The Kiara and Vikenti Wedding

  • The air in Eselbrador was abuzz with an almost tangible energy. Beggars wore smiles, guards gave pardons, and merchants gave discounts. A sense of cheer and good will fairly saturated the city for on that day, beneath the sweeping, soaring arches of the mighty cathedral near the center of the city, the two most powerful and benevolent regents in all the known world were to be married, unified in bond just as they were unified in love.

    Dignitaries and nobles from around the world had come to be a part of the occasion. Some came with wagon trains stretching for half a mile like the sultan of Kabdesh, while some had walked the entire way with nothing more than a satchel of dried meat like the Green Thane of Hjorland. All were welcome in the doors of the cathedral, though the massive influx of nobility tended to scare away the less noble classes. It was still at least a few hours before the ceremony would be ready to begin but from the line of people waiting to get inside you might have thought the wedding had already begun and they were late.

    Of course, it wasn't all smiles and good will, and the royal guard knew it. If someone wanted to, say, assassinate the king or queen, a public venue would be an ideal time to do it. As such, the cathedral was being patrolled by every soldier, guard, naval officer, and militia man that could be mustered. The place was more secure than a mountain keep. Every entrance and exit was covered by both a bowman and a swordsman. Nothing short of death incarnate would stop this wedding.

    At the huge double doors though, there were no guards. Instead, Pentus McBladen, the royal bard, was greeting people as they entered. He appeared nonchalant and at ease in his narrow purple robes, though he kept a firm grip on his staff at all times. At the moment he was greeting a portly, red faced man who was grinning from ear to ear. The man wore a voluminous white robe with a gold sash and cap. Pentus bowed courteously with one hand on his stomach and one on his shoulder, "Greetings Oh sultan of the undying Kabdesh desert. May your steps lead you to water and your tent never fail you for shade."

    The portly sultan returned the bow and sidled further into the cathedral. Pentus' eyes followed him, looking for any protrusions that might be a dagger or other weapon. He'd been silently scanning the sultan with both his eyes and magic since the second he'd spotted him. Kabdesh men were known for their jealousy of other men with more beautiful wives than they. He might have been planning something… stupid. Luckily, the sultan seemed harmless after a minute of searching. Satisfied, the bard turned back to the door and smiled invitingly, ready to welcome and inspect the next guest.

  • Platime sat in a hammock, his legs crossed at the knees and a hat pulled low over his eyes. The hammock was tied between a pair of trees outside the city, located on a small hill a few hundred yards from the main gates. There wasn’t another soul anywhere near Platime’s trees; the nearest people were those going in and out of the city gates. Normally, Platime would have been out in the city right now, picking a pocket, or stealing merchant’s goods, but not today.  Today, he was taking a little break before work.
    A gentle breeze blew in from over the city, setting the hammock rocking and lifting the brim of Platime’s hat a little. He reached up and grabbed the brim, resetting the hat on his head, and then turned his eyes skyward. He looked at the position of the sun, estimating what time it was. He sighed, then uncrossed his legs and stretched. He swung his legs over the side of the hammock and jumped down to the ground. He turned and looked over the city, what he could currently see over the walls.
    “Well, I’d better get going,” he said to himself as he started heading towards the main gates,” That wedding will be starting soon, with all its dignitaries, and visiting monarchs, and ambassadors, all covered with gold and jewels. Not to mention the happy, and royal, couple, no doubt decked in their finest.” as he neared the base of the hill, he smiled to himself, laughing just a little. “It’s not like they’re going to rob themselves, no sir.”
    (OOC) just a small post to get him going, I’ll bring him to the cathedral in the next one, and I’ll remove this note by then.

  • Today was the day. Needless to say, Kiara didn't get much sleep the night before, it'd be her last night in her own bed chamber. Just about everything was already moved up to the royal bed chamber that she will share with Vikenti, though she spent enough time there anyhow, but after today, it would be officially her room as well as his.

    All that remained was the things she needed to get ready. Some personal care products lined one shelf, things for her hair along another. And of course her dress hung neatly in the closet, waiting for time to get closer, as it was just a little too early to leave for the cathedral just yet.

