Korvasius Meriar

  • Nickname: The Iron Fist
    Full Name: Korvasius Meriar
    Species: Gray Fox
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 175 Pounds
    Fur Color: Charcoal
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Scars: One across his left shoulder and one across his back
    Clothing: Usually Tunic with light armor strapped over it, for celebrations and whatnot usually royal garments.
    Age: 37
    Alignment: Meriar Commonwealth
    Job: Ruler of the Meriar Commonwealth
    Marital Status: Married

    Possessions: All of the Meriar Commonwealth, named after his father, Isodor Meriar
    “Meriar’s Reply”: Long sword coated with three layers, first layer, also the first section or the core of the blade or commonwealth, coated with pure steel, middle layer, coated with smelted carbon from the mines in the northern provinces, and the outer layer and tip coated (And the outer edge tipped) with diamonds, mined from the southern princely provinces.

    Mastery of both long-range and close-range combat
    Brilliant strategist
    Exceptional sharpshooter
    Does not assert dominance over his commonwealth, just military protection. The different states in the Meriar Commonwealth are self-governed, only in military leadership and language do they all have something in common.

    Being a royal type, Korvasius is obviously pompous and self-centered. He will not look after his civilians except for those in military production, where Hand Cannons and Repeater Crossbows have been developed under his guidance.
    In addition, an average politician, promises are not made and the like.

    Background: Born to his father Isodor Meriar and an unknown mother, Korvasius grew up without any understanding of the world of the monarchy. His father sent him to regular schools under a different alias, so that he would not grow up to be as pompous as the monarchs that his father had deposed and executed. Eventually, when his father died at the age of 50, Korvasius took over the kingdom of Meriar and transformed it into a commonwealth, modernizing the military and social status of his subjects as well. The navy was also increased under his early rule, which helped him secure islands from vermin kingdoms during his 10-year crusade across the oceans. Currently Korvasius is attempting to modernize still his military by eliminating pike men and archers, replaced by Crossbow and Hand cannon operators, as well as introducing full-sized cannons. These new units are cheaper to maintain and do not require guilds, thus requiring less skilled workers. New Repeater Crossbows are now in service, with just as new ammo clips with a capacity for 6 shafts.

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