Orion Fulcry

  • Please pardon the length as well as the terribly cliche sob-story. The reason for Orion having such an overly tragic background is because he was my first character and I created him thinking I had an amazingly original idea. It wasn't until much later that I discovered having a tragic childhood isn't exactly the most original idea ever. Nevertheless, it is what it is and I'd feel weird changing it now.

    Orion Fulcry

    Orion Fulcry



    28 seasons

    Orion’s personality would best be classified as an anti-social one. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy spending time alone; it’s that he is uncomfortable around most creatures. Although he isn’t close to many people, he will not stop to ask questions if he sees someone in big trouble. Instead, he will leap into the fray or whatever else in order to save them. He is what would be considered a “good beast”. Although he doesn’t snub those who participate in games and the like, he doesn’t see a whole lot of reason to join in, and therefore usually ends up watching from the side-lines. In order to survive, he has had to learn how to be clever and quick-witted, resulting in numerous survival skills. Even though his skills have developed over the years, it mostly stems from an innate athletic ability typically found in squirrels.

    Orion is quite the warrior, but only with his chosen weapons. He also has accumulated many tracking and stealth skills along the way. He can think well under pressure, which is ideal for many of the situations he finds himself in.

    Due to his upbringing, Orion has only a rudimentary knowledge of how to read and various other scholarly skills, such as writing. Another result of his childhood is his callousness towards most other creatures, unless they are in danger, which leads to another weakness: his tendency to run into a battle without first thinking things through. He has also discovered his social skills to be rather lacking and is awkward at most social functions.

    Orion will frequently lapse into silence, reviewing memories and past experiences, especially when something prompts him to. His tail also has a habit of twitching invouluntarily.

    Physical Description:
    Orion is right around the average size for a squirrel. His fur is a deep red, uncommon even for a squirrel. His eyes usually catch others off-guard, due to their light shade of grey. On the lower half of his body, he wears dark green pants, neither tight fitting or overly-loose. At his waist is a small leather pouch on his left side, while on his right side, two daggers are sheathed. His torso, which is bare, exhibits three scars that run parallel to each other and diagonally down. They start at his right shoulder-blade and run down to his mid-torso. Running diagonally down the other direction, a leather strap holds a quiver of arrows, flighted with goose feathers, onto his back. When not in use, his rather small bow hangs over his quiver. Two bronze rings hang around his neck on a length of twine, mementos of his parents.

    Family Overview:
    Orion was born the oldest of 4 children. His parents taught him archery and swordplay and he led a relatively peaceful life. Upon turning 10 seasons old, he was given his bow/arrows and daggers as gifts. Excited, he and his siblings went out exploring. Upon returning, they found a band of ferrets ransacking their home and their parents slain on the grass. Overcome with rage, the youngsters raced into battle and slew half the ferrets, but eventually, they were overpowered. He was held tightly and forced to watch as a family "friend", who turned out to be the leader of the vermin, ordered his two sisters bound and had his brother slain. A ferret then turned to Orion and raked him viciously across his chest with his claws. The last thing he heard was the leader saying "Finish him", then he felt a blinding pain on this head and everything went black. He awoke in the night being attended to by a large mouse (actually a rat, but he had never seen one before). Looking around, he could still see the bodies of his parents and brothers. Another two mice were lifting them into a hole when Orion staggered over and grabbed his parents wedding rings from their fingers, sticking them in his pocket. He then passed out again. For half a season, the three mice cared for him, curing his various wounds. When he was quite well, he woke one morning tied up. From listening to the mice in another room, he learned that they were actually slavers. He became frightened and then angry. Painstakingly gnawing through his bindings, he grabbed his weapons, walked out into the other room, and quickly dispatched the rats. He then left the residence in flames and vowed to search for his two sisters until he found them or discovered if they were dead. He eventually caught up to the slave band, but neither his sisters nor Raknoy Rattlepaw were there. With his improved fighting skills, he was able to easily dispatch of the vermin. He was only able to figure out that his sisters were not sold to the same person. He still searches for his sisters, but has begun to lose hope.

    Father's Side:
    Orion's father, Rein Fulcry, grew up among a family of warriors. Both his parents came from a long line of skilled fighters. He was an only child who was well brought-up and schooled in many fighting styles. Although he learned to fight with various weapons, he always favored using two daggers in tandem. At one point, he rescued, with the help of a ferret, a young squirrelmaid, Glory Swiftail, from a vermin band. Him and the ferret, Raknoy Rattlepaw, became fast friends and Rein ended up marrying the squirrelmaid. Rein fathered four children and raised them as fighters. Rattlepaw turned out to be a slaver and betrayed Rein and Glory, allowing his slave band to kill them both.