    There in her bed chamber, she sat while two or three other women, the best in the land, tended to her hair, face, and hands.

    A servant knocked on the door and upon entering, she notified Kiara that the carriage was all set and the horses were all cleaned and ready and just needed to be hooked up to the carriage that would carry her to the cathedral.
    “Very well. Thank you.” She said with a smile and dismissed her.

    Kiara closed her eyes. Soon, very soon, she will become Queen Kiara Whitedeath.

  • The Royal Advisor looked at herself in the mirror, today was the day her friend and future queen was to be married. And of course, TJ was the maid of honor. Ohhh how exciting it will be! TJ was never a maid of honor before even though she had attended a lot of weddings in her lifetime, as a bystander of course.

    She already had her hair done, her blond hair swept up in a half up-do an soft curls falling down over her strapless light blue bridesmaid dress. Tying up the white ribbon in a bow behind her back, she winked at herself in the mirror, "Looking good TJ for once a dress that fits! But totally not looking like TJ." she said. But she did have to admit that she did miss her breeches and long flowing robe that she was accustomed to wearing, and TJ almost didnt recognized herself in a dress.

    Suddenly she felt nervous, this totally wasn't like her, what if she tripped. TJ glanced meaninfuly at the high heels that was the next to the mirror, now that would be horrible! Shaking her thoughts free of dread she rolled her shoulders back and picked up her stuff, 'you'll be find TJ…" she muttered.

    Looking out of her door, she slipped quietly out and down the hall to where Kiaras room was. Being the royal advisor she did have a sense to make sure the bride-to-be will be fine and not having second thoughts. She knocked softly and then opened the door poking her head in, "Hello Your Royal Highness" she said bowing and entering the room.

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    OOC: OK, so as this is taking place after the expedition, Jared turned 18 unknowingly while he was in the Elvish ruins, so here he is, smarter, taller, mature in all aspects, and finally an adult.

    BIC: 18 year-old Jared Sandeye had not entirely intended to attend the wedding of the Whitedeaths. Although he was the talented blacksmith who had been chosen by the royal family to forge their crowns out of the legendary Elvish and Dwarven metals using Dwarven equipment, Jared had purposefully left the crowns locked in a special and ingeniously hidden box in his home - to which the key could be found only by unlocking a eight-letter cryptex of Jared’s own invention. The cryptex itself would only open by an eight-letter password – the answer to a complex riddle, also of Jared’s own invention.  Despite not actually having either of the aforementioned objects with him today, Jared had to admit he was quite proud of himself for creating them and keeping the royal family’s legendary crowns under such enigmatic security.

    But Jared – in his body - was not headed to the cathedral, or – in his mind - to the solution of the cryptex’s riddle. He was headed to the cemetery. Unexpectedly, the day of the Whitedeath’s wedding had fallen on the most important day of his life, the day that changed his life and turned it around forever: the anniversary of the deaths of his parents, Edison and Faolis Sandeye.  When he heard it from his fellow villagers, he had immediately made plans to miss the wedding on purpose and instead visit the cemetery and pay his respects to his deceased parents. So Jared was dressed in his nicest black suit, complete with a matching tie, cummerbund, shoes and socks, and a perfectly-fitting white shirt. On his head was a dark brown lederhosen hat complete with a black feather, pulled over his face so no one headed to the cathedral could recognize him. He hoped that at the cemetery, no one would know he was there, and no would notice him missing from the cathedral. The wedding could go on without him. It wasn’t like he was necessary for the wedding ceremony or anything.

    Melinda Williams, meanwhile, also 18 years old, had been the most excited of all the girls in Eselbrador. She had been overjoyed and quite beside herself when she saw Jared Sandeye return safely and in one piece from the Elvish ruins, despite serious wounds which had been healed in mere seconds by mage healers up in the castle. Contrary to Jared’s plans, Melinda’s immediate plans were to attend the wedding, all of it, whether Jared would come with her or not. She knew that her boyfriend would rather attend his parent’s graves and pay his respects, and she didn’t dare to touch the Whitedeath crowns, for fear that she would do irreversible damage to Jared’s “Magnum Opus”, as he called it. Not only that, but she didn’t even know the answer to the cryptex’s riddle, so she was perfectly safe.

