Amelia Everwave

  • Name - Amelia Everwave
    Title - Captain of the Hark
    Nicknames - Amy, Ever
    Type - Sea Otter
    Clan - Clan Everwave (clan existent)

    Eye Color - Light grey with blue flecks
    Build - Average otter maiden build
    Strength - Average otter maiden strength, stamina, speed, etc.

    Age - 22

    Description - Pretty enough, as otters go, but she's accumulated a few scars throughout her life so far which sometime diminishes her natural beauty.

    Clothing - Amy usually wears a sea snake skin kilt with leggings and a loose white tunic (not so white after much sea spray stained it). Shark skin boots. A tight fitting, round cap (kind of  like a tight beanie but made out of shark skin).

    Weapons - Long dagger hidden in her boot, steel javelin and a longbow.

    Personality - Rough around the edges but easy-going. Has a loud, rambunctious laugh and a passable singing voice. She usually keeps her temper under control but can snap out in very tight situations. She likes to give her enemies a chance to repent if they're at her mercy, but in battle she'll fight and kill as she needs. She likes to avoid fights if she can. She's very lenient with her crew but will be stern with them when necessary.

    Strengths - Swimming, for one x)  She's good with her javelin and longbow but not as skilled with her dagger. She keeps the dagger for close encounters but she hasn't had to use it that often due to her javelin and longbow generally keeping enemies at a distance. Has a good head for naval battles and strategies. Generally has good sense.

    Weaknesses - Though she has a good head when it comes to the waters, she's not so good when it comes to "landlubber disputes". She has difficulty reconciling the differences between the way things are run on the land than on a ship sometimes. She usually can keep a clear head, but if any roguish beast with good looks happens to catch her eye she'll immediately begin flirting and trying to win him over. In these situations she tends to take commonplace phrases and sentences and connect them with declarations of love and so forth. She has a tendency to be superstitious, like any sailor.

    Background -

    Amelia Everwave was born on the northern shores and grew up on a ship with her father, who was a captain. She soon chafed for a command of her own but her father didn't want her to grow up as a seafaring beast. She ran off and gathered a crew. They stole a vermin warship and killed the entire crew, renaming the ship Hark. After a season or two of sailing and warring against freebooters and pirates, she and her father met again near Salamandastron. Reunited, their past wrongs were forgiven and they left in peace. Her father was old and decided to retire, offering his ship to Amelia. She refused however, but took on some of his old crew, one of which became her first mate, Garth Longsight. She's made numerous visits to Salamandastron and visited Redwall Abbey only once. Captain Amelia Everwave is now sails around the Seas with her trusty crew, killing vermin when they need to and enjoying the seafaring life otherwise.

  • Warrior Member

    Looks good, I like it. A sea Otter; we only have one other Sea Otter here, so it's nice to see another. Most of the other Otters here are river otters (including my Otter)

    Good bio, not too long, but well written and with good detail and a shorter amount of reading. I like it!

    If your character is ever in Mossflower woods and needs a beast who can build ships, my Otter would be happy to help. As far as I know I have the only carpenter/architect warrior on the forum. 😛

  • In my own, personal opinion, I think this is a very well made character. I agree with Shadow; not too long but not too succinct either. It has the core basics without any padding and reads well also.

    I think I might have a character who would just love to meet Amelia. They share a similar sense of fashion, mwa-ha-ha.

  • Thanks so much you guys!

    I'll keep that in mind, Shadow!

    And I look forward to it, Penblade! Me and Dusk are thinking about starting an RP so perhaps you could join us later on! x)

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