than red. He has a lot of small scars especially on his arms and legs. He also has a small scar on his shoulder where he was shot with an arrow.

    Special Talents/ Skills: He is skilled with many different types of weaponry, he is the most skilled with short range and hand-to-hand weapons. He can use a bow but he would prefer to sneak up on his targets and slit their throats from behind.

    Military Experience: Redin is a mercenary. He has served both goodbeasts and vermin in his days. He is extremly stealthy and has been hired for assassinations, spying, and many other tasks of the sort.

    Weapons: As was stated above Redin is skilled with many different types of weapons but he specializes in short range weapons. His main weapon is a scythe blade attached to a staff. The Weapon weighs about 40-50 pounds and can take out even the most armored foes. He also carries two daggers with dark red blades. Upon each blade is writen two words: Rutilus Letum . The Red Death.

    Personality: Redin is very unstable. He can be perfectly calm one moment, but unpredictable at others. He almost wants death to take him so he fights without regard to his own safty making him a formidable opponent.

    Physical/Mental Illnesses: I guess that he has somwhat of a split personality

    Speaking Style: He speaks very little, but when he does talk it is in a cold, hard, voice.
    Friends: Redin has no close friends, the only people that he regularly talks to are the ones that pay him the most.

    Biography: Redin was raised in North Mossflower. Being a ferret meant that he was disliked by those that were not of his species such as the squirrels, hares, and other creatures that lived in the North. Going against what everyone had believed he found a friend outside of his species. He was a squirrel named Kei. They had to keep their friendship a secret from their families or else they would never see each other again. The friendship lasted for many years until a drought forced the families in the area to fight for the land and the small river that ran from the icy peaks of the mountains. During one such fight Kei was killed by a badly shot arrow. Redin, who was overcome by grief ran away from the north and ventured into the warmer climates of mossflower. He wandered through the forest for days without eating before he was found by two travelers on their way to visit the famed Redwall Abbey. They cared for him for three days. On the third day he had left taking a bag of provisions. He eventually found a band of theives who he joined and learned the art of hand-to-hand combat. It was also from these theives that he first found that he had a very good sense of stealth. After a season of traveling with these theives he saw that they were evil. The memory of Kei had forced him to leave and being his career as a Mercenary. Now after 8 seasons of killing countless countless beasts his mind has numbed to the horrors and he has become what he never wanted to become…evil.

    Just tell me if you need anything else or if I need to change anything.

  • Accepted.

    Pretty interesting actually.

  • wow nice

  • Thank you. At first I had him as the Cliche bad guy goes good type thing but I ended up changing him back to Evil. ^^

  • Pretty cool. ^^ Awesome to see a new face. 😛

    I think a little more detail about his instability would've been great for readers, and it also could have illustrated just what sort of state his mind is in. But yes, pretty cool. ^^

  • but you can build how the carater is going to be over time

  • True, I just tend to shy away from that. lol, I've always been a "show me right here, right now" kind of role-player. It adds a sense of challenge to the role-player when you map everything out like that. You aren't so much just rolling with the game-play, you're actually obligated to adhere to rules you set yourself. Especially with specific flaws and merits, I just love in-depth disadvantages. lol

    Plus it makes you all the more proud when you look at how specific you wrote it, and to see that you role-played it so well. That's also why role-playing adopted characters can be so fulfilling. It challenges you as a role-player to every extent. 😉

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