    Melinda skipped excitedly to the cathedral, stopping only to curtsy to Pentus McBladen respectfully and offer her hand for the Bard to kiss. She was wearing the very same Zaridian silk dress that Emperor Kariska had given her when she first met him. It was the most beautiful dress she had ever owned, and as Kariska said, she would never have to wear another one. On her head, she wore a small tiara of red roses, on her wrists, the same roses, except as bracelets, and on her feet were her usual sandals. Melinda led her group of friends into the massive cathedral, and began to look around for seats.

  • Pentus smiled warmly at Melinda as she skipped into the cathedral, the very picture of excitement. He bowed gracefully to her and kissed her hand when she offered it, "Aw, Melinda. A pleasure to see you again. You look simply radient in that dress, and the roses suit you perfectly. I must speak with your tailor," He smiled at each woman in turn as Melinda led her train of friends inside.

    When the entire party had entered though he allowed himself a small frown of worry. He wondered why young Jared- but no, that title no longer fit the newly matured blacksmith. He wondered why Jared was not here as well. An event such as this, and the chance to see his blushing beau in such a fine dress… why wasn't he here?

    The bard glanced out the doors and craned his neck to see if the blacksmith was further down the line, but it appeared not. He sighed quietly, hoping Jared was simply running late, then fitted a smile to his face and continued greeting the guests.

  • Dusk stepped out of his carriage, just outside the cathedral. He was wearing a white, double-breasted waistcoat with silver buttons, over top of which he wore a single breasted black suit, also with silver buttons. The suit was completed with a pair of black trousers, black dress shoes, and black gloves. Underneath his arm he had two parcels, both covered in brown paper and tied with twine. He looked up at the cathedral, then ran his gaze over the other carriages stopping in front of the building. There were a large amount of them, as well as horses and other people who were simply walking. Those who were walking up to the cathedral were dressed in their finest, from silk dress and well made suits, to fine wool shirts and trousers.
    Dusk turned back to the cathedral, starting to walk towards it, along with the throng of people. Those in front of him were being greeted by a man in purple, whom seemed rather jovial. He was most likely the court bard, Pentus McBladen.  Dusk waited patiently in line for his turn to meet the bard and enter the building. He stepped up to Pentus after a large group of young ladies were allowed through. He readjusted the parcels under his arm, then thrust his other hand forward. “Hello, and good day to you” he said in formal tones, along with a formal expression. “Tell me, where should I place these?” he asked, indicating the parcels.

  • Kiara smiled, as she turned her head to see TJ at the door. “You look beautiful.” She said motioning her to come further in the room and get comfortable. “I was just notified that the carriage is just about ready, so it shouldn’t be much longer.” She said to her dear friend and advisor.

    The bride looked out of the window then to a young maiden what was in the room helping. “Go see if Vikenti, Narvis, and Vladimir have already left. If not, tell them that we need to be leaving soon. However, if Vikenti still has not left, he must find another way there. I’m not having this marriage start off with bad luck.” She said with a half laugh.

    The maiden girl nodded and left the bride’s room.
    She walked quietly to the Prince’s room first and knocked on the door, waiting for a moment to get an answer. She figured the king and his brother would be in the royal chambers, but she was not sure if the prince would be there or in his own room getting ready.

  • Vikenti was outwardly very prepared for the wedding, already dressed in royal finery. But inside, he was very unprepared. He paced back and forth across the royal bedchamber, going over the words and actions in his head.

    His brother, Vladimir, sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Vikenti lazily. "You already know the girl as well as any husband," Vladimir said, "why are you so nervous about marrying her?"

    "You know, there is something special about your wedding day," Vikenti replied, "it only happens once."

    "No, I wouldn't know. And for some of us, it will never happen," Vladimir said flatly, "rather pointless, marriage."

    "You may not always think that way," Vikenti sighed. The carriage would be there soon, he hoped Kiara was ready, and his sister, Verusha.

