Nerudi Oceaneye

  • Nickname: Nerudi
    Full Name: Nerudi Oceaneye (Formerly Nerudi Diamondeye)
    Species: Red Fox
    Height: 5 foot 4 inches
    Weight: 100 pounds
    Fur Color: Russet
    Eye color: turquoise
    Scars: none
    Clothing: Dark green cloak with large hood and green tunic with light chest plate and vambraces, chainmail neckpiece and Beret, as well as light leg armor
    Age: 26
    Alignment: independent
    Job: Assassin, sometimes mercenary and revolutionist

    Possessions: Light armor strapped over her Tunic, twin baselards concealed in twin wrist mounts. In addition, Repeater Crossbow with six bolt clip and light leg armor. Sometime carries a pack when traveling, with rations, ammo, and other assorted traveling things.

    Extremely fast runner
    Military training
    Able to blend into a crowd easily
    Acrobatic training

    Not a skilled fighter in long-range combat
    Easily provoked

    Background: Born in the Central Provinces, and directly enrolled into military and acrobatic training at age 4, Nerudi Diamondeye was never to see her family again until graduation, at the age of 16. When her family walked up to her she blatantly ignored them, when they came after her the guards came up and imprisoned them. Nerudi signed the death warrants that condemned her entire family to death, and at that point, she dropped her last name for Oceaneye to match the color of her eyes. She as part of the first expeditionary force to set up listening posts, but the garrison commander’s treatment of woman at the base led Nerudi to brutally murder him and 14 others at the base, leading to a death warrant being placed on her head. Ranging far and wide in Mossflower, she still travels alone, always on the run from Commonwealth Soldiers.

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