American Army/Navy

  • Nickname: Americans
    Full name: varies
    Species: Varies, but mostly mammals common in the U.S.
    Height: Varies
    Weight: Varies
    Fur colour: Varies
    Eye colour: varies
    Scars: Few in veterans, none in new soldiers.
    Clothing: Normal soldier uniform, helmets with red crosses for the medics.
    Ages: 28-42
    Alignment: The Allied Powers
    Job: Soldiers

    Possessions: Military clothing of that time, a grenade or two, and an american weapon (Thompson, M14, Shotgun, etc.).

    in force: Several thousand.

    Strengths: Can adapt to their environment quickly and also have good battle strategies.
    Weaknesses: Not the best in tropical environments.

    Background: The country of America didn't want to join in the war until they were attacked by Japanese bombers. Their fast production of weapons and vehicles got them into the war only weeks after the bombing.

  • Any info on vehicles that they would be using at the time?

    I've already got an encyclopedia (Actually 4) on the subject but still, because I tweaked the Germans (Carriers, HE112s and '13s), might as well ask if you're going to modify the Americans.

  • They're good enough already, but they have better medicines.

  • Better medical technology, or just better 'meds?

  • better medical tech i.e better painkillers and disinfectants.

  • K. So they've got them 'meds. Great…

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