  • Not hearing anything when she knocked on the door of Narvis' bedchamber, the maid made her way to the king's chamber. She gave a quiet knock on the door upon arriving. She could hear the king and his brother talking.

    Kiara had finished getting ready and proceeded to leave the room, to go into the main foyer for the carriage ride to the cathedral, where everyone awaited for them. "Come on TJ. It's about time we leave. Can't be late for our own wedding." Kiara said with a laugh.

  • TJ laughed and put on her shoes, "Our wedding? You mean your wedding,"  she said winking. She stood up, and wobbled a bit, "lets hope I don't made a fool of myself!" and walked over to Keira, "M'lady." she said opening the door, but first checking to make the hallway was clear.

    Finally the wedding was happening, with everyone so busy, it was good to have a break and a celebration. "Nervous?" she asked as they walked to the carriage.

  • OOC- I know its a long one. I figured it would be a good way to introduce my character. I tried to keep it interesting.

    As the Cathedral came into view, Kaada stared at the graying stonework. It was growing older, like he was. Kaada the Echo should have had grey hairs by now. He was about fifty years old, but had the body of a twenty-year-old man. A small one, at that.
        The long line of fine carriages inched past the Cathedral, depositing men and women clothed in fine apparel. Among them Kaada's; an odd-looking carriage or more spartan design, which probably caught more glances than the most costly coach in Eselbrador: as it pulled to a halt beside the others, it looked profoundly inferior.
        Kaada the Echo opened the door and helped himself down from the carriage. No footman.
        Outside, a royal greeter stood with his hands clasped respectfully behind his back. "Welcome to the coronation of the great Queen of Eselbrador, and the union of our Queen to the High King Vikenti Whitedeath. May I offer any assistance in removing parcels or unloading your belongings?"
        It took Kaada  moment to recognize the man. He felt his heart sink through his chest. He was so old. Oh, Dathan… don't you recognize me...?
        Behind Kaada, the carriage began to pull away.
        Dathan showed the barest hint of surprise. "Nothing to unpack, then?"
        "I can't stay long," Kaada replied. "Please, could you direct me toward the servant's staircases? There is someone I must see."
        Dathan, puzzled by the highly unusual request and the numerous breaches in protocol implied by the quention, was still blind to all but his task. He pointed and gave the young man some simple directions.
        Kaada thanked him and joined the others on their way up the steps. However, he wanted to avoid being announced to the court. He couldn't do that just yet. He had to wish Kiara well before he made his appearance.
        As soon as he vanished into the crowd, he summoned and invisibility aura.

    Kaada never made it a point to be late for things. Unfortunately, life often moved too quickly for people who aged too slowly.
        Kiara's room was empty.
        He leaned his invisible form up against the door frame. Of course, he deserved it for being late to her wedding. He felt a sick sort of guiltysensation in the pit of his stomach. He felt like a big brother who'd missed congratulating his sister on her big day.
        Again, he'd missed something. That's what Drone Warriors did. They missed out on life.
        You only have six gifts, he told himself. You can't alter time. Chaos would never allow that. There must be moderation, even in Chaos…
        He sighed and started down the hall. As a couple of guards came down the hall, Kaada felt tempted to whisper in one's ear, just to spook him. Being invisible was highly entertaining, and he needed a laugh.
        However, he wasn't a child anymore. He had other things to do. He had never been formally introduced at the door. The Whitedeaths would want to know that he'd arrived, and he suspected Kiara might want him to perform the actual coronation.
        He decided it was time he officially arrived to the wedding.

    When he arrived at the door of the King of Eselbrador, he hesitated. He'd only met with him a couple of times, so most of what Vikenti knew about him came from Kiara.
        He knew the guards would never let him pass. Plus, he knew that Vikenti would be relatively unimpressed by his simple attire. For a moment, he considered doing a Nether-entrance, just to impress the guards. A frosted, god-like entity stepping through a icy rift in the air. That always made an impression.
        You still think like a child, he chided himself.
        Just then, a maid arrived at the door. Kaada realized she was here to call him out for the wedding ceremony. She knocked.
        Kaada the Echo knew he was out of time. Besides, there was no way to do this delicately, no matter how long he waited.
        He avoided being ostentatious anyway. He simply dropped his invisibility aura.

    ooc- I imagine the guards might be a little surprised and the maid might scream.

