Ignis Rwercia

  • Nickname: Ignis
    Full Name: Ignis Rwercia
    Species: Red Fox
    Height: 6 foot 5 inches
    Weight: 190 Pounds
    Fur Color: Russet.
    Eye color: Hazel
    Scars: none
    Clothing: Green tunic with medium armor strapped across, chainmail neckpiece and head piece with Kettle hat on top
    Age: 25
    Alignment: (Formerly) Meriar Commonwealth, now independent
    Job: Warrior, sometimes mercenary

    Possessions: Heavy armor, including a green tunic, two shoulder plates and a breastplate, and leg armor. Also chainmail neck and headpiece topped by kettle hat. Repeater crossbow and twin dirks stored on his belt. Also long sword strapped across his back.

    Longsword: Different in construction, it has a hollow core, and is double-edged. This allows Ignis to wield it with one hand.

    Military training
    Expert at close and long-range combat
    Technological advantage
    Repeater crossbow able to fire off six shots before reloading

    Not a fast runner because of his equipment
    Despises other foxes, specifically non-commonwealth vermin
    Chainmail does not protect his neck from arrows or crossbow bolts
    Heavy equipment is personalized, he does not like to work with generalized equipment, but will if he absolutely has to
    He is also slowly going insane, living alone in a foreign land has driven him just about over the edge

    Background: Born in the southern princely provinces of the former Kingdom of Meriar, Ignis was born into a wealthy merchant family. Put into military training at the age of four, he excelled at the academy, and was put in to the officer-training center, located in the capital of the republic. After graduating at the age of 18, he was assigned to the 51st infantry battalion, and was part of the crusades across the oceans against the vermin kingdoms and pirate strongholds on the ocean. His ship, a troop transport carrying 500 troops and heavy equipment into Mossflower on a resupply mission, ran aground and flooded. Ignis survived in the crow’s nest, and eventually made his way to shore in a lifeboat. With no supplies, he almost starved in the wilderness, having only been trained in practice how to survive off the land. He eventually found his way into southern Mossflower, an abandoned fort along the river Moss made an ideal place to live. Currently still out of touch with the Commonwealth due to his inability to find any supply or listening posts, Ignis wanders around Mossflower, finding fights and usually ending them.

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