    Mother's Side:
    Glory Swiftail, Orion's mother, was raised as a proper lady. Although, as was customary for her family, she was taught a fighting skill of her choosing, which happened to be archery. While exploring alone in the woods, she was captured by a band of vermin, but a kindly ferret made sure she was treated well. After a time, the ferret, Raknoy Rattlepaw, helped Rein to rescue Glory. Rein and Glory became close friends, eventually wedding. Several seasons after Glory had her youngest child, Raknoy's slave band killed both Rein and Glory.

    Orion had three siblings, two sisters and a brother. He knows for certain his brother, Thrush, is dead, killed by Raknoy Rattlepaw's band. He is not sure whether his sisters, Oak and Acorn, are alive, but he has made it his mission to find them.

    Raknoy Rattlepaw

    Name: Raknoy Rattlepaw

    Species: Ferret

    Gender: Male

    Age: 46 seasons

    Personality: Raknoy is less of a coward than most vermin, but if he is faced with an opponent far better than him, he will run. He is also slightly kinder than most vermin, but sees no reason to flaunt this kindness.

    Strengths: He can be charming and friendly, a real gentlebeast, slipping quickly into the good graces of whomever he chooses. Although not the best, he is a strong, dependable fighter – a beast to be wary of.

    Weaknesses: Now that he’s older, his two arrow wounds often pain him, as well as various other battle scars he’s picked up over the years.
    Habits: Will often rub his scars as if to alleviate the aches. Whether this actually helps is anybeast’s guess.
    Physical Description:
    Raknoy has two scars on his chest and back where arrows pierced his body and kept going. He wears brown pants and leather boots, but no shirt. His fur is dark gray, but his paws, along with the fur around his eyes, are black. He carries his sword sheathed over his back and his dagger at his side, both smoked to a dull, gray color. He also has a small leather pouch of supplies strapped to his waist.

    Biography: Raknoy is a slaver, although he wasn’t always so. Born into a vermin horde, he grew up a rough-and-tumble ferret. Always towards the nicer end of the vermin spectrum, he befriended a squirrel named Rein Fulcry, a relationship he kept a closely-guarded secret from everyone in the horde. When Raknoy was in his late-teens, a female squirrel was captured by the horde, a squirrel who Rein fell in love with. Conspiring together, the two friends freed the squirrel, called Glory, and the three of them escaped from the horde.

    Many seasons later, Raknoy arrived on the Fulcrys’ doorstep, a band of ferret slavers behind him. The reasons for Raknoy’s change of heart are a bit faded, but his band ended up killing both Rein and Glory, as well as one of their four children, a boy named Thrush. The other son, Orion, was thought to be dead, and the slaving band left with the two squirrelmaids in tow, who were quickly sold to different beasts. However, Raknoy was overcome with sorrow and, a couple seasons later, struck out on his own. The surviving Fulcry found the band of ferrets and slaughtered them, but Raknoy was gone by then. He now wanders the land mostly alone, occasionally rounding up slaves when he needs the finances.

  • Sounds good. Doesn't sound too cliche to me. But your charra does seem to have incredible fighting skills for only being ten… Is that ten seasons, or equivilant years?

  • Probably equivalent to years. The youthful fighting ability astonishes me as well, but, not entirely. I would've enjoyed hearing more detail about how he fought the vermin he did, how he slayed them, wounds he sustained and whatnot. But that's just me. lol

    Overall, well-written. You seem like you'd be quite a beast to role-play with, for certain. 😉

  • WOW!!!! That's about as detailed as Tolkien was in his books!!!! Good job! Except I'm not to sure what we're talking about, besides chara.

  • Well, I'm glad it doesn't seem to be too cliche to you guys. More detail about his fight? Hm, well, I'm thinking about writing it up into a short story sometime. Anyways, yeah, I'm equivilating seasons to years.

  • I hate wirting storys I never finish them

  • Yeah, figuring out a suitable way to end a story can be a challenge.

    Now I just need to figure out where to start roleplaying. Hrm, make a new topic or jump into an already started one…

  • I've started way more stories than I've ever finished 😛

  • Well, have a new character up. Boy, been awhile since I used him. Had to touch up the profile quite a bit. ^_^

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