  • The loud brays of two mules could be heard along the path to the cathedral. These mules were pulling the mercantile cart of Danker. The merchant had been away for quite sometime, and has returned to see his friends be wedded.

    The young lad had been away chasing his dreams of selling anything anywhere. He was aided by his faithful mules, Beatrice and Monroe. They pulled his decorative wagon across the lands. Danker himself was dressed in a green dandy attire. He had other suits more fitting for the wedding, but they have seance been ruined by ruffians.

    Beatrice and Monroe brayed as they stopped at the entrance of the large church.
    "Greetings Pen! Long time no see!" He yelled cheerfully waving his green cane at the bard.
    "I've returned to see the matrimony between Sir Vikenti Whitedeat and Madam Kiara Whitedeath, with also the intent of cathing up with my other dear friends!"

    The merchant hopped down and led his mules over to a tree and tied them to it, letting the two eat the grass underneath. Dandy Danker walked with haste over to Pentus and exuberantly shook his hand. "Good to see ya my old chap!"

  • Platime strolled through the cemetery, whistling a marry tune as he passed the gravestones, marking and naming the residents within. He had taken a short trip back to his current hidey-hole to change his attire, and was now dressed in a pair of fine brown overalls, with a white under-shirt and a green jacket. He had switched out his previous straw hat with a dapper looking grey flat cap, and his wear was complete with a pair of brown shoes, shined to the point of gleaming in the sun. As he walked between the stones he swiped at dandelion heads with a stick he had found, decapitating the offending flowers. He looked completely out of place, a cheery young boy walking and whistling through a bone yard.
    He was feeling very giddy, not only was this his first time heading to a wedding, but it would be his first time robbing dignitaries. Heck, it might even be his chance to rob a king and queen. His whistling broke off with a small laughing fit, his glee too much for him to contain. He could almost feel that gold in his hands, see the gems running between his fingers in gleaming rivers. All at no expense, or at least, at someone else’s expense, which was basically the same thing.
    He stopped and took a deep breath, calming himself down. He was just so very excited about this; the thought of all that exotic jewelry and cash did that to him. After a few deep breathes, he felt ready to keep going, and did so with a spring in his step. He headed through the graves, moving towards the main entrance, and after that, to the cathedral, the wedding, and its rich guests. He didn’t get much closer to them though, for after he passed a few more graves he saw one with a slightly livelier person near it. This man was completely dressed in black attire, and he appeared to be engrossed in the graves in front of him. He also appeared to be fairly muscled, like a laborer, or a blacksmith.
    Platime hesitated a few seconds, then decided that he had nothing to lose. He started over towards the man, who was at least a foot taller than he was, and stopped just behind him, slipping his hands into his pockets and rocking on his feet slightly. “Hi there,” he said in a friendly voice,” What are you doing, mister?”

  • "Hello, and good day to you," Lord Dusk said in formal tones, along with a formal expression. "Tell me, where should I place these," he asked, indicating the parcels.

    Pentus bowed respectfully to the respectful lord, "A good day to you as well, my lord. Might I say you are looking very sharp today. In fact I dread I my cut myself by looking upon you for too long." Pen looked away and covered his eyes with the back of his hand theatrically. He held his pose for a moment, then parted his fingers and peeked at the waiting nobleman. He dropped his hands, clasping them behind his back, and smiled, "At any rate though, I do believe presents, gifts, tokens, parcels, packages, containers, and keepsakes may be deposited in the antechamber immediately down the hall."

    A few minutes later…

    Pentus was leaning forward, talking with a remarkably short, remarkably hairy and leathery man dressed in nothing but a pair of trousers, seemingly made of dark amber plating and vines, "I can assure you Monsieur Thane, no one will try to steal your satchel if you leave it in the cloakroom, and I believe everyone would be very happy if you did leave it in the cloakroom instead of bringing it with you into the sanctuary." The Green Thane opened his mouth to object but Pen put his hands up defensively, "Yes I know you enjoy the smell of your satchel, but not everyone here has the same tolerance for such… unique and exotic odors. Better by far to save its aromas for those who will appreciate them." The Thane closed his mouth and thought for a moment, scratching his quite massive beard, then nodded forcefully and began to march toward the cloakroom.

