The Wedding

  • Alright folks! It's high time we got this wedding together, before I forget again. Kiara and Vikenti have been waiting for months (which is mostly (entirely) my fault). Who wishes to officially start the thread, or should I?

  • I don't mind starting if I get a starting point, like are we going to stat getting ready for the actual ceremony, or starting the day of the wedding, because there is lots to do on any wedding day.

    At what point during the wedding day would everyone like to start?

    Also, its been so long we should probably do a review of positions…

    • groom ~ Icicle
    • bride ~ Kiara
    • Maid of honour ~ TJ  (as of 'a while ago')
    • Best man ~
    • Priest/Minister preforming the wedding ~
    • Wedding planner ~ Pen
    • Witnesses ~

    ~ Anything I missed?

    Other active members with characters

    • Narvis
    • Jared
    • Reverrek

    [side note 1: remember Kariska is on a break, so he is not around at the moment]

    [side note 2: Cheshire Fox has not been active for a while. If someone could get ahold of him and see if he wants to return?]

    [side note 3: I do not think Dusk is interested in doing the 'Kingdom' thing anymore, please correct me if I am wrong]

    [side note 4: Fenrath has not been active for a while. Though I don't think he's been involved too much with the storyline thus far.]

    Royal family

    King - Vikenti (icicle)
      Queen - Kiara (kiara)
      King's brother - Vladimir (icicle)
      Prince - Narvis (narvis)


    Bard and entertainer - Pentus (penblade)
      Captain of soldiers/spies/ironclads - Dusk (dusk)
      Earl of Jondd KWR - Lord Bentley Corax (cheshire fox)
      Royal Blacksmith - Jared Sandeye (jared sandeye)
      Royal advisor - Tessanelian Jezbel (t.j.)


    Dark lord/Emperor of Zaridia/Arch-enemy of the Whitedeaths - Kariska (kariska)
      King of thieves - Platime (dusk)
      Reverrek (reverrek)
      Fenral (fenrath)

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    I already have a picture of the Queen's crown engrained in my memory, but all I really need now is a picture of the King's crown. It's both of them getting crowned and married, after all! But I think everything else is great; I can't see anything you missed, Penblade and Your Highness!

    I would still like to go with the subplot of the day of the wedding unexpectedly falling on the death anniversary of Jared's parents, so he could temporarily be absent from the wedding for like, maybe an hour or so, and then someone could notice that he is the only one missing from the cathedral; The King and Queen could send a scout to go find him at the cemetery (paying respects to his parents, of course). The scout could remind him of the wedding and his duty to the royalty, and then bring him back. Then after the wedding, something should happen - maybe between him and Narvis or someone - to bring his spirits up and make him participate in the after-party with all the other boys and men of the village and the castle.

    Afterwards, on his way home, he goes out with Melinda to spend a "post-wedding date night in the moonlight" together out in the palace gardens or anywhere you guys suggest we be that is romantic and at the same time legal. Then….......under the moonlight, get this: They finally have their first kiss!

    (Speaking of which, anything I can do for the King and Queen following the Wedding besides forging and delivering the crowns?)

  • I'm still here (Not really) I'll try to check up on the site everyday for few days (Prolly gona fail)

    If you "NEED" me to post have kiara get in touch with me over Facebook.

    @Jared. Something could happen, if you want. After the wedding, just remember. I'm leaving right after the wedding. For a few years, in RP.

  • I"m totally down. And still have the position of Maid of Honor, no one takes that away from me. After all I am the royal adviser. 😄 😄

    Maybe start when the wedding starts, so everyone is seated already and then the procession begins. 😄

  • Alright, I guess it's time I started taking charge of this affair (okay, that was terrible word choice, seeing as this is a wedding). I think we should start the RP on the day of the wedding, perhaps a few hours before the ceremony begins; early enough at any rate so that people can be just arriving. If I recall the ceremony is taking place in a cathedral so that would probably be in the inner city near the palace. At the beginning of the RP I (that is to say, Pentus) will be greeting guests at the door. If there's anything anyone would like to mention or contest just go ahead.

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