Nickname: None
Full Name: Varies
Species: Gray or red Fox
Height: Between 5 foot 5 inches and 7 foot 1 inch
Weight: Varies
Fur Color: Either Charcoal or russet.
Eye color: Varies
Scars: Usually none
Clothing: Usually tunic with medium armor strapped across, chainmail neckpiece and head piece with Kettle hat on top
Age: 20-40
Alignment: Meriar Commonwealth
Job: Soldier of Meriar Commonwealth

Possessions: Clothing and armor, supplies, grenadiers usually have grenades and a repeater crossbow, regular soldiers usually have longsword and a repeating crossbow, and artillery units usually have hand cannons and small swords or daggers.

Strengths: Trained at an early age
More organized than vermin forces
Easily identifiable on the battlefield

When lost, not able to live off the land
Heavy armor restricts running to a trot
Artillery units hand cannons may explode on them due to the volatile reactions that take place in it
Also Hand Cannons will not fire in the rain

Background: Not born into classes, but sent to military schools at young ages, Meriar Commonwealth boys and girls take rigorous classes in order to turn them into fighting soldiers for the crusades against the vermin kingdoms and bands roaming around the western world, including Mossflower. When they are 20, they are divided into classes, artillery, infantry, grenadiers, or navy men and marines. Each class has its own school, and after a year of training they are ready to go the the frontlines. After they reach retiring age without dying, the return either an officer or to a government position in their home province for their hard work.

BTW, the Commonwealth has several listening posts in Mossflower.