    Pentus let out a sigh of relief and the other guests in the area began breathing again once the Thane's smell had receded somewhat. He beckoned over a servant with a quill and parchment, "Make a note for me please. Remind me to have the cloakroom fire-cleansed and reblessed after the wedding. Thank you." The scribe scribbled down his note and wandered away to complete other tasks. Pentus returned his attention to... mules. A pair of very familiar mules.

    "Greetings Pen! Long time no see! I've returned to see the matrimony between Sir Vikenti Whitedeat and Madam Kiara Whitedeath, with also the intent of cathing up with my other dear friends!"

    Pentus grinned and threw his arms wide in greeting before taking the merchant's hand and shaking back with just as much enthusiasm, "Well well well, if it isn't my favorite mule monger! How have you been you old sod? I haven't seen you in years it seems. Welcome, welcome, do come in! Just, uh, avoid the cloakroom."

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    "Hi there. What are you doing, mister?"

    Jared hadn't exactly expected anyone else to be in the cemetery with him; in fact, he hadn't expected anyone to be in the cemetery at all, with the Whitedeath wedding being the most important event in the Kingdom at the moment. As he turned around to find the source of the voice who had hailed him, he nearly jumped in his clothes after realizing he had been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The man before him was strangely dressed, and completely unfamiliar to him. Not only that, but he had caught him at the cemetery, of all places. He struggled to speak, but his words became mixed up in his mouth as he did so.

    "Uuuh…uh,.well, uh,....I was only....visiting, my,' daves, no!..No, damn it, my parents' GRAVES! I....I was visiting my parent's GRAVES! is, well.....the..........the..the anniversary of their deaths, today..exactly six years ago. Sorry, I..........I know should be at the wedding..., but..well, I hadn't, no, EXPECTED! I hadn't EXPECTED that these two days would conflict with each other....Sir, I apologize, must understand how important this day is to me. This is the day that, well, I lost the two things that had mattered most to me in the parents."

    Jared knew he had rambled enough, so he turned away from the stranger and faced the graves, trying his best to keep the tears from falling like torrents from his eyes, and as he buried his face in his hands, he completely lost control of himself, and silently wept, his body shaking with sorrow. After he had cried for some five minutes or so, he mustered the strength to get to his feet and face the man, who was still watching him. "For....forgive me sir, but my parents were the most important thing to me in my entire life, and I loved them so much. If....if you don't mind me saying so, sir, my name is Jared Sandeye. You might know me as the Royal Blacksmith of Eselbrador." Somewhat reluctantly, he offered his hand to Platime to shake.

    Meanwhile, Melinda and her group of girlfriends had just sat down in the (nearly packed-to-capacity) grand cathedral......when Melinda realized that Jared was missing. She chanced some looks around the cathedral, obviously trying to see if he was either lagging behind or was simply standing on another side of the building, not knowing where she or her friends were sitting. But having no luck in either case, she excused herself from her seat, told her friends that she would be right back, and returned to Penblade at the entrance. After waiting for Danker to pass through on his way inside, she timidly began to ask, "Excuse me, sir Penblade, but I can't find Jared Sandeye, you know, the Blacksmith. Surely you saw him in the village today, sometime prior to the Wedding today? You do know that he is in charge of the crowns, right? He needs to be here, because the Wedding and Coronations cannot be carried out properly without him, and you know that, sir! I'm not saying this simply because he is my boyfriend, but because he is the Blacksmith and the crowns were specifically his job!" Her rose bracelets were shaking and slipping from her wrists from fear for her boyfriend.

  • OOC: Remember, Platime is 12, and about a foot shorter than Jared.
    BIC: Platime stood and listened politely, rocking slightly back and forth on his feet. He did become a bit nervous when Jared started sobbing, unsure as what to do with the weeping man before him.  He did become less nervous and more interested when he said he was Jared, the royal blacksmith, the one who had made the crowns for both the king and queen. The crowns which were, no doubt, incredibly expensive. His nervousness started to bleed away as a plan formed in his grey matter. The idea was shattered, however, when Jared thrust forth his hand for Platime to shake.
    Platime reached up his smaller hand to shake the larger, and burlier, hand of the blacksmith. “Hi Jared, my name is Platime,” he said as he shook Jared’s hand enthusiastically,” Now, and take no offense, but why are you here instead of at the wedding? You said you were the royal blacksmith, right? Doesn’t that mean you’re the one who has to present the crowns to the royal couple?” he asked as he retrieved his hand.


    Dusk smiled ever so slightly at the bard’s theatrics, waiting until the purple clothed man decided to answer his question. Once the information he desired was imparted to him, he gave a small bow to Pentus, then walked past him into the building, heading towards the indicated antechamber. The cathedral was fairly packed with people of all different kinds. This almost made it a challenge to get to his destination as he had to weave his way past knots of talking dignitaries and nobles. He even started to feel a little agoraphobic, the massive crowd starting to press in on him.
    Before the fear could start to build, he spotted the opening to the antechamber he was looking for. He locked onto it, moving with purpose towards his salvation. He breathed much easier when he broke free of the mass of bodies into the room, glad to find it packed with gifts, rather than people. After a few deep breathes, he felt much better, and started looking for a space to place his own parcels amongst the large assortment of others.

  • ooc- Maybe the wedding-goers get confused by the long wait and decide to go looking for their King? Only to discover that he's disappeared? lol.

  • Once Danker was conducted inside the cathedral Pentus turned back to the shrinking line and prepared to welcome another guest (this one from the distant Silk Isles). Before he could even begin that task though he noticed Melinda hesitantly approach out the corner of his eye. He bade the next guest in line wait a moment and turned his attention on the distressed looking young woman, leaning forward a bit on his staff.

    "Excuse me, sir Penblade," Pentus smirked slightly at the unnecessary honorific, "but I can't find Jared Sandeye, you know, the Blacksmith. Surely you saw him in the village today, sometime prior to the Wedding today? You do know that he is in charge of the crowns, right? He needs to be here, because the Wedding and Coronations cannot be carried out properly without him, and you know that, sir! I'm not saying this simply because he is my boyfriend, but because he is the Blacksmith and the crowns were specifically his job!"

    Pentus was no longer smirking. He too had noticed Jared's continued absence from the ceremony. Not only had he forged the crowns, and as such deserved to see them safely placed upon the king and queen's heads more than anyone in the world, but he'd also neglected to tell anyone where he'd stowed the priceless headgear so they needed him to even get the crowns. Perhaps Pentus could try a summoning spell, but that was an area of magic he was woefully inept at. He might accidentally teleport a dog to him, or, worse, someone's insides. Speaking of bodily harm, all the city's guards were here while the criminal element of the city had neglected to come with them. If Jared had been carrying the crowns with him, and if said criminal element had discovered them…

    Pentus took one of Melinda's trembling hands in one of his and gave it a reassuring squeeze, "Don't worry my dear. I'm sure he's just preparing himself. He'll be about at any moment, trust me." He was sure of no such thing.

    Once Melinda was out of earshot the bard stopped a passing guard with his staff and pulled him close, "Gather half a dozen of your fellows and start searching the city; the royal blacksmith is missing and I'm worried he may be in danger. Start with his cottage in the inner city and move out from there. Escort him here when you find him." The guard nodded and hurried off as Pentus smiled at the ambassador from the Silk Isles, welcoming her to Eselbrador.

  • Vikenti opened the door, and received the maid's message. "Come on Vladimir, we can't be late for the carriage!" he exclaimed, grabbing his cape and fastening it as he rushed out the door.

    "I wasn't the one taking forever," Vladimir muttered, "honestly, I think the bride was done before you." Both brothers hurried down the the steps and out the front gate, heading towards the waiting carriage.

    "I did not take that long to get ready, I spent most of the time thinking," Vikenti replied as they walked. Vladimir looked as if he had some kind of sarcastic reply prepared, but he held his tongue.

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